Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democrat or Republican?

I am posting the link below to prove a point about the biased reporting by the mainstream media. For years, I've noticed whenever a politician is accused, arrested or convicted of a crime his/her party affiliation is very prominent in an article if it is Republican.

Until today, I wasn't aware that Birmingham, Alabama's mayor was in trouble but when I happened upon the article I decided to read what had happened.

The first paragraph reports that he was convicted, the day of the conviction, the city and state where the trial took place, his name and what he was convicted of. At that point, even though his party affiliation wasn't included, I knew he was a Democrat. Were he a Republican, there would have been an (R) prominently displayed after his name in the first paragraph.

Two thirds into the article we finally discover that the mayor is a Democrat as are the two men involved with him in the crime. One is a former chairman of the Alabama Democrat party and the other is the party's former executive director.

All three men's names and their party affiliation would have been reported in the first paragraph had they been Republicans.

Oh my! I just remembered Fox News is the only organization that is biased in their reporting. Please, disregard this article.


Birmingham, Ala., mayor convicted of taking bribes

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