Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unemployment Rise Tied to Desire for Health Care Takeover?

Isn’t it interesting that since President Obama was sworn into office the number of people unemployed has raised by 3 million? It now stands at 10.2%, the highest in 26 years. We all know that the president admires all things European and it is normal for double digit unemployment over there so this will be our norm until 2012 when he is defeated for re-election.

During this time, he has constantly pushed his dream of government takeover of health care. He has also driven policies that have worsened the economy and worsened the unemployment rate. Could this all be purposely done to guarantee the hostile takeover he desires?

Most of the employed people in the US have health insurance supplied by their employer. When they lose their job, they lose their insurance. Since Obama’s inauguration, 3 million more have not only lost their job but they have also lost their health insurance. As unemployment goes up, the number of uninsured goes up.

Is the White House betting that more and more people will panic about losing health insurance and start demanding government controlled health care? Could this have been their strategy all along? Take money, jobs and insurance from the people and they will beg us for socialized medicine? Maybe it is.

Don’t do it, America. Defeat the hostile takeover of 18% of the private economy. Defeat the unprecedented government intrusion into our lives. Defeat the radicals that control the White House and the US Congress. Stand up for Freedom! Stand up for liberty, no matter the personal cost today! Our future depends on it.


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