Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tim Tebow NFL Draft Party Called a 'Nazi Rally'

As most of you know, Tim Tebow played quarterback for the Florida Gators during his college years. He has been called the best QB in college history by some and he is absolutely hated by others. Why? Tebow is a strong Christian with moral absolutes and conservative values that the media despise. So, he is called a Nazi. People forget that Nazis were not and are not Christians. They are leftists. Socialists.

A generation ago, this young man would have been heralded as a great role model instead of laughed at because he's saving himself for marriage. The reaction of the sports analysts to Tebow's character and purity is another example of how upside down our nation has beome.

I am a huge football fan. I've never liked baseball, basketball, hockey, etc., but I have loved football for many years. I watch more NFL games than college and, to be honest, I have never liked the Florida Gators. The first time I became aware of Tebow was during his first year with Florida when they used him sporadically as a backup running QB. I didn't think he would amount to much but I was wrong.

The more I learned about him, the more I liked him and I found myself watching Gator football to see Tebow play and pull for his team to win. For someone that dislikes Florida as much as I do, that is amazing!

The sports pundits said Tebow would never be a serious contender for a spot in the NFL because of his awkward throwing motion and they said he would never be picked in the first round even if he was considered. In the past few months, he has worked tirelessly to change that motion and this past weekend, he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the NFL draft. There were two QBs selected in the first round and Tebow was one of them.

You may wonder why I'm talking so much about football today. This article is not about football. This is about the merciless attacks on a young man that is living a godly life and setting an example of kindness, purity and morality only to be mocked by the talking heads instead of held in high regard. What has happened to our country?

For those that follow football, you know that in less than a year Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger, has twice been accused of sexual assault (aka rape!) in Nevada and Georgia. His punishment will be a six game suspension. Really? Is this the kind of man we want our children to look up to?

Romans 8:31b says If God is for us, who can be against us? All of the talking heads have been wrong about Tim Tebow. Why? Because God is for him. The divide between the people of God and the rest of society continues to sharpen in America. I remember when Christians were looked up to and admired. That is no longer true and our country is suffering greatly because of the vast moral decline. Tim Tebow is being put on center stage as the spiritual battle for the heart of our nation rages on. God is for him. I am now what I never have been - a Denver Broncos fan. I need to go now so I can order my Tim Tebow Broncos jersey.


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Anonymous said...

LOL....You might want to research the Nazi party and fascist ideology. The only place Nazi/fascist and socialist are used interchangeably is in Rush Limbaugh/Glen Beck parallel worlds. People that believe Socialism and fascism are one in the same skipped a lot of world history classes.

BTW, I never heard anything about Tebow and Nazi party, but that is equally absurd. Tebow is the anti-Nazi.

Reggie said...

The link to the story of a sports radio host saying Tebow's NFL draft party was a Nazi rally is below the article I wrote. You may want to read it. Also, you may want to read Jonah Goldberg's book, Liberal Fascism. His in-depth research shows that socialism/fascism/communism are all different sides of the same coin and the coin leans to the left.

Anonymous said...

Read the Tebow article. The amount of hating on the guy goes beyond crazy. No call for it. Some people enjoy tearing successful people down. That is pathetic, imo.

As far as Goldberg goes, he has an agenda to sell books and promote his career. He does that by using shock as a tool, much like Beck and Limbaugh. The logic used in the book is full of intellectual inconsistencies. The right paints liberals as a bunch of wimps yet he wants to tie liberals to bloodthirsty, violent authoritarians? It can't be both ways.

Fascist and Socialists/Communists spent the first half of the last century trying to kill each other. They sure as heck weren't doing that because their core believes matched. The SS was created originally to hunt and kill socialists and communists. It only later expanded its agenda to target ethnic and sexual "undesirables."

Fascism IS NOT pure conservatism as the left tries to portray. Fascists believe in government to support their mission just like socialists/communists, but the comparison ends there. Fascist doctrine is based on nationalism and extreme (violent) adherence to a set of determined laws based primarily on traditional values. Fascism was born in the military. The adherence to rules, the chain of command, the lack of tolerance for free thought and the swift and strong armed punishment for those that step out of line. These are military principles and tend to have little to do with leftist ideology.

Reggie said...

Your are thinking in political terms. The core values of these isms are the same - control and power over the people and they will use any and all means to accomplish their goals. Stifle speech, media propaganda, government "reform," pick out an "enemy" and use the media to convince the people that this is a true "enemy" that deserves imprisonment or worse. Then finally, mass murder. This has been played out countless times and we shouldn't assume it will never happen again. I'm seeing things in this country I never thought I would ever see.

That is the whole point of the Tebow article I wrote. This young man should be a role model to all and yet, he is being demonized by the media instead of heralded. Why is that? It's because the values and morals of his country have all but disappeared and so bad is good and good is bad!

We have a president that is socializing private businesses and he hand of government is weighing heavily on society more and more. We must push back (peacefully!) or we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

You guys that deny that the Nazi's were socialists are dead wrong. Before they were the Nazi's they were the German Worker's party then they became the Nazis which is a portmanteau of the the German words for National Socialist. Also Tebow is a stand up guy even if he did play for Florida

Reggie said...

I agree. Why would you have the word "socialist" in your party name if you weren't socialists? That would be like the Republicans saying, "Yes, we're called Republicans but we hate the idea of a Republic." It makes no sense and yet people will not accept the fact the Nazis were (and are) socialists.

Not a Florida fan either, huh? :)

Max said...

"For those that follow football, you know that in less than a year Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger, has twice been accused of sexual assault (aka rape!) in Nevada and Georgia. His punishment will be a six game suspension. Really? Is this the kind of man we want our children to look up to?"

I would much rather have them looking up to a successful professional than to look up to someone who thinks that being accused of something is the same thing as guilt. Why must you tarnish an innocent man in order to make your "godly" idol look better to yourself?

Reggie said...

Max,I don't know if Big Ben is guilty or not. Neither do you. My point with that illustration is that Ben is worshiped and adored and yet has been accused of a very serious crime. Tebow is mocked for his desire to stay pure.

The world is upside down. There was a time the NFL would not have allowed Ben to stay in the league after that but I've noticed more and more NFL players are being arrested and charged with various crimes.

Who is the better role model? Not a football role model as much as a life role model. Should we look up to a man that women are accusing of rape?

I have been a fan of Big Ben since he entered the league and I dismissed the first accusation as a gold digger but then the second one came along. I have learned throughout my life that where there's smoke, there's fire.

Big Ben is a successful ball player but is he a successful man? That is the bottom line, for me.