Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update: White House War Against Fox News

As you know, the Obama administration has been waging a very public war against Fox News. The White House tried to ratchet it up today by excluding Fox News from interviewing their Pay Czar. To their credit, the other networks told the White House, 'If Fox News doesn't get to interview him, we won't.' (By the way, I totally disagree with the existence and duties of the Pay Czar. It is unconstitutional. Again.)

As much as I disagree with most of what is broadcast or published by some of these networks, I applaud them for standing up to the administration and standing up for Fox. The White House backed down and every network, including Fox, got their interview.

This incident also tells us something about the powers that be. If we stand up together and say, 'No,' they will back down. Are you ready to stand up with me?


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