Saturday, October 31, 2009

Will We Allow US Sovereignty to be Signed Away?

As you know, I sometimes post segments from The Glenn Beck Show that I believe are relevant to what's happening to us. Yesterday's topic and guests, Lord Christopher Monckton & Ambassador John Bolton, were extremely pertinent so I'm posting the entire show.

I'm also posting the link to Lord Monckton's entire speech in St. Paul, Minnesota from October 14, 2009. I previously posted a four minute clip from this speech.

We must do something about this or we will lose our nation and become slaves to a global government run by tyrants that we will have no hope of voting out. Call both of your Senators and tell them "No!" Call The White House with the same message.

I know it has been discouraging because our 'representatives' have been ignoring our wishes for over a year (TARP, seizing financial firms, the auto industry, the stimulus, Health Care takeover, Cap & Trade and more) but we must continue trying. It is amazing to me that our federal government would even consider signing such a treaty. Have we elected a president and senate filled with traitors?

America is the last hope of freedom for mankind.

If our Constitution is abolished where will freedom ring?


(Update: FoxNews removed access to these clips of the Glenn Beck show so they are no longer posted here)

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