Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama Backs U.N. Resolution Against Israel

The resolution adopted by the United Nations on Friday calls on Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and urges it to open its facilities to inspection.

Breitbart: Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move

Union Thugs Unionize Drug Growers

L.A. Times: Workers at 3 medical marijuana businesses in Oakland unionize

Obama's Failed 'Leadership'

JobGate: Rush Explains the Lunch Date

"I guess we know why Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had lunch yesterday, to get their stories straight."

Real Clear Politics: Video - Limbaugh On Clinton's Involvement With Sestak Job Offer

SCOTUS Pick Dislikes U.S. Constitutional Law

CNSNews: As Harvard Law Dean, Kagan Did Not Require Study of U.S. Constitutional Law But Did Require Study of International and Foreign Law

"Unconscionable Incompetence"

UK Telegraph: Barack Obama's credibility hits rock bottom after oil spill and Sestak scandal

'Freedom Rock' Tribute Sacred to Veterans

Inept Obama Regime Forcing Israel's Hand

Times Online: Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

Obama Regime Seeks to Deport 'Son of Hamas' Founder

The Obama regime reversed a Bush administration ruling and allowed Muslim Brotherhood supporter Tariq Ramadan to enter the country, now they’ve denied asylum and are trying to deport the unbelievably courageous Mosab Yousef, who millions of Islamists would love to kill, for both spying for Israel and converting to Christianity….

Weasel Zippers: Obama Admin Trying to Deport Son of Hamas Founder and Christian Convert Mosab Hassan Yousef

Exposing terrorist secrets and warning the world in my first book cost me everything. I am a traitor to my people, disowned by my family, a man without a country. And now the country I came to for sanctuary is turning its back.

Mosab Hassan Yousef: Homeland In-Security

buy Son of Hamas

Friday, May 28, 2010

Insanity! Another Pay Raise for Federal Workers


Today the White House released a statement detailing the job offer to Joe Sestak if he agreed to drop out of the Democrat Senate primary in Pennsylvania. I don't believe their version of events. - Reggie

The Washington Post: How the Sestak job offer became a big deal

The Daily Caller: GOP calls for FBI investigation in Sestak case

National Review Online:
The Sestak Smell Test

Michelle Malkin: Why did the White House contact Joe Sestak’s brother? Update: Bob the Fixer earns his stripes; Issa responds; Sestak statement added

Hot Air:
Rush is right, says … Chris Matthews?


Byron York: Sestak was ineligible for job Clinton offered

Is America a Sovereign Nation?

Arizona state Sen. Amanda Aguirre, a Democrat, is leading a delegation of Mexican and Arizonan lawmakers in appealing her state’s strict new immigration law to the United Nations as a possible human rights violation, a radical step that has earned her ignominy among some conservatives concerned about American sovereignty.

The Daily Caller:
Will the United Nations try to intervene over Arizona’s new immigration law?

Fox News: California College Offers Scholarship to Illegal Immigrants

The Daily News: May 28, 2010

'Founders' Friday' Extra - Glenn and guests field audience questions on America's black Founding Fathers

The Truth About the Mosque at Ground Zero

- Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat: 911 Mosque Founder wants to Establish Shariah in USA‏

'More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People'

hat tip The Right Scoop

'The Beck Problem'

Robert Ringer: Glenn Beck’s Departure from Fox News, Part I

Robert Ringer: Glenn Beck’s Departure from Fox News, Part II

Will There be a Massachusetts Boycott?

Boston Globe: Massachusetts Senate passes crackdown on illegal immigrants

North Korea Ratchets Up Threat of War

Financial Times: Alarm rises as N Korea threatens attack

Palin Reviews Obama's Oil Spill Response

Sarah Palin: Passing The Buck Doesn’t “Plug the D#*! Hole”

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Deputy National Security Advisor

John Brennan, Our Deputy National Security Advisor. Fantastic. What could go wrong? - Reggie

via The Right Scoop

The Daily News: May 27, 2010

Got Gold?

Obama keeps telling us that he and his comrades brought us back from the brink but he's actually taking us over the cliff. By now, I hope everyone knows that Obama and his government have intentionally caused this collapse. We have had a front row seat to these treasonous acts. He is causing another Great Depression and he knows it.

The worst is yet to come. - Reggie

The M3 money supply in the United States is contracting at an accelerating rate that now matches the average decline seen from 1929 to 1933, despite near zero interest rates and the biggest fiscal blitz in history.

UK Telegraph: US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus

Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedom Under Attack

Fox News: 'Leaving Islam?' NYC Bus Ads Targeting Disenfranchised Muslims

AP: "Leaving Islam?" ads on some NYC buses cause stir

Atlas Shrugs: What CBS's Lou Young Calls a Crusade, We Call Religious Liberty

Atlas Shrugs: "Tolerant" Daisy Khan on the Religious Freedom Bus Ads: "Ignorant"

Jihad Watch: New York Daily News smears SIOA religious liberty bus ads, Pamela Geller

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Krauthammer: This Administration is Lawless

Statists Believe There Are Too Many Humans

Times of London: Earth will bite us back, warns Irons

Ricochet Podcast Special Edition: Extended Fred Thompson Interview

The unedited interview of Fred Thompson that ran in Episode 17.

Feds Still Pushing National ID

They were cognizant of the fact that the very same folks in Washington who won’t close or protect our borders are also the same ones who want to do all these things with our licenses that are common in China in regards to tracking citizens.

Tenth Amendment Center: National ID and the Worst of Both Worlds

'Financial Reform' Bill Must be Stopped

This horrific bill still has to pass in the House.

CNSNews: Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers

A Sober Assessment of America's Economy

Big Government: Faber: Nations Will Print Money, Go Bust, Go to War…We Are Doomed

FDR's New Deal Has Caused Untold Damage to America

Big Government: Whittaker Chambers: The New Deal as Revolution

Sounds Like a Felony, To Me

Breitbart: White House mum on whether Sestak offered a job

Hot Air: Joe Sestak: Um, yeah, Obama tried to buy me off by offering me a job

The Daily Caller: Robert Gibbs stonewalls reporters on Sestak bribery allegation

'No Longer are Logical Arguments Made From the Left'

Hot Air: In defense of the impious Rand Paul

Fox News: Rand Paul is Learning What It's Like to Be Me, Says Sarah Palin

Sorry, Charlie...

AP: Meek wins AFL-CIO endorsement in Florida US Senate race

America Must Choose

Arthur C. Brooks: America's new culture war: Free enterprise vs. government control

Kim Jong-il Ordered Sinking of South Korean Warship

The New York Times: U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack

GOP Wins U.S. House Seat in Hawaii

The applause from Djou's victory party could be heard six time zones away in Washington, D.C., where national party leaders trumpeted a victory on President Barack Obama's home turf.

Star Bulletin: Djou wins U.S. House seat

USA Today: GOP wins House seat in Obama's Hawaii home district

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Union Thugs Hold Power in Washington

All of this money will benefit Democrats and they're the ones screaming about SCOTUS allowing corporations to spend money on political ads! Where's the $100M from corporate America for Republicans? Oh, they can't do that...

The Hill: Unions to spend $100M in 2010 campaign to save Dem majorities

Obama's Global Government Agenda

In a commencement speech to the graduating class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the president outlined his departure from what Bush had called a "distinctly American internationalism." Instead, Obama pledged to shape a new "international order" based on diplomacy and engagement.

The Washington Post: At West Point, Obama offers new security strategy

Part of the Plan to Destroy America

Michelle Malkin: “I have a plan to destroy America” — by Richard D. Lamm

Dr. Hansimian's Hurricane Forecast

The Mind of a Statist

Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Washington will take care of you

New Jersey Tax Hike Vetoed

America needs more men like Governor Christie.

Hot Air: Chris Christie vetoes legislative tax hike — in two minutes

Beck/O'Reilly Discuss Rep. Weiner Investigation

via The Right Scoop

Mark Levin Challenges David Gregory of Meet the Press

via The Right Scoop

Friday, May 21, 2010

More on Union Thugs Invading Bank Execs Property

From Big Government:

As SEIU Terrorizes Bank Employee’s Son, HuffPo and MediaMatters Omit Deadbeat Union’s $90 Million Debt

NPA-SEIU Terrorizes Child, Breaks Laws – What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It?

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, Have You No Sense of Decency?

From Big Journalism:

Huffington Post and Media Matters: Journalists Or Arms Of the SEIU Press Office?

Even When Repeating SEIU Propaganda, HuffPo and ‘Media Matters’ are Utter Failures

D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home

From America Live with Megyn Kelly

Ricochet Podcast Episode 17: Supreme Law & Order

Rob and Peter fly Steyn-less this week. Nonetheless, we host a sharp analysis of the Kagan nomination from Richard Epstein and John Yoo, and a rambling conversation with Fred Thompson who discusses his new book, the state of the nation and the world at large, his aspirations for higher office, and his thoughts on the cancellation of a certain TV show.


The End of the Euro

UK Telegraph: Whatever Germany does, the euro as we know it is dead

Alabama Senator Rebukes ICE Director

The Daily News: May 21, 2010

America Still Rejects Obama Agenda

Rasmussen Reports: America’s Repudiation of the Obama Agenda Continues

ShoreBank Getting More Attention

Michelle Malkin: The shady ShoreBank bailout

Chicago Sun-Times: Republicans ask White House for records on ShoreBank

Rand Paul Fires Back

Arizona Governor 'On The Record'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robert Spencer Discusses Mosque Planned in NYC

via The Right Scoop

New Book: Rush Limbaugh An Army of One

Zev Chafets: The Limbaugh Victory

Buy the Book

Another Nail in America's Coffin

The Daily Caller: Senate passes sweeping financial regulation bill giving the federal government new powers

The Daily Caller:
Reg reform: ‘unlimited bailouts,’ income ’social justice,’ says Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) (TRANSCRIPT)

Fox News:
Senate Passes Financial Overhaul Bill

Hot Air: Democrats’ massive financial regulation bill passes — thanks to Scott Brown

Doug Powers: Wall St. Reform Bill Passes Senate; Scott Brown Votes ‘Yes’ After Democrats Promise Him Another Spread in Cosmo

The Hill:
Wall Street bill nearing finish line as Senate passes legislation 59-39

Obama is Not the Only Rat at the White House

AP: Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote

The Daily News: May 20, 2010

At noon (eastern time) today I posted an article by Nina Easton detailing the union intimidation protests at the home of a Bank of America employee this past weekend. Little did I know that Glenn Beck would open his show detailing the story of these thugs and their mob tactics.

To see the earlier post and link to the article, click here.
- Reggie

ShoreBank: An Extension of Crime Inc.

Glenn Beck talked quite a bit about ShoreBank on his Fox program today. Big Government has been publishing some incredible investigative reporting on Chicago's ShoreBank for several months. Links are below. - Reggie

January 19, 2010: Rep. Schakowsky’s ShoreBank Bailout

March 4, 2010: ShoreBank, Sharia Law and Bank Bailouts

March 5, 2010: ShoreBank’s Evolution from Community-Based Banking to the Microfinancing Arena

March 8, 2010: Shorebank: The First ‘Green’ Bank

March 10, 2010: ShoreBank: A Key To Green Jobs

March 13, 2010: The Star Players in the ShoreBank Story

April 4, 2010: ShoreBank: Too Green to Fail?

May 14, 2010: Sachs + Schakowsky+ Shorebank = Shakedown

May 20, 2010: Shorebank Bailout: The Ties that Bind

Update on 'YouCut'

Eric Cantor: YouCut: Will Washington?

The Hill:
Democrats dismiss spending cuts sought by GOP's 'YouCut' program

CAIR Using Intimidation Against Tea Party

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is attempting to bully the Tennessee Tea Party Convention into dropping Pamela Geller as one of their speakers for their event this weekend in Gatlinberg.

Big Government: Sharia vs. Free Speech in Tennessee: CAIR Calls for Tea Party Group to Drop Speaker From Convention

Pamela Geller: Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Tries To Ban Free Speech At Tennessee Tea Party

Pamela Geller asks that we 'Blast This!' Poster:

click the image for a larger view

Cowardice. Is There an App for That?

iSlam Muhammad apparently depicted images of the prophet Muhammad (forbidden by Islam) and outlined disturbing passages from the Qur’an. It’s surprisingly similar to BibleThumper, a Christian-bashing app that remains in the App Store…

Hot Air: Apple bans app that criticizes the Koran?

N.J. Governor, Chris Christie, Won't Raise Taxes

Bloomberg: New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Millionaire Tax; Veto Looms (Update2)

We Have a Tyrannical Government

Why Would New York Allow This?

The Muslim world is all about symbolism. To the militant Islamist in Saudi Arabia, a mosque at ground zero would represent the ultimate in humiliation of the infidel.

Big Government: A Mosque at 9/11 ‘Ground Zero’?

Sign the petition:
We Oppose the Mosque at "Ground Zero"

Economic Recovery is Illusion

Although international growth helped push revenues up 6%, sales at U.S. stores fell 1.4% from the same period last year.

Fortune Magazine:
Why Wal-Mart's sales should have everyone worried

CNBC: Dow Jones Industrial Average loses more than 375 points

What Tax Cuts?

Hot Air: Obama tax cuts a “bait and switch”

Mad Scientists Hard at Work

The researchers hope eventually to design bacterial cells that will produce medicines and fuels and even absorb greenhouse gases.

These people want to 'absorb greenhouse gases.' Without greenhouse gases, there is no life. The irony is, they are 'creating' life in order to destroy all life. - Reggie

BBC News: 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists

UK Mail Online:
Scientists create artificial life: World first as genome pioneer makes designer microbe from scratch

Rand Paul Under Attack

Citizens of Kentucky, please, don't allow the left to dissuade you from electing a citizen legislator. America is in dire straits and we need men like Dr. Rand Paul in the United States Senate. - Reggie

Hot Air: Left’s first attack on Rand Paul: He held his victory rally at a country club

Hot Air:
NPR to Rand Paul: Would you have voted for the Civil Rights Act?

National Review Online: Paul Calls Maddow Appearance ‘Mistake,’ Civil Rights ‘Settled’

The New York Times: Paul’s Victory Poses Test for Tea Party on Defining Principles

The vicious attacks of Rand Paul are explained by this poll:

Rasmussen Reports:
Kentucky Senate: Paul 59%, Conway 34%

More Regulations for Cell Companies Possible

Bloomberg: FCC Says Mobile Industry Concentration Rises; AT&T Sees Rules

Union Thugs and 'The Politics of Personal Intimidation'

Nina Easton: What's really behind SEIU's Bank of America protests?

North Korea Threatens War

AP: North Korea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

Human Events: Torpedo Sunk South Korean Ship

'Congress is Criminalizing Everyday Conduct at a Reckless Pace'

The Heritage Foundation: Without Intent: How Congress Is Eroding the Criminal Intent Requirement in Federal Law


The President of Mexico insulted the sovereign state of Arizona and the President of the United States chimed right in. Obama should have recited Mexican immigration laws and asked why they're so strict. I'm so tired of having a POTUS that hates America. Every person that voted for Obama should be ashamed! The man is a disgrace! - Reggie

Breitbart: Obama ramps up criticism of Arizona immigration law

Palin: Every Border State Should Have Arizonas Law

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama's New Target: The Blogosphere

Hot Air: Congress about to limit political speech of bloggers?

The Daily News: May 19, 2010

Rob Smith Jr Editorial Cartoon

Glenn Beck Exclusive cartoon

Senate Candidate Has Lied for Years About Service in Vietnam

Big Journalism: A Con In Conn. — Media Asleep For Three Decades On Dick Blumenthal’s Big Vietnam Lie

The New York Times: Ex-Congressman Saw Blumenthal’s Claims Evolve

Obama Czar Wants to 'Mandate' Internet Balance

Primary Election Results

Michelle Malkin: Primary night open thread; Update: Specter out, Sestak, Toomey in; Democrat crony keeps Murtha’s seat; Blanche Lincoln in runoff

The Daily Caller: Democrats seize on Pa. House win as good omen for Nov., skeptical voters send ominous message to Washington

Big Government:
Rand Paul Wins Kentucky Senate Primary

Human Events: Judgement Day

ObamaCare: The Worst is Yet to Come

The Wall Street Journal: No, You Can't Keep Your Health Plan

Let's see how single payer is working in Massachusetts:
Boston Globe: Health insurers post losses, blame state rate caps

The Atlantic: Massachusetts Insurers Post Big Losses

And then there's this...
The Houston Chronicle: Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate

h/t to Hot Air

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'George Washington's Sacred Fire'

Yesterday morning on his radio show, Glenn Beck recommended a book he's reading called 'George Washington's Sacred Fire.'

When Beck mentioned the book, it was over 400,000 something on the sales list at Today, it's #1.

This, alone, should tell the nation the influence Glenn Beck has with the people in this country but I'm positive Obama and his comrades already know.

As Beck continues to unravel and expose the dastardly deeds of the Marxists in charge, we need to keep Glenn, his family and his staff bathed in prayer. His voice is desperately needed.


The Daily News: May 18, 2010

This episode is extremely important. Please, take the time to watch. - Reggie

Monday, May 17, 2010

Glenn Beck at the NRA Convention

'To Save America'

Censorship in England

Atlas Shrugs: ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Kelway on the EDL (English Defense League) Website Shutdown

The Daily News: May 17, 2010

Jackbooted Abuse of Power

I have been ignoring this video for several days but haven't been able to get it off my mind. This is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (let that sink in...) standing in front of the Catholic Community Conference instructing them as to what to preach from their pulpits.

In the recent past, we've seen how she gets results. When ObamaCare was still being considered she was the driving force behind it. We have no idea of the promises and the threats she made to get what she wanted. She is a woman that wields great power and this is abuse of power.

What would you do? Would you obey her suggestions without question? Would you obey out of fear and intimidation? Would you refuse to do as she says? If so, would you fear repercussions from the Speaker's Office? Also, hasn't Congress passed a law saying that a church could lose it's tax exemption if it preaches politics from the pulpit?

Let me be perfectly honest, here. Like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, detests the Constitution and she has no intention of preserving, protecting or defending it against foreign enemies or against the domestic enemies of herself as well as most members of the Democrat and Republican parties. She does, however, have every intention of besmirching and eliminating her enemies - We the People.

We are an inconvenient obstacle in her amnesty plan for illegals and instead of shoving this down our throats like she did ObamaCare, she's going to use the Catholic church to shove it down our throats.

Amazingly, in the video above, she claims the government cannot round up the illegals and send them home or lock them up. Really? Interestingly enough, with ObamaCare, she had no qualms about threatening American citizens with prison if they don't buy government mandated health insurance.

What is this really all about? Votes, power, money and abortion.

Democrats long for millions of illegal immigrants to be given the right to vote because they know the newly legal citizens will vote for leftist Democrats. Because of that, Democrats hope to control Congress and the White House for generations and have perpetual power over the nation. They know they will have another guaranteed block of voters they can ignore between elections and still maintain their hold on power.

Once these millions of illegals are declared legal, they will be paying taxes and giving the federal treasury more money to help enable their spending addiction. Absolutely nothing will stop these people from taxing every activity they can think of and seizing every dollar in order to empower themselves and waste our money.

Lastly, since Roe v. Wade, American women have killed a generation of citizens before they were ever allowed to exist. Abortion has taken the lives of 40-50 million Americans and because of that loss, tax revenue has not met expectations and an entire workforce has been eliminated. Worst of all, we have innocent blood on our hands, as a nation.

Due to the Democrats insatiable desire for votes, power and money along with the catastrophe of abortion, Pelosi is willing to abuse her power hoping that by doing so, she will be able to keep it. She also knows that no one has the courage to tell her no.


Secure the Border

Senator Jim DeMint: Finish the Border Fence Now

Obama is True to the End

Hot Air: Sweet: White House abandons Specter on eve of likely primary defeat

Government is the Problem

The Heritage Foundation: Did the Federal Government Enable the Gulf Oil Spill?

Feds Threaten to Seize Farmer's Land

Simply amazing. Homeland Security is prepared to spend millions of dollars or seize a farmer's land in order to secure this small section of our northern border. At the same time, they berate Arizona for trying to secure our southern border. Lunacy! We desperately need to replace our federal government in November. - Reggie

Boston Globe: Vermont farmer draws a line at US bid to bolster border

U.S. Apologizes to China for AZ Immigration Law

What has happened to our country? This is shameful!
- Reggie

Michelle Malkin: Who is Michael Posner, and why is he apologizing to China?

Obama Wants Your Money

TN Flood Disaster Not as Important as 2 'Possible' Disasters

The bomb in New York never went off, the oil has yet to reach land in the Gulf Coast but the flood in Tennessee has destroyed homes, businesses, cities, towns and ended over thirty human lives. Where's the outrage?
- Reggie

The Washington Post: Howard Kurtz explores how oil spill, bombing news trumped Nashville flood

Mullah Omar Capture Credible but Not Verifiable

BlackFive: Mullah Omar And the Pakistanis

'Government Cannot Create Sustainable Wealth or Prosperity'

One in three Greeks work for the government and they enjoy higher wages and better benefits than their countrymen working in the private sector. The people who have been manning the barricades and rioting in Greece are not primarily the unemployed or under employed... Perhaps, we in America shouldn’t be too hasty in our criticism of Greece (or the other PIGS) and its bloated public payroll. The American taxpayer is funding quite a public sector gravy train too.

Of Thee I Sing 1776: Greece: Coming Attractions?… Or Wake-Up Call?

GOP Wants Net Neutrality Stopped

Big Government: House GOP to Obama: Drop Net Neutrality Agenda

'ACORN Moves Offshore'

The Obama administration is using U.S. government resources to help the embattled radical advocacy organization spread the gospel of left-wing community organizing in India.

The Daily Caller: Obama administration helps ACORN defend socialism – in India!

Economic Truth From Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan joins WCLO's Stan Milam

Congressman Paul Ryan joins Mitch Henck on WIBA 1310 AM in Madison

Do we want an opportunity society or a welfare state?

SCOTUS Ruling Gives Feds More Power

Vote was 7-2. Only Scalia and Thomas dissented.

The Wall Street Journal: Court Rules U.S. Can Hold Sex Offenders After Their Sentences Expire

Read the decision here.

Marco Rubio Retakes the Lead in Florida

Florida Senate: Rubio 39%, Crist 31%, Meek 18%

Rasmussen Reports: Election 2010: Florida Senate

Muhammad Cartoonist Fears for His Life

AP: Muhammad cartoonist in hiding after arson attack

From a few days ago...

Hot Air:
Video: Swedish artist who drew Mohammed as a dog attacked at lecture

Hot Air:
University to Swedish Mohammed cartoonist: You’re no longer invited to give lectures

Hot Air: Provocation isn’t the highest form of free speech

Fear Continues in Europe

The New York Times: Euro Hits Four-Year Low as Big Banks Face Strains

Don't Forget About Tennessee's Flood Victims

Sarah Palin: Lend a Hand to the Good Folks of Tennessee

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who Do We Think We Are, Anyway?

Why, it’s almost like these voters think they’re allowed to choose their own representatives or something!

Big Government: Elites Hate When The People Speak

Calvin Coolidge

Big Government: In Honor of a President Few Remember

'Social Justice' Revealed

American Thinker: What Exactly Is 'Social Justice'?

American Thinker: The Ugly Side of Social Justice

The Founding Fathers Knew Obama

American Thinker: Why Conservatives Love the Founders

Coming Soon: Ricochet

The Atlantic: Can Ricochet Make Conservatism Fun Again?

Ricochet Podcast Episode 16: The Soft Launch
May 13, 2010

Listen to other Ricochet podcasts.

Obama Electioneering to Win Back Jews

This White House has objectively been the most hostile American administration to Israel since its founding.

Hot Air: Rahm: We “screwed up the messaging” on Israel

Greece: 'More Takers Than Makers'

George Will: Europe's Lack Of Discipline


Hot Air: Romancing the state

AP: Rubio says country relying too much on government

'Freedom of Press Act'

From the Drudge Report:

MONDAY: President will sign 'Freedom of Press Act' in Oval Office. The signing will be pooled press... Developing...

What is this 'Freedom of Press Act'? Why do we need a 'Freedom of Press Act'? If I'm not mistaken we have a guarantee of freedom of the press in the first amendment to the Constitution. - Reggie

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Thanks to a reader, here's a link to the text of this bill.

This is Bad

Brigadier General Ghulam Ranjbar, the chief military prosecutor in Kabul, has accused the US of creating an outlaw militia which allegedly shot dead Matiullah Qateh, the chief of police in the city of Kandahar.

UK Guardian: Afghan prosecutor issues arrest warrant for US army officer over police killing

Commencement Address at Liberty University

Glenn Beck delivered this commencement address at Liberty University May 15, 2010. This is an excellent speech.
- Reggie

UPDATE: I originally had one video of the entire commencement presentation embedded but that video has been scrubbed.