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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

The research and detail in this article are fantastic! However, consider this a content warning. Some of the things you will see the leftists do and say are graphic. This is not for children. - Reggie

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 10, 2011 03:19 AM

The Tucson massacre ghouls who are now trying to criminalize conservatism have forced our hand.

They need to be reminded. You need to be reminded.

Confront them. Don’t be cowed into silence.

And don’t let the media whitewash the sins of the hypocritical Left in their naked attempt to suppress the law-abiding, constitutionally-protected, peaceful, vigorous political speech of the Right.

They want to play tu quo que in the middle of a national tragedy? They asked for it. They got it.


The progressive climate of hate: A comprehensive illustrated primer in 8 parts:

V. LEFT-WING MOB HATE — campus, anti-war radicals, ACORN, eco-extremists, & unions
VIII. HATE: CRIMES — the ever-growing Unhinged Mugshot Collection

The Daily News: January 11, 2011

Rush Offers More Analysis of the Arizona Shootings

This video has been added by Republic Heritage YouTube Channel.

Murder in Arizona and the Gross Exploitation of It

from January 10, 2011

Brit Hume's Commentary: Jumping to Conclusions

It's become a habit of the American left to equate disagreement with liberals with hate

The All-Star Panel weighs in...

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Daily News: January 10, 2011

Part two

A Study in Contrasts: NYT on Ft. Hood and Arizona Shootings

In the wake of the Fort Hood massacre in November 2009, the editorial board of the New York Times urged:

In the aftermath of this unforgivable attack, it will be important to avoid drawing prejudicial conclusions from the fact that Major Hasan is an American Muslim whose parents came from the Middle East.

President Obama was right when he told Americans, “we don’t know all the answers yet” and cautioned everyone against “jumping to conclusions.”

Unverified reports, some from his family members, suggest that Major Hasan complained of harassment by fellow soldiers for being a Muslim, that he hoped to get out of a deployment to Afghanistan, that he sought a discharge from the Army and that he opposed the American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were reports that some soldiers said they had heard him shout “God is Great” in Arabic before he started firing. But until investigations are complete, no one can begin to imagine what could possibly have motivated this latest appalling rampage.

There may never be an explanation. And, certainly, there can never be a justification.

For now, all that can be said is that our hearts go out to the families of the 12 soldiers and one civilian killed. And we are hoping for the fast recovery of all those who were wounded, including Kimberly Munley, a civilian police officer stationed at the base, who shot Major Hasan and ended the killing.
Yet for some reason, that sense of caution was strangely absent in today's editorial on the tragic shooting in Arizona:

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings

On November 5, 2009, Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire at a troop readiness center in Ft. Hood, Texas, killing 13 people. Within hours of the killings, the world knew that Hasan reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar!" before he began shooting, visited websites associated with Islamist violence, wrote Internet postings justifying Muslim suicide bombings, considered U.S. forces his enemy, opposed American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as wars on Islam, and told a neighbor shortly before the shootings that he was going "to do good work for God." There was ample evidence, in other words, that the Ft. Hood attack was an act of Islamist violence.

Nevertheless, public officials, journalists, and commentators were quick to caution that the public should not "jump to conclusions" about Hasan's motive. CNN, in particular, became a forum for repeated warnings that the subject should be discussed with particular care.

"The important thing is for everyone not to jump to conclusions," said retired Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN the night of the shootings.

"We cannot jump to conclusions," said CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell that same evening. "We have to make sure that we do not jump to any conclusions whatsoever."

"I'm on Pentagon chat room," said former CIA operative Robert Baer on CNN, also the night of the shooting. "Right now, there's messages going back and forth, saying do not jump to the conclusion this had anything to do with Islam."

The next day, President Obama underscored the rapidly-forming conventional wisdom when he told the country, "I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts." In the days that followed, CNN jouralists and guests repeatedly echoed the president's remarks.

"We can't jump to conclusions," Army Gen. George Casey said on CNN November 8. The next day, political analyst Mark Halperin urged a "transparent" investigation into the shootings "so the American people don't jump to conclusions." And when Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra, then the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, suggested that the Ft. Hood attack was terrorism, CNN's John Roberts was quick to intervene. "Now, President Obama has asked people to be very cautious here and to not jump to conclusions," Roberts said to Hoekstra. "By saying that you believe this is an act of terror, are you jumping to a conclusion?"

Fast forward a little more than a year, to January 8, 2011.

Father Of 9 Year Old Murder Victim In Tucson Does Not Want More Restrictions Of Freedoms Because of Random Act

This is heartbreaking to listen to. This poor family is devastated and yet the father of the 9 year old girl shot this past Saturday asks that no more restrictions be placed on society because of the actions of a maniac. 

He is a true patriot and lover of freedom even though his life will never be the same without his little girl by his side. May God comfort he and his family as only God can do. - Reggie

Hot Air: Slain girl’s father says attack the price of “a free society”

MoveOn launches campaign against vitriolic language — despite sordid history of using vitriolic language

Despite having a sordid history of using vitriolic rhetoric, George Soros-funded advocacy group MoveOn has seized upon the tragic shooting of Ariz. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and other attendees of a public event in Tucson Saturday as a means to go after “overt and implied appeals to violence in our political debate.”

The left-wing group has  launched a congressional petition campaign to get members of Congress and the news media to drop any references to “violence” from political discussion.

“In the wake of the mass shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others in Tucson, we must end the violent rhetoric that has exploded in American politics over the past two years,” MoveOn’s website states. “That’s why we’re calling on every member of Congress, as well as the major TV news networks, to put an end to overt and implied appeals to violence in our political debate. A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to Congress and the major TV news networks.”

MoveOn seems to have forgotten the hate campaigns and vitriolic language it and its members have used. Though its website states that “violent rhetoric” has taken over American politics in the “past two years,” MoveOn has been engaging in such rhetoric for much longer.

Just last year, one of MoveOn’s members choked a Tea Partier at a political event in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s district during midterm election campaigning. Republicorps and MoveOn member Fred Highton told The Daily Caller in October that he regretted initiating a physical altercation with a conservative Tea Partier at that political event at the University of Arizona.

“If I’m going to take part in these political events, I need to learn some self-control,” Highton said in October.

MoveOn did not return TheDC’s requests for comment or clarification, nor would the group decry Highton’s violent actions.

WATCH: MoveOn supporter chokes Tea Partier at political event in Giffords’s district:

Also, MoveOn sponsored an advertisement in 2003 that compared then President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Over reddened footage of Hitler and Nazi troops marching, the MoveOn advertisement reads, “A nation warped by lies, lies fuel fear, fear fuels aggression, invasion, occupation. What were war crimes in 1945, is foreign policy in 2003.”

WATCH: MoveOn compares George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler

Another MoveOn-sponsored smear campaign attacked General David Petraeus in 2007. The left-wing group ran a full-page ad in The New York Times that read, “General Petraeus or General Betray Us” and accused Petraeus of “Cooking the books for the White House” and as being “constantly at war with the facts.”

Dick Winters, of 'Band of Brothers' fame, dies

Dick Winters with President Bush in 2004 - The Patriot News 2004
Dick Winters, the former World War II commander whose war story was told in the book and miniseries “Band of Brothers,” has died.

Dick Winters led a quiet life on his Fredericksburg farm and in his Hershey home until the book and miniseries “Band of Brothers” threw him into the international spotlight.

Since then, the former World War II commander of Easy Company had received hundreds of requests for interviews and appearances all over the world.

He stood at the podium with President George W. Bush in Hershey during the presidential campaign in 2007. He accepted the “Four Freedoms” award from Tom Brokaw on behalf of the Army. He was on familiar terms with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, producers of the HBO mini-series, the most expensive television series ever produced.

Winters was always gracious about his new-found celebrity, but never really comfortable with it. He never claimed to be a hero and said that he had nothing to do with the national effort to get him the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor.

When people asked him if he was a hero, he liked to answer the way his World War II buddy, Mike Ranney, did.

“No,” Ranney said. “But I served in a company of heroes.” That became the tag line for the miniseries.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here They Go, Again!

Have you ever noticed how the left preaches the sermon that they don't want to take away our freedoms and they don't want to rule every aspect of our lives but they just don't have a choice? 

They say they have to have all of this power and control in order to keep us safe and protect us because they are sworn to do so. Actually, they are sworn to uphold the Constitution but they refuse to do that. As a matter of fact, leftist congressmen objected to the reading of our founding document on the floor of the House a few days ago.

They say they are being forced to "touch our junk" in order to keep us safe from a bomb exploding on a plane brought aboard by a terrorist. Did anyone, besides me, notice that there were no bombs on the four planes used in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001?

They say they are being forced to outlaw certain foods in order to protect our health so we won't eat them or feed them to our children. We are now the nation where trans fats are banned so our children can live healthier, longer lives but that's only if they can somehow manage to exit their mother's womb without being murdered by an abortionist.

They say they are being forced to outlaw incandescent light bulbs so we can use mercury filled bulbs in order to save our planet from horrible mankind who daily plots how he can destroy the earth by breathing. This is the height of arrogance: to believe mankind has the power and ability to destroy God's earth.

They say they have to stop offshore oil drilling so there won't be another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, the loss of thousands of jobs and hundreds of oil rigs is just a by product we have to accept because this action will keep us safe. 

I could go on for hundreds of pages because the list of our government's oppression is endless but I believe I have made my point. There is not a day that goes by that I don't wonder what it was like to live in America when men truly lived free. 


And here they go, again...

Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill

One of the fiercest gun-control advocates in Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), pounced on the shooting massacre in Tucson Sunday, promising to introduce legislation as soon as Monday.

McCarthy ran for Congress after her husband was gunned down and her son seriously injured in a shooting in 1993 on a Long Island commuter train.

“My staff is working on looking at the different legislation fixes that we might be able to do and we might be able to introduce as early as tomorrow,” McCarthy told POLITICO in a Sunday afternoon phone interview.
Gun control activists cried it was time to reform weapons laws in the United States, almost immediately after a gunman killed six and injured 14 more, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in Arizona on Saturday.

Many said that people with a history of mental instability, like the alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, should not be able to buy a gun — and no one should be able to buy stockpiles of ammunition used by the 22-year-old assailant.

McCarthy said she plans to confer with House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to see “if we can work something through” in the coming week.

McCarthy’s bill will look to protect ordinary people, she said, but did not offer further details.

“Again, we need to look at how this is going to work, to protect people, certainly citizens, and we have to look at what I can pass,” she said. “I don’t want to give the NRA – excuse the pun – the ammunition to come at me either.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Robert Brady, a Democrat from Philadelphia, told CNN that he also plans to take legislative action. He will introduce a bill that would make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress.

Did 'Vitriol' on Airwaves Trigger Arizona Attack?

This sheriff is preaching the Democrat talking points that conservatives caused this shooting by opposing the Marxist agenda coming from President Obama and his administration. It sounds like he wants to silence conservatives and end free speech. 

Great. Is he another Marxist in a position of power? - Reggie

The Censorship Of Madmen

We cannot give lunatics editorial control of our discourse.

Within hours of the attack on Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, liberal bloggers, pundits, and even politicians raced to pin responsibility on the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the general “climate of hate” produced by opposition to President Obama’s agenda.

Much was made of Republicans and Tea Party activists who “targeted” Giffords for defeat in the midterm elections. This kind of rhetoric and imagery has been used constantly by both parties for many years. There will probably be a self-imposed ban on it, by all politicians, in the wake of this tragedy. No great loss there.

What would be a great loss would be allowing madmen to censor our discourse. The idea that millions of Americans should meekly submit to an aggressive statist agenda, because resistance might provoke a lunatic to shoot a congresswoman, is deeply offensive to the ideals of liberty and free speech.

Liberals always shriek about a new “climate of hate” when they see an opportunity to bury conservatives beneath a pile of corpses. It’s just another example of “climate change” being used to compel obedience. Let’s focus instead on the climate of free speech, and our united refusal to allow a platoon of maniacs to change it.

The shame — and hypocrisy — of CNN

Yesterday’s horrific and senseless shooting of more than a dozen people in Tucson, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, provided a look into the biases of much of the American media — and it was not just an ugly sight, but a shamefully hypocritical peek as well, as Byron York points out.  In the last public mass-murder shooting fourteen months ago at Fort Hood, the media spent the first few hours scolding anyone who suggested that it might be an act of terror or that Major Nidal Hasan’s religious beliefs might be relevant before every last fact was exposed:
“The important thing is for everyone not to jump to conclusions,” said retired Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN the night of the shootings.
“We cannot jump to conclusions,” said CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell that same evening. “We have to make sure that we do not jump to any conclusions whatsoever.”
“I’m on Pentagon chat room,” said former CIA operative Robert Baer on CNN, also the night of the shooting.  “Right now, there’s messages going back and forth, saying do not jump to the conclusion this had anything to do with Islam.”
The next day, President Obama underscored the rapidly-forming conventional wisdom when he told the country, “I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”  In the days that followed, CNN jouralists and guests repeatedly echoed the president’s remarks.
“We can’t jump to conclusions,” Army Gen. George Casey said on CNN November 8.  The next day, political analyst Mark Halperin urged a “transparent” investigation into the shootings “so the American people don’t jump to conclusions.”  And when Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra, then the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, suggested that the Ft. Hood attack was terrorism, CNN’s John Roberts was quick to intervene.  “Now, President Obama has asked people to be very cautious here and to not jump to conclusions,” Roberts said to Hoekstra.  “By saying that you believe this is an act of terror, are you jumping to a conclusion?”
That, in fact, was good advice at the time.  In most of these cases, the shooter turns out to be so mentally ill that no particular rational motivation can be determined.  In the rare case where one can be found, rushing to that conclusion doesn’t make it any more or less true.  There is almost no upside in rushing to speculate in absence of any evidence or with uncertain anecdotal evidence except for potential bragging rights in case one manages to luck into the truth — or in scoring cheap attacks on political opponents through smearing them with blame.

But in this instance, as York notes, the same people who insisted in November 2009 that people should not rush to judgment about the potential connection of radical Islam to the Fort Hood shooting practically broke legs trying to tie an apparent paranoid schizophrenic who hailed Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto to Sarah Palin:

Speaker Boehner’s Remarks to Lawmakers

WASHINGTON, DC (Jan 9)  - On a bipartisan conference call with lawmakers this afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) delivered the following remarks:

"Let me thank Leader Pelosi, Leader Cantor, and everyone for joining this call.  Yesterday was a grim day for our institution and our country.  Gabby was attacked while doing the most fundamental duty of a Member of Congress - listening to her constituents.

"Like members of Congress, our staff take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  As a staffer, Gabe Zimmerman gave his life doing his job -- serving the people, and helping his boss carry out the sacred duty of representing the people of Arizona's 8th Congressional District.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well to the two other members of Gabby’s staff who were wounded yesterday.

"This morning I ordered flags flown at half-mast on the House side of the Capitol in solemn tribute to Gabe Zimmerman.  Since that time, at the direction of Senator Reid, flags have been lowered to half-mast on the Senate side as well.

"We don't yet know the motives of the assailant, or whether he acted alone.  What we do know is that this was an act of unspeakable brutality and violence, one that has no place in our society.

"As you've heard me say, an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve.  This is a time for the House to pull together as an institution -- one body, unified in our common purpose of serving the American people and fighting for the freedom and justice guaranteed to all by our Constitution.

"Accordingly, in consultation with me and with the minority leader, Majority Leader Cantor has announced that the normal business of the House for the coming week has been postponed so that we can take necessary actions regarding yesterday’s events.  Eric will be announcing a revised schedule for the week.

"I have also asked that the Sergeant at Arms, U.S. Capitol Police, and FBI conduct an in-depth security overview for members on Wednesday.  I’m asking Conference Chairs Hensarling and Larsen to arrange the briefings with our respective conferences.

"I’m also directing the Sergeant-at-Arms and Capitol Police to conduct a bipartisan security briefing for district directors.

"What is critical is that we stand together at this dark time as one body.  We need to rally around our wounded colleague, the families of the fallen, and the people of Arizona's 8th District.  And, frankly, we need to rally around each other.

"This is a time for the House to lock arms, both in condemnation of this heinous act, and in prayer for those killed and wounded in this attack.  At a time when an individual has shown us humanity at its worst, we must rise to the occasion for our nation and show Congress at its best.

"With that, let me turn to Leader Pelosi."

The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery

"There's nothing new under the sun," said President Harry Truman, " there's only history we haven't learned yet." The history we haven't learned yet was on display on page one of the Washington Post. Post writers Philip Rucker and David Farenthold reported on the reading of the Constitution by newly sworn in Members of the 112th Congress.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) led the novel exercise and defended the decision not to read those portions of the Constitution that have been superseded by amendment. After all, it makes little sense to explain in detail how the president and vice president are to be chosen as the top two finishers in the Electoral College when the Twelfth Amendment changed all of that. (A good thing, too. Imagine how well George W. Bush and Al Gore would have gotten along for the first four years of the new century.)

The Rucker-Farenthold article was nowhere labeled analysis, but who expects anything but front-page editorials these days, anyway? They waded right in to a two-hundred-twenty-two-year-old controversy when they flatly stated that the original Constitution "condoned" slavery.

Abraham Lincoln did not agree. He revered the Constitution and said that the fact that it nowhere mentioned the words "slavery," "slave," "African," or "Negro" was a silent but powerful admission that the Founders were ashamed of the existence of slavery among them. They hid it away, Lincoln said, as "an afflicted man hides a wen or tumor."

Abolitionist editor and orator Frederick Douglass also did not agree. He emphasized eloquently that not one word would have to be changed in the Constitution if only the states would follow George Washington's example and voluntarily give up slavery.

Lincoln and Douglass were right. James Madison explained why there was no mention of slavery in the Constitution. The framers were unwilling to admit in the federal charter that there could be property in men.

The idea that our Constitution "condoned" slavery and was therefore an immoral document unworthy of being viewed with reverence is a stock liberal claim. It is false.

And the winner of the most bizarre, overwrought, hysterical denunciation of Sarah Palin by a brainless lefty is...

It's not Paul Krugman, although I know he has many fans on the right who were hoping he would win the prize because he fits the "brainless" description so aptly.

Nor is it any lefty blogger who, over the last 24 hrs, has stretched, and stretched, and stretched the point some more about Sarah Palin's "target" list actually meaning that she hoped someone or someones would grab a gun and off the congressmen she wanted defeated.

Sorry - you're all wrong. The winner is the NY Daily News' Michael Daly.

The headline on his column: "Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' blood is on Sarah Palin's hands after putting cross hair over district;"

Here's the passage that nailed down his victory:

Palin would no doubt say that she was only speaking in metaphor, that she only meant her followers should work to unseat Giffords and 19 other Democrats who had roused her ire by voting for health care.

But anyone with any sense at all knows that violent language can incite actual violence, that metaphor can incite murder. At the very least, Palin added to a climate of violence.

Palin should have taken it as a warning of what might happen when a Tea Party hothead dropped a gun while heckling Giffords at an earlier Congress On Your Corner event, more than a year ago.

That did not stop Palin from declaring Giffords a "target." Giffords' district office was subsequently vandalized, and the congresswoman noted that Palin had put "the cross hairs of a gun sight over our district."

Arizona Massacre Exposes: Tea Party Is Afforded Less Benefit Of The Doubt Than Radical Islam!

What does the Ft. Hood massacre, and Saturday’s Arizona massacre have in common? Almost nothing.

With Ft. Hood, an open islamist gunned down dozens in an attack he all but said he was going to launch, and the best the Left could do was blame America’s love of guns while preaching that we cannot rush to judgment. To this day apologists on the left still will not bring themselves to conclude that Major Hasan was a Jihad terrorist animated by radical Islam.

On the other hand, the blood hasn’t even been mopped up yet in Tucson, and disgusting opportunists on the Left have already declared the Arizona massacre an official act of the Tea Party:
DISGRACEFUL: Krugman Blames GOP For “Attempted Assassination” Today (Before We Found Out He’s a Leftwinger)

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Blames AZ “Prejudice & Bigotry” for Shooting (Video)
Yes, that’s right. The very same people who cannot figure out what animated Major Hasan al Jihad, have swiftly concluded that the lunatic who murdered 6 people Saturday was motivated by the Tea Party.

Read the rest of the article

The Shooting of Rep. Giffords and the Left Wing Smear Machine

When Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and six others were killed Saturday morning by a gunman Jared Loughner, the left wing smear machine went into high gear. Left wing politicians blamed the Tea Party (before the gunman was even named), and left wing hate sites blamed Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for the shooting, when it was actually done by one of their murderous own. It’s always one of their own.

Loughner’s leftwing high school friend, Caitie Parker, remembers him as a “political radical”: “He was left wing,” she wrote; “As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal.”

FOX News has reported that the shooter’s favorite books are the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. Loughner is also reportedly an atheist. There’s an anti-bible quote in one of his videos: “Every United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix is receiving one mini bible before the tests. Jared Loughner is a United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix. Therefore, Jared Loughner is receiving one mini bible before the tests.”

Loughner also has a creepy “music video” up on YouTube, in which he is dressed as a terrorist and burns an American flag. FOX News has confirmed that the hooded figure in the video is indeed Loughner.

Also, Congresswoman Giffords is a major Blue Dog Democrat — almost so right wing that she would be considered a conservative in certain areas. She was on almost every important issue essentially a Republican. Her only major left position was support of Obamacare.

But on immigration, she is a blue dog. She supports Second Amendment gun rights and opposed the ban on guns in Washington, D.C. She is also a very strong supporter of border control.

The left hates her. The DailyKos put up a post on January 6, which has now been pulled, saying: “My CongressWOMAN [Gabrielle Giffords] voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!”

This shooting is what they teach, this is the poisonous fruit of their indoctrination. Clearly, Loughner is sick, mentally ill — but suckling at the lefty teat is deadly poison for the soul.

Read the rest of the article

As Arizona Shooting Story Unfolds, Media Already Blaming Tea Party/Sarah Palin

Even as the early, sketchy details of the shooting incident in Arizona were still emerging some members of the left-leaning media were already trying to tie the killer to Tea Party activism in general and Sarah Palin in particular.

Andrew Sullivan of the was early to attempt to link lunatic killer Jared Loughner to the Tea Party, but he wasn’t the only one. The Washington Post’s Sandhya Somashekhar immediately attempted to color the story as an example of the “militant rhetoric” of the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin.
Liberals on Saturday blamed the tea party movement’s sometimes militant rhetoric — for example, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s advice to her supporters via Twitter, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD,” or Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) advocating “second-amendment remedies” for some of the nation’s problems. Palin had also posted a U.S. map depicting crosshairs over the states where she hoped to oust Democratic incumbents. That map no longer appears on the Web site of her political action committee.
Additionally, within minutes of the attack, hard left-winger Paul Krugman of the New York Times asserted that the reason Giffords was shot was because her seat was not turned over to Republicans. Despite that no political motive was at all known, Krugman immediately asserted that it was the fault of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

As to Andrew Sullivan, on his DailyDish blog for the Atlantic, Sullivan posted an unconfirmed and anonymous claim from “a reader” who claimed to have heard people in a store callously saying that they were glad that a Republican could be appointed to replace the wounded Giffords. This “reader” also claimed that one of them said, “Well, that’s to be expected when you’re so liberal.”

Sullivan’s disgusting attempt to smear conservatives went on even as it was emerging that the killer’s ideology seems incoherent and not legitimately anchored in the left or the right.

Read the rest of the article

Mother Jones: Rep. Grijalva Makes Plea For Peace With Cruel Rhetoric

I find the rush to exploit the tragedy of the Arizona shooting for political grandstanding sickening. Of course, if you’re at all aware of how the Paul Wellstone memorial service played out, you’re not surprised.

Congressman Grijalva was quick to blame Sarah Palin and the tea party in an interview with Mother Jones:

Asked whether the tea party right deserved to be singled out for particular blame, Grijalva assented:
[When] you stoke these flames, and you go to public meetings and you scream at the elected officials, you threaten them—you make us expendable you make us part of the cannon fodder. For a while, you’ve been feeding this hatred, this division…you feed it, you encourage it….Something’s going to happen. People are feeding this monster….Some of the extreme right wing has made demonization of elected officials their priority.
People went to townhalls to voice their concerns because elected officials purposefully ignored the people and the people have every right to voice their displeasure. Grijalva is attempting to sloppily make an analogy between the democratic process and violence which is irresponsible.

Read the rest of the article

Media figures politicize Giffords shooting

Several media figures jumped at the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona Democrat, as a way to further whatever political agenda they have.

Though the motive of accused shooter Jared Lee Loughner has not yet been determined, left wing bloggers are calling this a political assassination inspired by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement. Also, media figures and reporters immediately blamed Palin and the Tea Party movement, many before the name of the suspected shooter had even been released.

Left wing blog Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted, “If Palin’s crosshair effort was excusable, why has her PAC scrubbed her site of that page?,” trying to tie Loughner to Palin and the Tea Party movement. Moulitsas also tweeted, “How dare people ‘politicize’ a political assassination!”

Also, referencing Palin’s map of “targets" of congressional seats held by vulnerable Democrats during the 2010 midterm elections, on which Palin marks Giffords’ district in Arizona as one of them, Moulitsas tweeted, “Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin.”

Moulitsas removed a post from his site shortly after the shooting that was published Thursday in which a blogger attacked Giffords from the left for being too conservative a Democrat. Though the post, titled “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!,” has been removed, Google caches of it show that the blogger was upset at Giffords for voting against Nancy Pelosi for House minority leader and infuriated at Giffords for being too conservative.

At Slate magazine, former Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel immediately started tying Loughner’s actions into the Tea Party movement, before Loughner’s name was even released, and, via Twitter and his blog, Weigel railed against the Tea Party movement for supporting violence. Weigel also compared the shooting and its potential long term ramifications to the political effects after of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

“If you are a Republican politician, and you allow yourself a callow thought today, you flash back to 1995 and the Oklahoma City bombing,” Weigel wrote. “It occurred four months after Republicans took over Congress, and Republicans thought they heard President Clinton turning the tragedy back onto them in his remarks at the memorial service.”

Weigel then wrote that, “Like it or not, this is what our national conversation will now turn back to.”

That’s something Howard Fineman at The Huffington Post furthered, adding that President Barack Obama should learn from how President Bill Clinton handled the aftermath of the tragic bombing in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh.

“Clinton’s political resurrection began four days later [after the bombing -- Newt Gingrich had swept into Congress with a new Republican majority in the House as result of the previous midterm election]. It had nothing to do with McVeigh, a former soldier who had taken a murderous turn from anti-authoritarianism to racist paranoia,” Fineman wrote. “The president was careful, as well he should have been, to avoid suggesting any link between his political foes and the event. Rather, in a short but eloquent address — now regarded as a classic of modern presidential rhetoric — he recalled his own roots in nearby Arkansas, invoked God and the Bible, and called not only for justice but also for tolerance, forbearance and love.”

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Congresswoman Giffords Shot At Public Event In Tucson

It doesn't take long reading this blog to discover that I am conservative and I am very passionate about my opposition to President Obama and the Democrat/Progressive/Marxist agenda. However, I am equally passionate in opposing any type of violence for any reason other than self defense.

This is a horrible, senseless atrocity. I was stunned when I got the information about this as a news alert on my iPhone while I was working today.

As I'm sure you know, by now, a nine year old girl is dead, a federal judge is dead along with several others and up to thirteen (the last I heard) were wounded in this massacre.

A few days ago, I posted a six part video series of the reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives. Congresswoman Giffords read the 1st Amendment on that day and you can see her reading in part 4. 

I pray she and the other victims fully recover from their wounds and live long, happy lives and that God will somehow comfort the families and friends of the people killed in Arizona today. - Reggie

Speaker John Boehner and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 17 others were shot Saturday when a gunman opened fire on a public event at a Tucson, Ariz. grocery store. Several national news outlets confirmed Giffords’ death shortly after the shooting but local news station KOLD subsequently reported that she is in surgery.

Hospital spokesperson Darci Slaten told KOLD confirmed she is in surgery in critical condition.

“She is alive and in surgery right now,” Slaten told the news station.

NPR and the Tucson Citizen reported Giffords was shot in the head before the gunman was tackled by bystanders.

The gunman is in custody.

Giffords was hosting a “Congress on Your Corner” event at a Safeway when the shooting happened. She was first elected to Congress, representing the 8th Congressional District, in 2006, and had just been sworn in for her third term Wednesday.

Two hours before the shooting, Giffords tweeted about the event: “My 1st Congress on Your Corner starts now. Please stop by to let me know what is on your mind or tweet me later.”

Friday, January 7, 2011

Why the Constitution is Better Than Marx

George Orwell said that the first duty of decent people was to say the obvious.  So here it is for today. 

The United States Constitution enshrines a far greater political philosophy than anything Karl Marx ever dreamed of in his totalitarian ideology.

In 1787, the Constitution proclaimed a political philosophy that has led to greater well-being and happiness for more people over more centuries than anything Europe's totalitarians ever did.  But precisely because the Constitution limits the greed of the power-hungry, it is always under assault.  Every generation needs to understand that because human nature has not changed since 1800.  Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler are alive somewhere today, because greed for absolute power is part of human nature.  Look at the absolute dictators around the world; they are no different.  If we are not the brainwashed followers of a Napoleon or Hitler, it is only because our minds have not been dominated by some totalitarian ideology.  That is what at stake today, just as it is in every generation.

The Constitution is best defended by reading, by evidence and logic.  It needs no other defense.  The United States Constitution invites you to argue against it.  It guarantees your right to do so without fear of retaliation.  So go for it.  Argue with it, and see what your thinking leads to.

The United States had the historic luck of organizing itself by the Constitution, undoubtedly the greatest political achievement of the Age of Reason.  It's not that the American Founders were the only ones to understand political freedom.  They learned their history from Europe, Britain, France, Russia, Rome, Greece, and the Bible.  They discovered power-hungry tyrants in every single country they read about.  Just read the same books they read.  It's all there.  Human tyranny goes back to the Epic of Gilgamesh, six millennia ago.  The biblical Book of Kings tells the same story.  So does the story of Jesus.  "Man is born free," said Marx, "but everywhere he is in chains."  In the last century, 100 million people died in concentration camps and basement executions because of the totalitarian ideology peddled by one Karl Marx. 

Paul Ryan Says Republicans Won't Bail Out States in Default

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Budget Committee chairman in the U.S. House of Representatives, said Republicans don’t intend to save states from debt defaults.

“We are not interested in a bailout,” the Republican from Wisconsin said yesterday in Washington. Ryan said some states are “already telling us” that, when asked how he would respond if he was told one was in danger of defaulting.

U.S. states face a combined $140 billion in deficits in the next fiscal year, the Washington-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said Dec. 16. State tax collections remain below pre-recession levels, according to the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, New York. No state has defaulted on its debt since Arkansas did in 1933.

“Should taxpayers in frugal states be bailing out taxpayers in profligate states?” Ryan asked during a forum near the Capitol. “Should taxpayers in Indiana, who have paid their bills on time, who have done their job fiscally, be bailing out Californians, who haven’t? No, that’s a moral hazard we are not interested in creating.”

Glenn Beck interviews Michele Bachmann

The Daily News: January 7, 2011

Repealing Job-Killing Health Care Law “First Step Toward Fiscal Sanity”

via Speaker Boehner's blog. Click here to read entire post.

Palin: Obama is hell bent on weakening America

from January 07, 2011

Sobering Look at the Debt and Deficit of the United States

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GOP Pledges Fiscal Responsibility for 112th Congress

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Members of Congress Read the U.S. Constitution

History in the U.S. House of Representatives

Thanks to PBS NewsHour for posting these videos.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords participated in the reading of the Constitution on the House floor on January 6, 2011 by reading the 1st Amendment. Her reading begins at approximately 2:28 into the video below.

The Daily News: January 6, 2011

Footnotes: Research from TV 1/6/2011

Thanks for the Memories

From Jimmy Kimmel - This video is great!

Bachmann for President in 2012?

I'm not posting this video because Bachmann may run for President. I was stunned by the charts she shows. Our elected officials have betrayed us all. Very disturbing. - Reggie

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Segments of Fox News Channel's 'Special Report'

Calls for Unity Amid Pomp and Politics

Coming battle over massive government spending

Brit Hume's Commentary: Power Shift
Passing the gavel on Capitol Hill

New House majority leader on GOP goals for the next two years

112th Congress convenes

The Daily News: January 5, 2011

Footnotes: Research from TV 1/5/2011

Mister Speaker!

Boehner (R) - 241
Pelosi (D) - 173
Other - 19

See how the House members voted here.

video via The Right Scoop

Good Riddance, Madam Speaker!