Monday, February 15, 2010

Team Obama's Podesta Lives in Parallel Universe

This Financial Times interview with John Podesta is amazing. He believes Democrats will be beaten at the polls this November if they don't pass the government takeover of health care! He believes the Tea Party movement is a manufactured movement started by the Republican Party leadership.

He believes Scott Brown won the Senate seat in Massachusetts because people are upset with the way things are transpiring in Washington but the election was not a rejection of Obama's agenda! Did anyone tell Podesta that when Brown was on the campaign stump, he proclaimed himself to be the 41st vote against ObamaCare? Brown even started signing his autograph as '41.' The people believed Brown and elected Mr. 41.

Of course, he told the reporter that the Republicans are the party of 'No' and they have managed to stop Obama's plans since he got elected. Beam me up, Scotty!! For six months, the Democrats had a super majority in the US Senate with a clear majority in the US House. Please, explain how the Republicans were able to stop anything these radicals brought to the floor! They couldn't and they didn't. What they have done is let the Marxist Democrats own every piece of legislation for the past year and when all of it fails, the Democrats will have no cover. They will have to explain their disastrous programs with no one to take the blame but themselves.

However, listen carefully to Podesta. Throughout the interview, he implies his disgust with our political system and at one point he declares that... "it sucks!" Mr Podesta (aka Mr. Progressive) like all of the other radical, progressives in Washington, doesn't want a Constitution to hinder their progressive agenda. They want full control so they can dictate to the country how we will be allowed to live our lives. That is the ultimate goal.

The Presidential power of Executive Order is the next step in fulfilling their Marxist-Leninist agenda. We are at a crossroads. Once again, it is 'A Time for Choosing.' What will America choose? If we choose the way of our Founding Fathers, we must find a way to stop the jackboots that are marching throughout our nation's capitol and return to our roots of limited government and individual freedom.

May God have mercy on America.


Big Government: Our Time for Choosing

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