Thursday, October 22, 2009


The man living in the White House has insulted conservatives, again. He believes conservatives 'do what they're told' while liberals (they now call themselves 'progressives' hoping we won't notice they're liberals) think for themselves. Let's see...

Yes, I can see this woman is 'thinking for herself.' What does Mr. Obama say about his supporters?

Yes, they're always thinking for themselves. Highly intelligent bunch, aren't they? Let's listen to some of these people that 'think for themselves' when they were in line for money, earlier this month in Detroit.

The man in the White House is arrogant to say that conservatives 'do what they're told' while his supporters 'think for themselves.' Yes, they think about how they're going to get to the next location where 'Obama's stash' is being handed out so they won't have to pay their mortgage or put gas in their car.


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