Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'The Death Star'

A STAR primed to explode in a blast that could wipe out the Earth was revealed by astronomers yesterday.
The Sun: Supernova may wipe out the earth

My goodness. What is it with these reporters, scientists and politicians? Do they all have a death wish? Do they all want catastrophic apocalypse scenarios to come upon the earth? All they ever talk about is death and destruction. So what if a death star destroys the earth? What are they going to do to stop it? It's the epitome of arrogance to believe they can do anything about it.

Or is this another plot to put fear in the hearts of people in order to take more and more of their freedom with the promise of protection from Darth Vader and his Death Star?

These people have to be absolutely Godless, miserable, sad, pitiful humans. I feel sorry for them and their lack of purpose and joy in life.


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