Friday, January 22, 2010

SEIU Thug Demands ObamaCare Be Passed

Hot Air: SEIU warns Obama: If ObamaCare doesn’t pass, we might not be there for the midterms

Hot Air: GE/MSNBC political commentator pretty upset about political influence of corporations

Amazing! In the first link is a story about SEIU threatening Congress that unless they get their way and the hostile takeover of the health care industry succeeds, they won't be giving their time and money to the Democrats in the fall.

The second link is about MS-NBC maniac Keith Olberman throwing a tantrum like a two year old about the Supreme Court ruling taking the shackles off of corporations in a first amendment case.

Do you see the hypocrisy? The left has no problem with the labor unions giving millions to the Democrats and threatening not to give them more but the left doesn't want corporations to have that same freedom because the corporations may give their money to the Republicans. Do you see, now?

The Democrats are squealing like pigs because they know the Supreme Court has just leveled the playing field! That is the primary complaint although they mask it in other words to convince us the Supreme Court has done an awful thing. Olberman, and the other leftists, don't want all things equal. They want the edge, they want to squash freedom of speech and all other freedom as they cry out telling us how much they love freedom. It's only freedom for themselves they love. If anyone else has freedom, they blow a gasket like Olberman did last night when he said that SCOTUS has 'murdered democracy' because the 'corporations will own politicians.' Really?

Will they own the politicians just like the unions own the Democrats and like the unions have owned the Democrats for generations? Didn't The One just exempt the unions from the 40% tax on their Cadillac health care plans, in ObamaCare, but the rest of America has to pay the tax if they shove the bill down our throats?

Will the corporations own the politicians like the trial lawyers own the Democrats? Is there any tort reform in ObamaCare? No? Could it be because the trial lawyers said no, just like the unions said no to the 40% tax? Is that what you mean by being 'owned,' Mr. Olberman?

One of the very reasons this monstrosity of a takeover has been pushed so hard for the past year is because of these unions that own Democrats! The unions and the trial lawyers call the shots - not We the People!

Now, watch and listen. These progressives are evil to their very core and if you pay attention, you see it with your own eyes. They will tell us who they really are and we'll see if the progressive rats in Washington will lie down once more for the 'union label.'


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