Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hostile Toward the Hostile Takeover of Health Care

By now, I'm sure you've concluded that I am 100% opposed to government controlled health care ('public option', 'consumer option', 'competitive option', 'quarterback option', whatever).

I'm sure you have also concluded that I must have one of those 'Cadillac plans' and that's why I'm so adamant about my opposition. It is time for full disclosure: I don't have health insurance and haven't had it since December 2001 when I was laid off from my last full-time job.

For several months, I looked for work before I was offered, and accepted, my current part-time job that is 'guaranteed' to become permanent, full-time with benefits. Almost eight years since losing health insurance, I am still part-time and I often wonder what has happened to the 'guarantee' I was promised.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease that I take daily medication for and I am still paying for a visit to the ER from February 2007. (yes, I'm paying the bill - not you, the taxpayer!) Altogether, I have spent thousands of dollars on medicals tests, doctor visits, medication and that ER visit but I have paid it all without assistance from the local, state or federal government.

It hasn't been easy and at times I have been overwhelmed by it all but I just keep going and keep paying my own way. To be quite honest, I have never checked to see if I might 'qualify' for some type of government assistance. Why? I don't want to become dependant on the government for any aspect of my life. It is my desire to take care of myself and to be free from government control, obligation and expectation. There have been times when I have needed help (financially, emotionally and spiritually) but during those times my family and friends have surrounded me with their love, compassion and financial aid until I could make it on my own, again.

Isn't this the way it used to be in America? Families, churches, neighbors, friends and communities helping everyone in need? The government was never looked to for 'assistance' of any kind. Americans depended upon one another during those times when they couldn't make it on their own.

However, for over a generation, millions of us have expected the government to take care of us instead of looking to family and friends. It is this attitude that has enabled Congress and the President to encroach on our freedom and to dictate what they will allow us to do, how much of our paychecks they will allow us to keep, how they will allow us to live, what they will allow us to eat and coming soon, the type of light bulbs they will allow us to use.

I must confess to being somewhat confused. The Constitution of the United States was written to tell the government what We the People will allow them to do.

The 'entitlement mentality' that has begun to permeate our society is a cancer to our nation. We are bringing all of this government overreach and control upon ourselves. Once America is gone, and make no mistake if we continue on this present course it will be, We the People will be 100% to blame.


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