Saturday, June 19, 2010

Radical Islamists hold recruitment drive in Chicago

One thing that we must remember and realize. Although the media would like us to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion except for a few nut cases it is not. If you are a Muslim then you believe that the heads of the "infidel" need to roll. Maybe not yet but at an appointed time. If you don't believe that then renounce the Muslim faith. It is far from peaceful. Just read the Koran.

Instead of the word "Radical Islamist" I prefer "Impatient Islamist".

These people should be run out of our country.

Here is an article I wrote not long ago on this subject: When will the media wake up and see the truth?

May I also suggest taking the time to watch these insightful videos: Walid Shoebat: Islam in Bible Prophecy

- Michael

...the goal is to persuade attendees to “answer the call” to "join the campaign" for a Khilafah, or global Islamic empire.

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