Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Media Fanned Flames of Violence'

Pamela Geller: In Cantor Case, Media Fanned Flames of Violence

Congressional Intimidation on the Rise

Michelle Malkin: Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill

'AT&T’s Billion-Dollar ObamaCare Headache'

The Daily Caller: Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell

Obama Stalling to Get Cap & Trade Legislation

National Review Online: Stall, Baby, Stall

Illegal Immigrant Murders Arizona Rancher

Big Government: Border Murder Highlights Administration's Failure

53% Say the Democrats Abused Their Power

The Washington Examiner: Poll: Majority says Dem health care tactics an 'abuse of power'

We've Seen This 'Progressive' Downturn Before

The American Thinker: Obama and Wilson

GOP Plans Would Renew America

The American Spectator: But What's the GOP Plan?


UK Sun: 3-D Jesus Set to be Revealed

Jason Mattera Named Editor of Human Events

Human Events: New Editor to Lead New Era for HUMAN EVENTS

Monday, March 29, 2010

New 'Civilian Security Force' Created in Health Care Law

I suggest you read about the Weimar Republic that governed Germany from 1918-1933.

Another trip down memory lane...

Are We 'Doomed to Repeat' History?

Breaking News: Another Monopoly May be Gone

The Wall Street Journal: New iPhone Could End AT&T's U.S. Monopoly

Is Fiction Becoming Reality?

Big Government: Yes, It Can Happen Here

Govt Continues to Remove God from Society

ABC News: Iowa Town Renames Good Friday to 'Spring Holiday'

Palin Endorses Combat Vets for Congress

Sarah Palin: American Heroes Ready and Willing to Serve in Congress

And one of them is Lieutenant Colonel Allen West! Let's watch that video again...

Obama Zombies

ObamaCare Purpose IS to 'Spread the Wealth Around'

Howard Dean admits ObamaCare is redistribution of wealth. Have you noticed that since ObamaCare was signed into law, these leftists are talking very openly about the way they are intentionally transforming the country?

Let's walk down memory lane...

More Danger Ahead for Us All

It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.

UK Guardian: James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

Republican National Committee Financial Scandal

The Daily Caller: High flyer: RNC Chairman Steele suggested buying private jet with GOP funds

The Daily Caller:
Tucker Carlson responds to RNC complaints about DC’s Michael Steele article

The Keystone Kops in Charge of the Census

CNSNews: IT Problems Put Accuracy of Census at Risk, Say Government Auditors

Arrest Made in Congressman Cantor Death Threat

Politico: Man arrested for Eric Cantor death threat

Michelle Malkin: Document drop: FBI charges anti-Semitic nutball with threats against GOP Rep. Cantor & family; “…you receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads.”

The Truth About Islam

Read Nonie Darwish's book Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law and read an interview with her about the book here.

Apostate Nonie Darwish Interview with Pamela Geller: Former Muslims United Press Conference

Once Again, Anti-Semitism is Growing

Atlas Shrugs: Paris, France: Muslim and Leftist Nazis Revolt at H&M Store, Faux Guns, Threats, Agitation Against Jews

The Washington Times:
Hate crimes force Jews out of Malmo
Anti-Semitic threats come from Muslim community

America in Decline by Choice of Obama

In reality, Barack Obama is ushering in a period of American decline, both economically and in terms of world leadership, a decline that is wholly self-inflicted.

UK Telegraph: Barack Obama’s imperial hubris will usher in American decline

Terrorists Strike Russia

Michelle Malkin: Jihadi subway bombing horror in Russia…again

Jihad Watch: Two female suicide bombers strike Moscow subway, at least 37 dead

It's All About The One

Sources say within the inter-agency process, White House Middle East strategist Dennis Ross is staking out a position that Washington needs to be sensitive to Netanyahu’s domestic political constraints including over the issue of building in East Jerusalem in order to not raise new Arab demands, while other officials including some aligned with Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell are arguing Washington needs to hold firm in pressing Netanyahu for written commitments to avoid provocations that imperil Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and to preserve the Obama administration's credibility.

Politico: Fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration

'You'll Learn to Like It'

But Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said with health care, the federal government has just moved into ownership or control of 51 percent of the U.S. economy.

"Today, the federal government has taken either direct ownership or control of banks, the largest insurance company in the United States, AIG, Freddie and Fannie," she said. "The federal government now owns, Bob, over 50 percent of all home mortgages. Now the direct student loan industry. Chrysler, GM. And with the health care industry, that's an additional 18 percent of the private economy, which means government would be making decisions over our lives from cradle to the grave."

Fox News: Lawmakers Willing to Gamble on Public Anger Over Health Care

Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Rhetoric Vs. Results: Exploring The Democrat Record On Jobs'

Repeal ObamaCare

David Limbaugh: Exorcise Obamacare!

The Weekly Standard: REPEAL

52% Say Tea Party Knows What's Best

Rasmussen Reports: Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress

The Original Intent of the 14th Amendment

George Will: A Birthright? Maybe Not

The Perfect Candidate to Bring Tyranny

Big Journalism: A Black President, the Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse

ClimateGate: Germany is Awakening

The Local: Germans lose fear of climate change after long, hard winter

Florida Senate Debate

Tea Party Express Meets in Harry Reid's Hometown

Sarah Palin: Searchlight Shines Light on Wayward Washington

Democrat Party Ratchets Up Intimidation

The Daily Caller: Dems send late-night letters challenging CEOs who talked health-care costs

Byron York: Democrats threaten companies hit hard by health care bill

More ObamaCare Bad News

Fox News: Little-Known Health Care Law Provision Is a Budget Buster, Critics Say

Pamela Geller: Deadly Obamacare Kills Businesses, Jobs

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Which is Worse? Building Bedrooms or Building Bombs?

I'm not a Mike Huckabee fan but I heard him say something last night that really struck a cord: "Israel is building bedrooms and Iran is building bombs." That statement truly puts these activities in perspective. Obama is outraged with Israel and is softening the US position on Iran. Is there any doubt that our president is anti-Semitic? He has treated the Prime Minister of Israel like a disobedient child and continues to reach out to the maniacal leader of Iran.

President Obama is weakening America and as he slashes appropriations for our defense department and cuts our nuclear arsenal, expect one or more nations to take advantage of that. We are in real danger on more than one front because of Barack Obama.


National Review Online: The Coming Europeanization of American Foreign Policy

Friday, March 26, 2010

McCain/Palin Campaigning Again

The Daily Caller: Palin lends her star power to McCain

Change... Is All We'll Have Left

From a Republic to a Tyrannical Government

Human Events: Healthcare Sends America Down The Path of Tyranny

Obama Disses Bibi Netanyahu

Hot Air: Report: Obama humiliated Netanyahu at the White House

We'll All be Equal, Now... Slaves to the State

Hot Air: Max Baucus: ObamaCare will help correct the “maldistribution” of income

Personal Income Falling, Public Debt Rising

The Wall Street Journal: Personal Income Drops Across the Country

The New York Times: Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In This Year

The Heritage Foundation: The Obama Budget: Spending, Taxes, and Doubling the National Debt

The Washington Times: CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

U.S. Debt Clock

Wednesday, March 26, 1788

The Treaty-Making Power of the Executive
The Federalist No. 75 by Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Documentary

Breitbart: Discovery TV, Sarah Palin to air Alaska 'travelogue'

Communist Castro Applauds ObamaCare

What can I say?
AP: Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill

Lovers of Liberty Are Now Considered Terrorists

With the help of the Marxists in power and the mainstream media, We the People will now be painted as violent reactionaries, racists and terrorists. This tactic began last Sunday before the vote for ObamaCare and it is heating up. Democrats are blitzing the media with stories of death threats and violence from conservatives and the media is reporting everything they're told instead of investigating the claims. The press is in full propaganda mode.

The events that are occurring in this country can lead in only one direction - imprisonment and death for the lovers of liberty. History has proven the truth to what I'm saying. We have witnessed a bloodless coup in our federal government, the overthrow of our constitution and soon, the arrest, imprisonment and possible death of all dissidents. Believe me, it's coming.

The America we have grown up in and loved is gone. Yes, for now we can still vote and I encourage every legal American to vote this November to try to turn this back but I don't know if there is truly any hope of doing that. We don't know the future and, honestly, we don't know if there will be an election in November. You may think that's a radical thing to say but stop and think about how this country has radically changed in fourteen months.

Did you ever, in your life, think you would see and hear the things we're experiencing? Did you ever imagine that the federal government would own Chrysler & GM? Did you think the government would own 90% of the home mortgages? Did you think the government would have a 'Pay Czar' that would tell corporations how much they would be allowed to pay their executives? Did you think you would ever see the government take over the entire student loan system? The entire health care system? The debt and deficit have quadrupled and there is no sign of the spending stopping or even slowing down. All in 14 months. There is much more damage that can be done and these Marxists are not slowing down. They don't care about We the People or what we want. They only care about eliminating the constitution and redistributing the wealth of our nation.

We have spent a generation allowing the leftists to run our schools, our courts and now our federal government. We have allowed them to take God out of our schools, our laws and the public square. Look at the results. Now, they desire to run our lives to the fullest.

What can we do? We have been told for a generation that the Founding Fathers were godless men and that they wanted a separation of church and state. These are lies. Read the words of our Founding Fathers. You will discover they were men of faith in God. They knew that our form of government would only survive if we elected moral and godly men. They were right.

We also need to repent. We need to turn to the Lord above, the Creator mentioned in the Declaration of Independence because He is the only hope we have left. Did you ever wonder why Christians don't run from the authorities that have the power to kill them? God will cast out all fear from your heart and life if you will sincerely cry out to Him.

We live in dire times. The people we are dealing with are ruthless and diabolical. The hope for our future is not in a possible election, the court system or the Republican party. Our only hope for this life and the life to come is God. We need to run to Him. We need to lean on Him and His strength will hold us up. He will never fail us.


Please read and prayerfully consider a message from 2009.
David Wilkerson:
Living in the Perfect Will of God

Big Government: Coward Russ Carnahan Pushes Bogus Tea Party Lie to Media– Claims Prayer Service With Coffin Was a Violent Threat

The Hill: Cantor: Democrats using threatening incidents as 'political weapon'

The Washington Post: Lawmakers concerned as health-care overhaul foes resort to violence

Tuesday, March 25, 1788

The Command of the Military and Naval Forces, and the Pardoning Power of the Executive
The Federalist No. 74 by Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

California Congressional Race Worth Watching

World Magazine: Star power

Michelle Malkin: Star Parker Running for Congress?

500 Christians Slaughtered

Gateway Pundit: Nigerian Muslims Hack 500 Christian Villagers to Death With Machetes – Babies Scalped (Graphic Video)

Canada: Muffled Speech

Ottawa Citizen: Ann Coulter speech canceled

As you watch the video below, listen to the contempt this Canadian journalist has for Ann Coulter and especially for the idea of free speech. She refers to the fact that Canada does not have a "religion of free speech" and calls people that desire free speech rights "extremist free speech absolutists." What the heck? America has this to look forward to with the current crop of Marxists running the country.

Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly and "Now Toronto" columnist, Susan Cole.

ObamaCare's Purpose: To Control the People

For months, I have written on this blog that the reason Democrats were pushing ObamaCare was for power and control. The Dean of the United States House of Representatives, Congressman John Dingell (D-MI), finally told the truth yesterday. We the People are being attacked by our own elected, federal officials.

Believe me, the worst is yet to come...


CNBC: Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Insurance Companies May Not Last 2 Years

There's a very knowledgeable woman in the insurance industry that calls the Rush Limbaugh show, periodically, to let him and his audience know what's happening out there in the real world. She called today and the news isn't good, at all.

Below is the entire first segment of Rush's show, Glenn Beck's radio show and Sean Hannity's TV show from the day after ObamaCare passed.

Videos courtesy of The Right Scoop.

A Republican Leader is Already Flinching

Hot Air: We won’t try to repeal all of ObamaCare, says Cornyn

A Constitutional Analysis of State Nullification

David Barton: Limiting an Overreaching Federal Government: Is State Nullification the Solution? A Constitutional Analysis

Health Care Debacle

American Thinker: Just who have the Democrats 'defeated' by passing Obamacare?

Investor's Business Daily: 20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

The New Ledger: Exempted From Obamacare: Senior Staff Who Wrote the Bill

Big Government: Depend on the Government for Your Health Care? Good Luck

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA): Laying the Cornerstone of a Socialist Utopia

Human Events: Obamacare Must Be Repealed

Hot Air: Conyers: O-Care is constitutional because of the “Good and Welfare Clause”

AIPAC Speech by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Watch Benjamin Netanyahu at American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) yesterday.
C-SPAN: Israel Prime Minister Wraps Up Washington Visit

Remove House Members That Voted for ObamaCare

Fire the 219

Sarah Palin: Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back the 20!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Death to America'

Over the last several years, we have all heard the now familiar phrase, 'Death to America,' chanted by Muslims around the world. After tonight, there will no longer be a need for them to desire such a fate for our nation.

America was destroyed by the Democrats in the United States House of Representatives at 10:45pm ET. The final vote was 219 Democrats, yes (216 was required for passage) and 212 members, no (178 Republicans, 34 Democrats).

We are all Socialists, now. God help us.


Repeal ObamaCare

Michelle Malkin:
Attorneys general launch lawsuit backlash against Demcare

Before the vote...

Democrats Are 'Party of Death'

With the passage of this 'health care reform' bill, every American will be paying for every abortion performed. So much for being able to stand by your convictions. I will be forced to pay for the murder of unborn children whether I want to or not.
PR Newswire: Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat'

Get Ready...

Right Side: Healthcare Bill to Cause U.S. Hyperinflation By 2015

Mark Steyn:
Happy Dependence Day!

Bloomberg: Obama Paying More Than Buffett as Bonds Show U.S. Losing AAA

U.S. House Preparing to Defy We the People

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the government takeover of the health care system and student loan program this afternoon. It's quite obvious they don't care what We the People think about this hostile takeover and they don't care about the boundaries on the federal government spelled out in the Constitution of the United States.

I still firmly believe that the worst is yet to come to America because of the Marxists in charge of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government. I blame our current decline and downfall on Barack Obama and the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate. We now live in a dictatorship. After today, this government will have taken control of 50% of the private economy in little over a year.

We will not fully comprehend the damage that is being done to our nation until after this horrible bill becomes law. Think about the scope of the disaster before us that is in this legislation of over 2,000 pages. The only things we're told about this 'health care reform' are four or five talking points to convince us to accept this 'hope and change.' Well, those few things could be spelled out in two or three sheets of paper. What are they doing with the other 1,997+ pages that they're not talking about? The power and control that will be given the federal government after Obama signs this into law will be breathtaking. Believe me, the worst is yet to come.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was a guest on a segment of the Mark Levin radio show this past Friday. She told the listening audience that once this bill becomes law, the IRS will add thousands of agents to its personnel in order to enforce the mandate for every person to buy health insurance. These IRS agents will be checking each one of us once a month in order to enforce this mandate!! Really, Congresswoman? What country have I been transported to? This is not the United States of America!

For We the People, God is the only answer. If you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I encourage you to reconsider. It will not only make a difference in this life but also in the life to come. The freedoms we have cherished for so long will soon be gone but the God from whom those freedoms flow will care for His Own. Humble yourself. Cry out to Him. Unlike the Democrats in Washington, the Lord God will not ignore your cry.


David Wilkerson: God Has Emergency Plans for Every Believer

Listen to the March 19th Mark Levin show here.

Michelle Malkin: Wreckonciliation Sunday: The Demcare schedule in the House

Friday, March 21, 1788

The Provision For The Support of the Executive, and the Veto Power
The Federalist No. 73 by Alexander Hamilton

Friday, March 19, 2010

KUHNER: Impeach the president?

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat and chairman of the House Rules Committee, the new plan - called the "Slaughter Solution" - is not to pass the Senate version on an up-or-down vote. Rather, it is to have the House "deem" that the legislation was passed and then have members vote directly on a series of "sidecar" amendments to fix the things it does not like.

Phone Calls Continue to Batter Congress

Calls to the House numbered close to 100,000 an hour, creating a bottleneck in a phone system only meant to handle 50,000 calls an hour.

CATERPILLAR: Health Care Bill would cost company $100M -- in the first year alone!

Caterpillar Inc. said the health-care overhaul legislation being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives would increase the company's health-care costs by more than $100 million in the first year alone.

US states sue EPA to stop greenhouse gas rules

States want EPA to reopen endangerment hearings

Vice President Biden Says President Obama’s Rescheduled Trip Not a Bad Sign for Health Care Bill’s Prospects

Biden: "You know we're going to control the insurance companies."

Republicans assail IRS provision in health care bill

House Ways and Means Republicans on Thursday assailed a provision in the proposed health care reform bill under consideration this week.

Wednesday, March 19, 1788

The Same Subject Continued, and Re-Eligibility of the Executive Considered
The Federalist No. 72 by Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the Marxist House

American Thinker: Pelosi and Marx on 'Freedom'

American Thinker: Class Conflict in Obama's America

'Kill the Bill'

Himan Events: Tea Partiers Meet in DC for One Last "People’s Surge" Against Healthcare Reform

Marco Rubio:
Scrap ObamaCare Today

USA in Danger of Losing AAA Credit Rating

The Daily Caller: US, UK top debt ratings safe for now, Moody’s says

A Majority Voted for This 'Transformation of America'

Big Government: Republic on the Precipice

Big Government: The Consent of the Governed

'$2.5 Trillion in IOUs From the Federal Government'

Hot Air: Social Security starts cashing in US debt

House Budget Committee Reconciliation Markup Opening Statement of Congessman Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Obama Declares No Drilling, Baby

Sarah Palin: Nonstop D.C. Nonsense: Drilling Down on Energy Doublespeak

Virginia Thomas Starts a 'Tea Party!'

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is becoming heavily involved with the Tea Party movement because she wants to help rescue our country! I'm thrilled she cares enough to do it! Of course, the press and others are giving her grief about it. Typical.
Los Angeles Times: Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group

Glenn Beck Creating Tension at Fox News

The Washington Post: The Beck Factor at Fox: Staffers say comments taint their work

Saturday, March 15, 1788

The Executive Department Further Considered
The Federalist No. 70 by Alexander Hamilton

Friday, March 12, 2010

'Useful Idiots' Debut

Big Journalism: Useful Idiots: Snow Job

Amazon Fights Back

Human Events: Colorado Internet Retailer Tax Backfires

Expel Congresswoman Slaughter!!

Human Events: The Louise Slaughter House Solution

"On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark gives an in-depth Constitutional lesson on how Congress is deliberately breaking the rule of law and Constitution. Congressman Louise Slaughter is leading the charge for Congress to pass through the healthcare bill straight to the President, even though it hasn't been voted into law. This is dangerous because once you have liberal politicians that disregard the Constitution then you substitute the rule of law with the rule of man - thus, a soft tyranny." - direct quote from Mark Levin's site. To read more from Mark's site about this, click here.

Michelle Malkin: A wrench in Dems’ Wreckonciliation plans, but…

Congressman Bart Stupak: “They’re ignoring me”

National Review Online: ‘They Just Want This Over’

I've been saying it for years - these people aren't pro-choice, they're pro death!
Hot Air: Stupak: Dems told me they want to fund abortions because more kids mean higher health-care costs; Update: Waxman?

'Blind Persistence '

The Washington Post: If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly

Wednesday, March 12, 1788

The Mode of Electing the President
The Federalist No. 68 by Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Study the Constitution of the United States

Big Government: The Constitutional Case Against Progressives

'Tell the Truth About the Armenian Genocide'

Pamela Geller: Time for President Obama, MSM, To Tell the Truth About the Armenian Genocide

Big Journalism Announces New Cartoon Strip

We all need a laugh...
Big Journalism: Useful Idiots Are Coming! Useful Idiots Are Coming!

Economy is Not Improving

Reason Magazine: The Myth of the Recovery

Amnesty for Illegals is Coming with Lindsey Graham's (R-S.C.) Help

Do you notice who's missing here? John McCain (R-AZ). Why is McCain missing from this amnesty party? Well, he's running for re-election and trying, once again, to fool the people of Arizona into thinking he is a conservative...
The Hill: Obama pledges support for Schumer, Graham on immigration

Hot Air: Lindsey Graham to Obama: Let’s “step it up” and get to work on amnesty already

Tuesday, March 11, 1788

The Executive Department
The Federalist No. 67 by Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Congressman Paul Ryan on ObamaCare

Mark Levin's Lecture at the Reagan Library

Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. He is the president of Landmark Legal Foundation..., graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Temple University in 1977 at the age of nineteen, the same year he was elected to the Cheltenham Township School Board in Pennsylvania. In 1980 he graduated from Temple University School of Law. - from the back of the 2005 best seller Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America by Mark R. Levin.

Levin is also the author of the 2009 best seller Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

Mark has the 4th most popular radio talk show in the country. Visit The Mark Levin Show website.

March 16th: A Call to Action to Stop ObamaCare

Michelle Malkin: Dump Demcare: 2,000 protest in St. Louis; keep the no-mentum going; Dems push “Slaughter Solution;” March 16 Call to Action

FreedomWorks: Call to action! March 16th, 2010 - Stop Obamacare 2.0

The Reagan - Obama Debate

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Atlas Shrugs: Glenn Beck, think before you preach

What Has Happened to Us?

Big Journalism: Is the Declaration of Independence Still Relevant?

Democrat Congresswoman Wants Congress to Take Pay Cut

Fox News: Lawmaker Pushes Congress to Take 5 Percent Pay Cut

Microchips Compulsory for All Dogs in UK - Are People Next?

UK Guardian: Crackdown on dangerous dogs to make microchips compulsory for all

Free Wi-Fi for 'Some' Americans

Reuters: U.S. considers some free wireless broadband service

Florida State House to Promote Family Values with Tax Dollars

AFP: Shows with gays could lose Florida tax credit

Where is the Logic?

Senate Staffers Are Told Not to Look at Drudge Report

Fox News: Senate Staffers Warned to Stay Clear of Drudge Report

Obama to Ban Sports Fishing

The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters. - ESPN Outdoors
ESPN Outdoors: Culled out

Gateway Pundit: Obama’s Latest Assault on Freedom – New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing

Obama: The Will Of The People Be Damned - I’LL Decide Who Can Go Fishing

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Freedom Lost - Here Comes the National ID

To read this entire article, google national id and the link for this article will be at the bottom of the first page. Every time I post the link, it takes me to the cropped version but from the google search you can bring up the full article.
The Wall Street Journal: ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan

International Monetary Fund Wants Cash for Global Warming Hoax

Has the USA already given up our sovereignty? If not, who do these people think they are to demand money from us to perpetuate a hoax?
AP: IMF suggests how to raise climate change funds

Laughter is Good Like a Medicine...

A friend just sent this to me via e-mail. I don't know the origin of it so I can't give credit where credit is due but it made me smile.

A Short Spelling Lesson:

The last four letters in American.... ........I CAN

The last four letters in Republican.. ........I CAN

The last four letters in Democrats... ........RATS

End of Lesson!

ObamaCare is Not About Health Care

Mark Steyn: Obamacare worth the price to Democrats

Big Journalism Series: Part 4

The New Fascists: Part 4 - The Marching Minions of the Frankfurt School

Economy: Get Ready for Disaster

Financial Times: Beijing studies severing peg to US dollar

Reuters: China foreign minister says U.S. ties "disrupted"

A Comparison of Governing Philosophies

Michael Barone: Low-tax Texas beats big-government California

Democrat 'No' Vote on ObamaCare Forced Out of Office by Democrats Before Final Vote

Massa also suggested that Democratic leaders are using the ethics committee to get him out of office before the vote on health care because he voted against the House health care bill last fall.
Massa said, "Mine is now the deciding vote on the health care bill and this administration and this House leadership have said, quote-unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill, and now they’ve gotten rid of me and it will pass. You connect the dots." - Roll Call

Roll Call: Massa Details Ethics Case Against Him, Blames Democratic Leaders
Rep. Massa Speaks

Roll Call: Massa Hints He Could Rescind Resignation

Real Clear Politics Audio: Massa: Rahm Emanuel "Would Sell His Own Mother" For Votes

Hotline On Call: Massa Implicates Emanuel, Dem Leaders

Get Out to Protest ObamaCare Wherever Obama Goes

Michelle Malkin: Make your voice heard: Counter-protest the Obamacare Road Show

The Daily Caller: Obama doubling down on health care reform; time to call his bluff

Virginia is considering outlawing ObamaCare health insurance mandate... Virginia health bill could foil Obama proposal

CNN/Opinion Research poll revealed that 56 percent of Americans believe “the federal government’s become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” - The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller:
Obama’s ‘buzzsaw’ now 56% of Americans

The Washington Examiner: Consent of the governed - and the lack thereof

Saturday, March 8, 1788

Objections to the Power of the Senate To Set as a Court for Impeachments Further Considered
The Federalist No. 66 by Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah Palin Out of the Running

I would have to say the fact that Sarah Palin has become a Fox News Contributor and is now trying to become a reality TV star, she is out of the running for any serious political office in the future. Conservatives/Libertarians are going to have to find someone else.
Entertainment Weekly: Exclusive: Sarah Palin Shopping Alaska TV Docudrama

The Hollywood Reporter: Sarah Palin shopping Alaska reality show

UPDATE: Special Report on Fox News has just reported that Palin is not trying to pitch a reality TV show about her personal life and family. Instead, she is pitching a show about life in Alaska that would showcase regular people and their way of life in the 49th state. Fox also reported Palin is writing a second book.

Please, accept my apology for publishing this post without waiting for the dust to settle to find out if the story was true. I do my best to make this blog responsible, dependable, honest and true. I definitely messed up on this one.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Continues to Break the Law & Answers to No One

The Weekly Standard: Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes?

The Washington Times: White House land grab reported by Senator Jim Demint

Photoshop pic from Maksim at The People’s Cube

Palin Received Warmly by California Crowd

Sarah Palin was great on The Tonight Show last night and the crowd loved her! This is the second time she's been in front of a live, possibly liberal audience and the people overwhelmingly cheer her on. She even performed her first comedic monologue. It was a great performance and, as always, she made fun of the left by making fun of herself.
LA Times: It's Jay Leno's new 'Tonight Show' Starring Sarah Palin

Hot Air: Quotes of the day

Socialists Have Achieved Almost Every Goal They Have for America

This is a must read newsletter which describes 'the many faces of Socialism' and the Socialist agenda for the USA that is almost complete.
National Center for Constitutional Studies: Americans are Awakening to Our Awful Situation

Rick Perry Wins GOP Primary for Texas Governor

AP: Governor Perry defeats Senator Hutchison and Debra Medina in Texas GOP primary

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landslide Victory for Ron Paul in Texas Primary

For preliminary results click here: Ron Paul in Texas Primary

$7 gallon gas to meet Obama's targets for emissions?

To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers say, Americans may have to experience a sobering reality: gas at $7 a gallon.

The Right to Bear Arms

Big Journalism: Are You Packing Heat? Your Local Newspaper May be Planning to Out You

Democrats to Attempt the Nuclear Option

This is the first time, in my entire life, that we have elected leaders that are telling the majority of the people that they don't care what the people want and they don't care what the people say. Once this health care takeover has passed, America will be forever gone. We have allowed America to slip through our hands. With the totalitarians controlling the US House, the US Senate and the White House, I don't believe there is any hope.

I can't remember ever being so discouraged about my country and it's future. Lord, have mercy on the United States of America. We have nowhere else to turn.


ABC News: President Obama to Say Democrats Will Use Reconciliation to Pass Senate Health Care Reform Fix, If Not Given Up or Down Vote

Hot Air: Will repeal work?

Keith Hennessey: Challenges of the Two Bill Strategy

ClimateGate: Phil Jones Testified Before British Parliament’s Committee on Science and Technology

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Ron Paul quote heard around the world, in context

A lot of people are making a huge deal about a comment Ron Paul made in an email sent out to his supporters. What is the quote getting all the attention? Here it is; "In my own primary." Yes...that is it! Is this all they can dig up on Ron Paul? A quote intentionally taken out of context? If you have ever listened to Ron Paul speak you know what he is really about and what his beliefs are. I have made the aforementioned quote bold and italicized in Ron Paul's original email below. Judge for yourself if he meant anything malicious or arrogant by his comment. Be sure to read it in context.

Here is what the email said:
From: Congressman Ron Paul
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 5:03 PM
Subject: They’ve Turned Their Attack Dogs Loose On Me!

January 11, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Believe it or not, it is election time again. The Texas Republican Primary is only seven short weeks away and already both parties have turned their attack dogs loose on me . . . doing everything they can to make sure I am defeated.

Never mind all the good I have been able to accomplish for freedom and the American taxpayer in Congress, the enemies of freedom and the elites in Washington want me gone.

Together, we have brought to Congress a voice for Liberty, limited government and a sensible foreign policy. I am deeply grateful for all of your support.

Just look at a few of the things we have accomplished!

We have drawn 317 cosponsors and passed through the House Financial Services Committee a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. We have led the fight against bailouts, Obamacare and Cap and Trade. And, thanks to the national attention our efforts have generated, we have broadened the debate on foreign policy and are challenging the status quo idea that America must be the World’s policeman.

It is my desire to return to Congress for another term and have filed for re-election. I am hopeful that I can win, but I urgently need your help.

Seven candidates have filed to run against me. These candidates include three Republicans in my own primary on March 2, and they will stop at nothing to tear down and destroy all we have worked for.

Please read some of the quotes my opponents have been throwing at me:

“(Ron Paul) wants to cut spending on our military industrial complex because he believes in a weaker foreign policy.”

“Ron Paul has become a complete nutcase conspiratorialist quasi-Anti-Semitic leftwing American-hating nutball.”

“Ron Paul is out of touch with this district and it is time for him to move on…Dr. No Must Go!”

These quotes come directly from my opponents’ campaign literature and websites. We cannot let these attacks stand.

I plan to fight back and will mount an aggressive campaign. Carol, my family and my staff are already working very hard, but I need your immediate support.

Please consider making a contribution of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even the maximum legal gift of $2,400 to my campaign. Your generous support will allow me to mobilize and ensure we are victorious.

Please logon NOW to my website and donate as much as you can to help me overcome my opponents and win reelection.

There is a tremendous anti-incumbent, anti-Washington sentiment in America. Politicians across the country face a sea change as outraged Americans threaten to vote them out. While I think this development is a good thing, I am going to have to work hard to ensure I am not caught up in the same wave and swept out of office before our job is done.

If I thought that it would help America, I would gladly step aside and return home to Texas. But the people who want my seat will not work for Liberty. They will instead vote for big spending, eroding our Liberties and policing the world, while ignoring our crooked monetary system.

We stand at a crucial crossroads. Our effort to Audit the Fed and expose the crooked banksters stands tantalizingly close to passage. It is my sincere desire to stay in Congress and press this fight.

But, the road to re-election will be bumpy. My opponents are digging up any and all ammunition they can muster to fire at me.

As many of you know, I represent Galveston, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ike last fall. My office has worked hard to help our constituents, and I am proud of the work we have done.

After the Hurricane, Congress rushed to pass a “relief” bill. Unfortunately, the bill was anything but that. It was loaded with over $6 billion dollars in pork and special interest money that had nothing to do with helping people in need. And, any actual benefits for the people hurt by the natural disaster were run, or should I say hijacked, by the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA.) We all remember how well FEMA did helping out in New Orleans.

I knew that voting against this supposed “hurricane relief” would be one of the most difficult political votes I ever cast. But, my vote was never in question. I stood by our principles and stood up for Taxpayers in Texas and across our country and voted against this monstrosity.

You and I may know this vote is a strength, but my opponents see it as an opportunity to attack, and they have been vicious. Forget the billions in pork spending, or the unmanageable big government bureaucracy contained in the legislation. Since I voted against the bill, they scream I must not care about poor people.

They will continue to beat this drum, and if we do not fight back, they may be successful. Think then how few politicians will be willing to take principled votes against big government in the future if they see me defeated because of my stand.

For thirty years, I have run on the belief that Liberty and free markets are the source of American prosperity. I will continue to fight for these principles regardless of the attacks and personal smears. But, I need your help to return to Washington.

Again, I hope you will consider contributing to my re-election campaign. Together, we can restore our freedoms and protect the American Dream.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Early voting in my primary begins on February 15th. Time is of the essence and I have already begun campaigning hard. Your timely support is truly needed. Please contribute to my campaign TODAY at

Here is a great video of Ron Paul before the 2008 election when he was running for president.

I hope this plan to get him out of office fails. We need him to bring some sanity to politics.

- Michael