Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Federalist

In 1787-88, during the debates concerning the adoption of the United States Constitution, a series of articles were published in the New York Journal. Their author, Publius, urged the ratification of the constitution declaring that the central government would be small in scope and limited in power.
The Founding Fathers left a road map of what our government was supposed to look like and what the powers of our government were to be. The most important part of the foundation of this government was and still is, the people. It was our responsibility to elect honest, wise men that would be certain to keep the central government in its place and not let it override its authority granted by us.
As we read these articles today, known as The Federalist, has our nation adhered to the principles set forth by Publius (better known as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay) or have We the People allowed the central government to grow into a behemoth that threatens to choke the last gasps of freedom from our lives and our land?


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