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Jerry Brown: In His Own Words - "Again"

Sarah Palin Blasts Politico for Hit Piece

Dr. David Janda Explains Rationing

41 & 43 at Game 4 of The World Series

The Daily News: October 31, 2010

This is a special Sunday edition of The Daily News.

Breitbart Sounds Off on Miller Tape Critics

Big Government publisher Andrew Breitbart responded to attacks from the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent and Politico’s Ben Smith on Sunday about the audio tapes he released showing CBS employees in Alaska conspiring to damage GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller’s reputation. In a voicemail accidentally left on a Miller campaign staffer’s phone, two reporters from CBS’s Alaska affiliate, KTVA, are heard discussing plans to seek out potential child molesters at a Miller campaign event in an apparent attempt to hurt Miller’s candidacy.

“There’s nothing better than being lectured by liars on what proper journalism is,” Breitbart told The Daily Caller. “Greg Sargent never called me. Is that the standard for proper journalism? How many sources does he have to make this allegation?”

Miller campaign spokesperson Randy DeSoto said that what Breitbart published is everything the campaign released.

“Everything that was recorded on my phone is what we released without change,” DeSoto said in a statement that first appeared on Big Government.

Breitbart said Sargent should have called him, but instead, “He wanted to insert, on behalf of Media Matters and a George Soros-funded institutional left, wanted to muddy the waters by making it about Breitbart – Breitbart edited tapes, Breitbart edited tapes.”

“Of course it’s JournoList – it’s Greg Sargent,” Breitbart said in a phone interview. “Then you see Ben Smith say ‘a snippet,’ acting as if the audio, the information, isn’t telling enough. Then, you see Media Matters – the same players – the same ones that get invited to the White House, the same ones that get on special conference calls, the same ones that get the shout-outs at the press conferences, who get their presidential 15 minutes of fame, the same bloggers who have access to key people within the administration. They’re all working in cahoots with each other, it’s predictable. Every single damaging bit of revelation.”

In a blog post on Sunday, Sargent questioned Breitbart’s integrity, bringing up the Shirley Sherrod incident, and used language like “snippet,” and claiming that it’s “unclear from the recording precisely what, if anything, was being plotted.”

“The full audio is only on the cell phone of Miller’s campaign manager. Will the campaign release it? Also: Who edited the audio that Big Journalism posted?” Sargent wrote.

In an update to his story, Sargent added, “It’s possible that the audio Big Journalism posted is all that was recorded on the cell phone. But even if this were the case, running with this audio alone, if that was all that existed, seems pretty questionable.”

Breitbart responded: “If your campaign heard that the local media was conspiring against your campaign to hurt you, and was going to use social media to disseminate that false information, it’s news.”

Sargent’s piece includes a response from Jerry Bever, the general manager of KTVA, the station accused of plotting against Miller – in which he said they’ve learned a lesson. “If they learned their lesson,” Breitbart asked, “why are they directing it at me? Because they realized they got their hands caught in the cookie jar?”

Breitbart defended Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s description of the KTVA reporters as “corrupt bastards.”

“Palin pounces on it because it resonated with her experience with these people,” Breitbart said. “It’s a coordinated attempt to use journalists with names attributable to the Washington Post – we’ve been down this road together with Dave Weigel. Washington Post lends credibility to Soros’s predictable, traceable propaganda.”

Megyn Kelly Reports on CBS/KTVA Alaska Conspiracy

The Anvil: The New Apostles

I heard Dr. Michael Brown read this on his Line of Fire podcast and it is posted on his website here. You can listen to Dr. Brown interview David Ravenhill here. - Reggie

by David Ravenhill



‘You put to the test those who call themselves apostle and they are not, and you found them to be false.’ Revelation 2:2

 Original Apostles
23 ‘Are they servants of Christ? (I speak as if insane) I more so; in far more labors, in far more imprisonments, beaten times without number, often in danger of death.

24 Five times I received from the Jews thirty- nine lashes.

25 Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, a night and a day I have spent in the deep.

26 I have been in frequent journeys, in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my countrymen, dangers from the Gentiles, dangers in the city, dangers in the wilderness, dangers on the sea, dangers among false brethren.

27 I have been in labor and hardship, through many sleepless nights, in hunger and thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure

28 Apart from such external things, there is the daily pressure upon me of concern for all the churches.

29 Who is weak without my being weak? Who is led into sin without my intense concern?
30 If I have to boast I will boast of what pertains to my weakness.’

2 Corinthians 11:23-30 NASB.

 The New Apostles
23 ‘Are they Apostles of Christ? (I speak the truth) I more so; in far more luxuries, in far more resorts, never beaten in golf, often in danger from overeating.

24 Fifty times I received massages at the Country Club where I play.

25 Three times I suffered heartburn, once I suffered sunstroke, three times I had to fly coach, a night and a day I have spent without my bodyguards.

26 I have been on frequent cruises, in dangers from jetlag, dangers from the Stock Market, dangers in my private jet, dangers from the IRS, dangers in my limo, dangers on my Harley, dangers on my yacht, dangers from rival televangelists.

27 I have been in spas and hot-tubs, through many six star nights, in buffets and steakhouses, often without my Perrier, or without ice in my Coke.

28 Apart from all these carnal pleasures, there is the daily pressure of counting my seed faith contributions.

29 Who is rich without me being rich? Who is led to give to my ministry without my intense joy?

30 If I have to boast I’ll gladly boast about myself and my mailing list.

New Apostolic Version

Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught on Voicemail Conspiring Against Alaska’s GOP Senate Candidate

The following voice mail message was inadvertently left on the cell phone of Joe Miller campaign spokesperson Randy DeSoto.

The voices are believed to be those of the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discussing creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller.

The following is a transcript of a call recorded after CBS Alaska affiliate KTVA called Joe Miller’s Senate campaign spokesperson. The call failed to disconnect properly. It was later authenticated by McDermott, who sent a text to Randy DeSoto stating, “Damn iPhone… I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Liberal Hecklers Won't Let Obama Speak

The Odyssey of Islamism in America

Islamism is a mutation of Islam and is rapidly advancing on two fronts. In every Islamic country, it is cowing the non-radicals while recruiting more and more radicals into its ranks. In non-Muslim lands, flush with petrodollars, Islamism is establishing itself as a formidable force by enlisting the disaffected and attracting the delusional liberals with its promises. For the faithful, there is the added incentive of Allah's heaven and its irresistible attractions.

Wherever Islam goes, so goes its ethos. Throwing acid in the face of women who fail to don the hijab (or who just go to school), flogging people for sporting non-Islamic haircuts, and stoning to death violators of sexual norms are only a few examples of a raft of daily barbaric acts of Islamists in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Other forms of Islamic brutalities such as honor killing have already found their way to America, Germany, and other European countries with ever-burgeoning Muslim populations.

Reading about these religiously mandated horrific acts and even seeing them on television or the internet may momentarily repulse, but the acts do not terribly concern many Americans on the whole. After all, those things are happening on the other side of the world, and those people deserve each other; we are safe in fortress America. So goes the thinking. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Out and Vote!

The Daily News: October 29, 2010

Bill Clinton pushed Kendrick Meek to quit Florida race

Charlie Crist (left), Bill Clinton (center) and Kendrick Meek are shown. | AP Photos
Clinton nearly succeeds in persuading Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race against Crist. | AP Photos 

Bill Clinton sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for Senate during a trip to Florida last week — and nearly succeeded.

Meek agreed — twice — to drop out and endorse Gov. Charlie Crist’s independent bid in a last-ditch effort to stop Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee who stands on the cusp of national stardom.

Meek, a staunch Clinton ally from Miami, has failed to broaden his appeal around the state and is mired in third place in most public polls, with a survey today showing him with just 15 percent of the vote. His withdrawal, polls suggest, would throw core Democratic voters to the moderate governor, rocking a complicated three-way contest and likely throwing the election to Crist. 

The former president’s top aide, Doug Band, initially served as the intermediary between Meek and Crist, and Clinton became involved only when Meek signaled that he would seriously consider the option, Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna confirmed to POLITICO.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Daily News: October 28, 2010

The Left’s voter fraud whitewash

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 27, 2010 09:14 AM 

My column today builds on Monday’s voter fraud round-up and spotlights left-wing efforts to demonize citizen election watchdogs.

New developments since I filed the piece yesterday: Dingy Harry turns to election bribery. Guess who’s operating Las Vegas voting booths? Rhymes with S-E-I-U. Chicagoans are plagued by a botched vote-by-mail system. In Minnesota, charges are still rolling in from 2008 voter fraud cases. And, as I reported last night, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just undermined Arizona’s citizenship proof rules for voting — sabotaging efforts to ensure that only legal U.S. citizens vote in U.S. elections.

The NYTimes and NPR response? Move along, nothing to see here…

Must-read and share: J. Christian Adams compiles a voter fraud watch primer. Like I said the other day (to great consternation from the Left): We are all voter fraud police now.

CNN: Sink lied about debate cheating

Alex Sink’s fortunes appear to be falling in Florida after getting caught cheating in a debate against Republican Rick Scott. She may have made matters worse by attempting to spin it later. Rather than just admit that she checked a message from a staffer when the debate rules clearly prohibited it, Sink claimed that she thought the message was from her daughter traveling abroad and fired the staffer. That prompted CNN’s John King to go CSI and look at the forensics of the debate tape.

Here’s Sink, trying to spin this on Hardball:

Sarah Palin plays TV tour guide in her home state

In this July 2, 2010 publicity image released by TLC, former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is shown by the family  
AP – In this July 2, 2010 publicity image released by TLC, former Republican vice presidential candidate and …

NEW YORK – Whatever you may think of Sarah Palin, the fact remains Alaska is magnificent with her as its presenter.

"Sarah Palin's Alaska," premiering on TLC on Nov. 14, adds "TV host" to Palin's crowded resume, which already includes former governor, former GOP vice presidential candidate, best-selling author and conservative superstar.

Palin also is a wife, a mother of five and a grandmother, of course, and her new series integrates her home life with Alaska's great outdoors.

Judging from the first of eight episodes, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" keeps politics out of the picture. Sure, the show is effective in selling the Palin brand. But along the way, Palin throws herself into selling the grandeur of Alaska.

Read the full story

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midterm blowout: 50 or more Democratic seats set to fall in Tuesday's election

By Shane D’Aprile - 10/26/10 10:00 PM ET 
Republicans are headed for a blowout election win that seems certain to seize more than enough seats to knock out the Democrats and take control of the House.

The Hill 2010 Midterm Election poll, surveying nearly 17,000 likely voters in 42 toss-up districts over four weeks, points to a massive Republican wave that, barring an extraordinary turnaround, will deliver crushing nationwide defeats for President Obama’s party.

The data suggest a GOP pickup that could easily top 50 seats (the party needs 39 for control of the House).

Of the 42 districts polled for The Hill, all but two of which are currently Democratic, 31 had Republicans in the lead. Democrats were up in just seven, and four were tied. In addition, there are some 15 Democratic districts that are so far into the GOP win column that they weren’t polled. That would suggest at least 46 GOP pickups, plus whatever the party gets out of another 40 or 50 seats that some experts believe are in play.

Read the full story

Introducing the Voter Fraud App

Across the country, states like Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Arizona have begun to report issues regarding possible voter fraud in their state. With claims of voter fraud continuing to come in, American Majority Action announced today it will launch a mobile application to help identify, report and track suspected incidents of voter fraud and intimidation.  This free, cutting edge system will enable voters for the first time to take action to help defend their right to vote.


By capitalizing on this Country’s greatest resource, its citizens, AMA plans to empower ordinary Americans with the tools to help protect our electoral system.
“Our right to vote is precious and must be protected,” states Drew Ryun, president of American Majority Action (AMA), a national issue advocacy group and sister organization to American Majority, the nation’s leading grassroots training organization. “This application uses mobile technology for the first time to give voters the power to defend democracy and help address the problems that all too often cast doubt on the credibility of our elections.”
With the eyes of the nation on the polls, the app, which launches today, could be what some activist circles are calling the “game-changer.” Voters can download the free application at The platform is already available for iPhones, the Droid, and Blackberry. In addition, users can submit reports directly from the website and even track reports on an interactive map.

Democrats Building Opposition-Research Files for 2012

DNC Requests Records Related to Palin, Romney, Seven Other Possible 2012 Contenders

The Democratic National Committee formally has asked the Pentagon for reams of correspondence between military agencies and nine potential Republican presidential candidates, a clear indication that Democrats are building opposition-research files on specific 2012 contenders even before the midterm elections.

An internal Army e-mail obtained by ABC News indicates that the DNC has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for "any and all records of communication" between Army departments and agencies and each of the nine Republicans -- all of whom are widely mentioned as possible challengers to President Obama.

The agencies are asked to respond to the request by this Friday, just four days before Election Day.

The nine Republicans that Democrats are seeking information on are former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska; former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass.; Gov. Haley Barbour, R-Miss.; Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.; former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga.; Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.; Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind.; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La.

Such requests are typical in the world of opposition research, which involves casting a broad net for publicly available material that may at some point prove embarrassing or incriminating to political candidates.

The request isn't for details of military service or lack thereof, but appears to be designed to find information on letters and memos sent to and from the potential candidates in official positions they've held.

DNC officials declined to comment, but did not dispute that the information has been requested. An Army spokesman confirmed that the DNC's formal request for information has been received.

"We did receive a FOIA request, and now we are responding to that FOIA request," said the spokesman, Col. Tom Collins.

Election Fraud Has Begun

Betrayed Our Trust (Barney Frank and the Subprime Disaster)

Excellent political ad.

Rendezvous with Destiny

This is the entire post by Sarah Palin from her Facebook page today. To see her original post, click here. - Reggie

by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 5:14pm

Today is the 46th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “A Time for Choosing.”

The thing that struck me as I  watched it again was how relevant its message still is for today’s America. Just as in 1964, we have a president who says “we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people.” And just as then, we hear the voices of those on the left who claim the profit motive has become “outdated” and the Constitution “outmoded.” Back then liberals aimed to build a Great Society in which the state looked after us “from the cradle to the grave.” Today’s “fundamental transformation” doesn’t have a similarly catchy name, but its aims are no different from those of Johnson’s central planners.

And so once again we face an election in which the fundamental issue is “whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”

Reagan believed that in the end, Americans would always choose liberty over tyranny. He called it our “destiny,” our American birth right. Well, this coming Tuesday, you and I have another rendezvous with destiny. America, let’s go and win one for the Gipper.

- Sarah Palin

The Daily News: October 27, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Warning for America From Someone That Knows the Truth

Isabel Perlinski warns that freedom is under assault in America. She relates how socialism and communism gradually took over every aspect of life in her native Cuba, and she fears the same thing happening in the U.S.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Daily News: October 21, 2010

Reaction to NPR Firing Juan Williams

Late last night I posted the story of NPR firing Juan Williams and I guess the story exploded while I was at work today. I am posting links to various comments, videos, etc. in order for you to see several reactions to this stifling of speech by NPR. - Reggie

Twitter comments:
Sarah Palin here and here

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NPR Fires Juan Williams Over Remarks Made About Muslims On O’Reilly Factor

Political correctness is destroying free speech. This must stop! - Reggie

by Glynnis MacNicol | 11:50 pm, October 20th, 2010

NPR has terminated the contract of long-time contributor Juan Williams over remarks he made on the O’Reilly Factor last night. On Monday night’s O’Reilly Factor Williams weighed in on Bill O’Reilly’s now infamous View appearance (watch the video below).
Well, actually, I hate to say this to you because I don’t want to get your ego going. But I think you’re right. I think, look, political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don’t address reality.
I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.
Read the full article

The Daily News: October 20, 2010

The Cynically Ruthless Barney Frank, Enabler Of The Mortgage Meltdown

Will pious rhetoric be sufficient to help the congressman win re-election to a 16th term? AP
Will pious rhetoric be sufficient to help the congressman win re-election to a 16th term? AP
Among longtime politicians who are being seriously challenged for the first time this election year, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts best epitomizes the cynical ruthlessness that hides behind their lofty rhetoric.

Having been a key figure in promoting the risky mortgage lending practices imposed by the federal government on lenders, and on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy these risky mortgages from the lenders, Frank blamed the resulting collapse of financial markets and the economy on everybody except Barney Frank.

In February 2009, as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman Frank summoned the heads of some of the biggest banks in the country before his committee. In the words of the Los Angeles Times, these bankers "endured hours of hectoring" by "indignant lawmakers" on that committee.

Tea Party neophytes outshine Dems' old pros

By: Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst
October 20, 2010

One of the constant refrains of the so-called mainstream media is that Tea Party candidates are blithering incompetents and weird wackos. They may do well this year, the refrain goes, but when voters come to their senses the Republican party will pay a big price for embracing them.

This meme is part of a pattern. As longtime Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, now writing for the Daily Beast, puts it, "News organizations were late to the Tea Party phenomenon and are still grappling to explain it."

As on so many points, I think the mainstream media has gotten it nearly upside down. What strikes me about so-called Tea Party candidates -- those with little or no political experience who have won Republican nominations by opposing the Obama Democrats' vast expansion of government -- is not that some of them are bumblers but that so many of them seem to have terrific political instincts.


Democrats and media pundits criticize the television ad Jack Conway released against Rand Paul.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Look at 'Radical-in-Chief'

New book examines President Obama's political past

Kentucky Senate Race Gets Nastier

Ron Klein/Allen West Debate

Debate from Monday, October 18th.

The significance of 1773: Moron leftists mock Palin, embarrass themselves

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 19, 2010 03:18 PM 

Sarah Palin wisely warned Tea Party activists to keep working hard right up until Election Day — and not to “party like it’s 1773″ yet.

Intellectually superior leftists from Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas to PBS “moderator”/Obama cheerleader Gwen Ifill took to Twitter to snicker about Palin’s historical illiteracy.

But it’s the Palin-bashers who humiliated themselves, via Cuffy Meigs.

“Ummm” yourself, nitwit.

Of course they wouldn’t know when the Tea Party occurred.

The Daily News: October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sophistry of Chris Coons' Professed Loyalty to the Constitution

David Limbaugh's picture

It is interesting and disappointing that so many politicians treat "faith" — at least the Christian faith — as a poison pill they cannot touch, much less swallow. Republicans often run from it because of PC intimidation, and Democrats because it's in their DNA to do so.

There was a revealing exchange touching on this subject in the Delaware U.S. Senate debate between Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons. O'Donnell said, "But regardless of my personal faith, when I go down to Washington, D.C., it is the Constitution that I will defend and it is by the Constitution that I will make all of my decisions, and that will be the standard-bearer for every piece of legislation that I will vote on."

I don't want to be hard on O'Donnell, whom I admire and support, but I think she articulated her position inartfully here, probably because of unnecessary defensiveness about the potential role of her Christian faith in her governance.

Read the full article

'The Failed Rescue'

click image for larger view

Labor Unions Destroying Europe

Tens of thousands rally against Italian government

Tens of thousands of people marched in Rome on Saturday at a trade union rally in defence of labour contracts and against the government, as the main protest leader called for a general strike.

"We have to continue this battle and to continue it we need to start planning a general strike," Maurizio Landini, head of the FIOM-CGIL metal workers union, told the flag-waving crowd in a square in central Rome.

Protesters at the FIOM-CGIL rally shouted: "Strike! Strike! Strike!"

"We have a government that only cares about public finances," Guglielmo Epifani, leader of the leftist CGIL union, said at the rally, listing the construction and auto sectors as some of the worst affected in Italy.

"They are taking advantage of the crisis in order to weaken labour rights," he said, adding: "The social situation is very tough. The country is going downhill, it can't recover like it should. Unemployment is rising.

"We have to fight together. We need a plan for a new country," he added.

French protesters rally over pension reform

PARIS, Oct 16 (Reuters) - A million or more people marched in cities across France on Saturday in the latest protest of a campaign against President Nicolas Sarkozy's flagship pension reform, and refinery strikes squeezed fuel at airports.

Turnout was down by several hundred thousand from the last weekend rally against Sarkozy's push to raise France's retirement age, and there were no immediate reports of serious scuffles.

Five-day old rail and refinery strikes piled pressure on the centre-right government, however, by disrupting travel.

France's civil aviation authority said Charles de Gaulle international airport had just two days' worth of fuel in stock after a walkout at a refinery in northern France cut the flow through a key pipeline to Paris. France's other international airport, Orly, has fuel reserves for several days.

Tea Party Pride: Congress You're Fired!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Public Enemy Number One: GOP donors

The White House attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn’t about “disclosure.” It’s about disarmament. While posing as campaign finance champions, the ultimate goal of the Democratic offensive is to intimidate conservative donors, chill political free speech and drain Republican coffers.

Chamber of Commerce official Bruce Josten tried to educate the public. “(W)e know what the purpose here is,” he told ABC News. “It’s to harass and intimidate.” Josten cited protests and threats against chamber members as retribution for ads the organization ran opposing the federal health care takeover.

But this isn’t the first time liberal bullyboys have targeted right-leaning contributors. Far from it.

In August 2008, a former Washington director of — the smear merchant group that branded Gen. David Petraeus a traitor for overseeing the successful troop surge in Iraq — announced a brazen witch hunt against Republican donors. Left-wing political operative Tom Matzzie told The New York Times he would send “warning” letters to 10,000 top GOP givers “hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions.” Matzzie bragged of “going for the jugular” and said the warning letter would be just the first step, “alerting donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups to a variety of potential dangers, including legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives.”

Defenders of this brown-shirt initiative played the disclosure card — hey, they were just providing “information” — to rationalize the public humiliation of GOP donors.

True the Vote - Stop Voter Fraud now!

Harry Reid vs Sharron Angle - Nevada Senate Debate