Thursday, November 5, 2009

'Tele-Townhall Meeting'

Earlier this evening, I received an e-mail from my US Congressman asking if I wanted to participate in a tele-townhall at 6pm.

A few minutes before 6pm, I called the toll-free number, keyed in the extension and, for over an hour, listened to my Congressman talk about the health care bill and several other topics. He took several questions from people (11 women - 7 men) and he conducted a poll of our opinions on two questions. Here are the results:

1) Do you support the Pelosi health care bill?
yes - 8%
no - 78%
unsure - 14%

2) Do you believe the stimulus package and TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) have helped the economy?
yes - 12%
no - 81%
unsure - 7%

Aren't those results interesting? Of course, these polls weren't scientific but I was pleasantly surprised because I've been hearing that Americans support the government takeover of the health care system by 50-57%. It's all propaganda!

I wasn't able to ask a question but at the end of the call I was allowed to leave a message on voicemail. This was my first tele-townhall and I hope to participate in more of them.

I knew my Congressman's stand on the Pelosi health care bill before the call, but it was nice to hear him say it.

He opposes it.


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