Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Day the Republic Died

Christmas Eve, 2009. As I write this, the United States Senate is minutes away from passing the Democrat health care bill that will forever change our form of government from a Republic to a Socialist state without the inconvenience of amending the Constitution of the United States. The Senators have even inserted a clause that will not allow any future congress to repeal or amend the 'death panel' section of the hostile takeover of our health care system.

Honestly, I hate that I have lived to see this day. I can hardly see through my tears to write this article. We had the best country, in human history, and we have allowed it to be ripped from us by crooked, America-hating, socialist/Marxist/communist dictators that are called 'congressman,' 'Senator,' and 'Mr. President.'

How is it that We the People have been so stupid and blind to elect this type of 'representative' for years and years? We have allowed the same unscrupulous men and women to spend years in the United States Capitol building passing laws that we don't want and taking more and more of our precious freedom from us. We don't have to be concerned about that anymore because this bill (it has passed 60-39) will eliminate the few remaining freedoms we have.

A few months ago, I posted a short video that described the form of government the Founding Fathers gave their life's blood to give to us. I am posting it again today. In the first minute of the video, the narrator tells of a woman that asked Ben Franklin what type of government we were to get. "A Republic, if you can keep it," was his response. We couldn't keep it.


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