Monday, June 14, 2010

Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student

UPDATE: The jackbooted, goose-stepping thug of a congressman released a statement. Where's the arrest warrant?

UPDATE II: Read the account of this incident by The Washington Post. The Post makes excuses for the maniacal congressman and blames the students for his assault of the young man even going so far to call it a "hug," not an assault. This is outrageous!

There is another "news" organization that shall remain nameless, but whose initials are MS-NBC, reporting this may have been a setup by these students. Really? So, these students plotted with someone that knew the congressman would assault them if they asked whether or not he supported Obama's agenda. Seriously? And the other member of the plot told them to be sure to video the encounter? Right.

This is becoming a leftist pattern. First, Democrats and news media attacked (and continue to do so) South Carolina Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, as mentally ill and as an election "plant." Today, the same people are attacking unknown students speculating they may be "plants" that were assaulted by a sitting Democrat congressman because they had the nerve to ask him a question.

If the congressman were a Republican, the media and other lawmakers would be screaming for his resignation and for charges to be filed. Why aren't we??


hat tip to Big Government and if YouTube scrubs this video, Hot Air has it here.

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Anonymous said...

Is this not indicative of those who "serve" the People? If so, out they go and in with the new... There's no excuse for this behavior. North Carolina, it is up to you to stop this man and see that he is replaced.