Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Islam in the USA is a very REAL threat and here is some of the proof.

I am also posting a link to a VERY, VERY GRAPHIC video of Muslims beheading a girl in front of her boyfriend. These people are evil and sick. Did I mention evil? These are the same people infiltrating our boarders and the white house. America wake up! Islam is not a peaceful religion. It may just be our undoing if we don't wake up.

Muslim Beheading of Girl.

Here is another video of Muslims within the US boarders wanting to destroy us.

I just have to say that I am always shocked at the way our justice system works. We allow terrorists in our country to do what they want but we put "tax evaders" in prison. What is wrong with this picture?

WAKE UP AMERICA! TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT IS GONE! Pray to the God of our fathers, the God of the Bible, Jesus, for his salvation and the salvation of our country.

- Michael

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