Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Candid Assessment of SOTU

Reviews of the State of the Union debacle...
Sarah Palin: The Credibility Gap

Pajamas Media: ‘Spending Freeze’? At Least Someone Recognizes There’s a Problem

Jonah Goldberg:
Obama's answer for America: more of me

Michael Gerson: State of the Union: Obama's reality problem

Big Journalism: Obama Lies About the Supreme Court; Media Blames Justice Alito

Linda Greenhouse: Justice Alito’s Reaction

"Judging by the State of the Union address tonight, we can expect more of the same from an American president who seems determined to lead the world’s greatest power along a path of decline." - Nile Gardiner, UK Telegraph
UK Telegraph: State of the Union: Barack Obama gets an F for world leadership

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