Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lawsuits Filed to Stop Moratorium on Drilling

AP: Louisiana companies ask judge to end drilling moratorium

UPDATE: via Bloomberg - U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman today granted a preliminary injunction, halting the moratorium.

UPDATE 2, 8:15pm ET: AP is reporting "Interior Secretary Salazar says he will issue order imposing drilling moratorium."

In case you don't know, the Executive branch of our Federal government is being run by lawless people in a lawless manner. This fact becomes more and more clear on a daily basis. The sad thing is, no one in Congress is standing up to these people trying to stop their evil deeds.

I just listened to a clip of Rush from today where he describes the plan of Obama to create a court within the Executive branch to adjudicate all health care litigation. Do you comprehend the enormity of this statement? This is his attempt to begin elimination of the Judicial branch of our government.

He has already canceled the authority of the US Congress by having them (!) vote for new, broad, sweeping powers to be given to the Executive branch. Congress voted for these new powers and they have, in effect, made themselves irrelevant. This has all happened so rapidly that it's extremely difficult to stay abreast of the changes.

I don't believe America will survive this. I have tried to be hopeful that we would be able to overturn the damage done by Obama but I no longer have any hope for our nation. The assault by this man and his comrades has been too rapid and is too overwhelming.

Therefore, if you own land, it's time to start farming your land so you can provide food for you and your family. If you don't own land, sell what you can to buy land. We may have one to two years left.


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