Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breaking News: Palin endorses Hoffman

This is big news! A little background for those of you that haven't been keeping up with the Congressional race in the 23rd district of New York (NY-23).

NY-23 Congressman, John McHugh, accepted President Obama’s Army Secretary position and consequently, a special election is underway to replace him. The GOP establishment have endorsed Dede Scozzafava who claims to be a Republican but her political views are almost an exact replica of the Democrat candidate.

It has become a three way race because a conservative, Doug Hoffman decided to run. People from all over the country have been sending money to Mr. Hoffman hoping to make a difference for him since the GOP has given all of their financial support to Scozzafava.

Enter, Sarah Palin. She announced her support for Doug Hoffman this afternoon. This is the race to watch. Will NY-23 choose a true conservative (Doug Hoffman) or a liberal Republican/Democrat (Dede Scozzafava/Bill Owens)? And, will Sarah Palin's endorsement make a difference?


Sarah Palin: Support Doug Hoffman

Michelle Malkin's background article on the race

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