Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bible Prophecy Coming to Pass Before Our Eyes

The key to understanding Islam is that unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam is a theopolitical ideology. It is a legal system wrapped in a religion. The imposition of Sharia law as the supreme law of all lands and all peoples is required by the Koran.

For the word “Islam” itself means submission to Allah. Muslims must compel the non-believer infidels to either convert, live as oppressed, second-class citizens, forced to pay a special jizya tax to the ruling Muslims and unable to freely practice their own faith, or face the sword.

Big Government: Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center

Within the past few weeks, I have become aware of a man named Walid Shoebat. A former PLO terrorist, born in Bethlehem who became a Christian, Shoebat has opened my eyes to some of the confusing parts of bible prophecy. The articles and news about Islam that continues to unfold is more clear to me than ever before.

The video below is the first in a series from January 2008, where Shoebat explains Islam's major role in biblical prophecy. After watching the entire series, linked here, you will be able to put the pieces together like never before. The videos are A1-A7, B1-B7, C1-C8 and it will take approximately three hours to see them all. It will be time very well spent.

I'm also re-posting a video of Shoebat explaining the true reason behind the 9/11 mosque from May 27, 2010. Please, check out his website, as well.


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