Thursday, June 10, 2010

SC Democrat Nominee for US Senate

Here's your candidate, South Carolina Democrats, being interviewed by Keith Olbermann of MS-NBC. He was also interviewed by Shepard Smith on Fox News earlier today.

I must say, I dislike the questions and treatment he's getting. He is the people's choice and should be given the complete backing of the Democrat machine with money, endorsements, etc. They might even contemplate sending Obama to campaign with him because he truly needs help with his campaign.

They may also consider hiring an attorney for Mr. Greene to take care of that pesky felony charge he's facing. Unfortunately, he was compelled to empty his pockets in order to pay the steep $10,000 fee for the privilege of running for the U.S. Senate! Really? No wonder third party candidates are rarely on the ballot.

The moral of this story? The Democrat party needs to begin vetting their candidates because it's quite obvious they don't and the voters suffer the consequences!

We have proof of that sitting in the Oval Office.


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