Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terrorist Attack Stopped

Detroit Free Press: North West Airlines passenger was trying to blow up flight into Detroit

Michelle Malkin: Incident on NWA Flight 253? Update: suspect claims al Qaeda direction; Update: An attempted act of terror

Hot Air: Iran invades Iraq?

AP: Ahmadinejad dismisses US deadline for nuclear deal

Have you noticed since Mr. Obama took office terrorist attacks on American soil have increased? There have been two successful terrorist attacks and one unsuccessful. There was a shooting incident at a military recruiting station earlier in the year, the Fort Hood massacre and now this attempt to blow up an airliner in Detroit.

Iran is becoming more bold. They are refusing to stop working on nuclear weapons, they invaded Iraq a week or two ago and took control of an oil field for a short time before withdrawing.

Where is the outrage from the news media? These are tests for our President. His reaction is what they're watching. I disagreed with George W. Bush on several policies but there was no attack on American soil during his two terms after 9/11/2001. These recent attacks are the result of having a weak President. We can expect more to come.


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