Thursday, December 10, 2009

Copenhagen: Desired End Result is Death

It's all coming together, now. We've been inundated with the propaganda of the left for years about 'global warming,' 'climate change,' etc., being told that the desire is to 'save the planet.' Really?

Three days ago, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) declared carbon dioxide (what we exhale!) as dangerous to humanity and the major cause of the 'global crisis' we are facing due to the weather. Really?

Today, we are told by the Chinese that one of the problems related to all of these upcoming catastrophes is population. Really?

Little by little, they are introducing their agenda and, because there is no push back, they announce the next phase knowing the rest of us will willingly walk the plank for the ‘good of the planet.’

The global left have us right where they want us. It has taken years but their goal is within their grasp and they will not stop until it is achieved. You see, the fewer people on earth, the fewer CO2 emissions that can harm us. Isn’t it wonderful we have leaders so concerned about our welfare and our future?

Now, look at what has happened in America for the last generation.

The left have taken over our schools curriculum and our teachers. Now, instead of teaching ‘reading, writing and ‘rithmetic’ they are teaching social indoctrination and perversion to our children. See here.

Abortion was legalized (it’s a Constitutional right, you know - the Framers said so!) and because of the millions of aborted babies (a generation has been killed) we have become desensitized to murder in the womb. We also value animal and plant life much higher than human life. A man can go to prison for participating in dog fighting but a woman faces no charges for killing her unborn (or, in some cases, born) child.

We have been indoctrinated with the ‘global warming’ religion and the left have so succeeded in denigrating the Christian religion in the last forty-five years that Christians are now seen as the kooks in society. Environmentalism is the new religion of the world. The Earth is their god and is to be worshiped above all else. Really? Or do they ‘worship’ something else?

Recently, we have seen our system of government and our entire way of life assaulted, from within, in order to control every aspect of our lives and take more and more of our money. The ‘Cap and Trade’ bill will do this. They also need to be rid of the older citizens that know what the Constitution says and what it means. The people that know it is illegal for government to do what they are doing. The ‘Health Insurance Reform’ bill will do this.

This entire environmental fiasco is evil to the core and the objectives are evil, as well. The Bible tells us the love of money (not money, itself) is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10) We’ve been told Al Gore will be the first ‘climate change’ billionaire. Third world countries are gathered in Copenhagen with their hands outstretched for the richest countries to fill with their hard-earned money in order to pay their ‘climate debt.’ These are their ‘gods’ – money and power.

Once Copenhagen’s treaty is enacted, while the rest of the world’s population (Americans included) live lives as peasants, these ‘leaders’ will continue to live as kings with their private jets, limousines, caviar and lack of conscience. They will continue to kill the unborn, control the ‘education’ we get, the cars we drive, the food we eat, the light bulbs we use and take more of our money for the privilege of being allowed to exist. Health care will be rationed in order to control population growth and eliminate the older population to insure the people will remain sheep.

The desired result is death to freedom, death to financial independence, death to all dissent, continued death to the unborn through abortion, death to adults through euthanasia and health care rationing, death to Christianity, death to capitalism and, most importantly, death to America.

We the People may not be able to stop the avalanche of evil that is upon us but I know One that will right all wrongs for “as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrew 9:27) Really.


' "Dealing with climate change is not simply an issue of CO2 emission reduction but a comprehensive challenge involving political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues, and the population concern fits right into the picture," said Zhao, who is a member of the Chinese government delegation.
As a result of the family planning policy, China has seen 400 million fewer births, which has resulted in 18 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions a year, Zhao said. '

China Daily: Population control called key to deal

"The whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy"

Financial Post: The real inconvenient truth

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