Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lovers of Liberty Are Now Considered Terrorists

With the help of the Marxists in power and the mainstream media, We the People will now be painted as violent reactionaries, racists and terrorists. This tactic began last Sunday before the vote for ObamaCare and it is heating up. Democrats are blitzing the media with stories of death threats and violence from conservatives and the media is reporting everything they're told instead of investigating the claims. The press is in full propaganda mode.

The events that are occurring in this country can lead in only one direction - imprisonment and death for the lovers of liberty. History has proven the truth to what I'm saying. We have witnessed a bloodless coup in our federal government, the overthrow of our constitution and soon, the arrest, imprisonment and possible death of all dissidents. Believe me, it's coming.

The America we have grown up in and loved is gone. Yes, for now we can still vote and I encourage every legal American to vote this November to try to turn this back but I don't know if there is truly any hope of doing that. We don't know the future and, honestly, we don't know if there will be an election in November. You may think that's a radical thing to say but stop and think about how this country has radically changed in fourteen months.

Did you ever, in your life, think you would see and hear the things we're experiencing? Did you ever imagine that the federal government would own Chrysler & GM? Did you think the government would own 90% of the home mortgages? Did you think the government would have a 'Pay Czar' that would tell corporations how much they would be allowed to pay their executives? Did you think you would ever see the government take over the entire student loan system? The entire health care system? The debt and deficit have quadrupled and there is no sign of the spending stopping or even slowing down. All in 14 months. There is much more damage that can be done and these Marxists are not slowing down. They don't care about We the People or what we want. They only care about eliminating the constitution and redistributing the wealth of our nation.

We have spent a generation allowing the leftists to run our schools, our courts and now our federal government. We have allowed them to take God out of our schools, our laws and the public square. Look at the results. Now, they desire to run our lives to the fullest.

What can we do? We have been told for a generation that the Founding Fathers were godless men and that they wanted a separation of church and state. These are lies. Read the words of our Founding Fathers. You will discover they were men of faith in God. They knew that our form of government would only survive if we elected moral and godly men. They were right.

We also need to repent. We need to turn to the Lord above, the Creator mentioned in the Declaration of Independence because He is the only hope we have left. Did you ever wonder why Christians don't run from the authorities that have the power to kill them? God will cast out all fear from your heart and life if you will sincerely cry out to Him.

We live in dire times. The people we are dealing with are ruthless and diabolical. The hope for our future is not in a possible election, the court system or the Republican party. Our only hope for this life and the life to come is God. We need to run to Him. We need to lean on Him and His strength will hold us up. He will never fail us.


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