Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Labor Upset at Dems Choice of Charlotte NC for Convention (it’s the barbecue, stupid)

This post made me laugh out loud. Perfect!! - Reggie

By Doug Powers  •  February 5, 2011 02:27 PM 

The barbecue for which Charlotte, NC is famous (unbeknownst to Charlotte, NC) is evidently so good that other factors were overlooked when choosing a site for the People’s Convention this year, such as that only 3.2 percent of North Carolina workers are union members.

Some aren’t happy:
In picking North Carolina as the site of their 2012 convention, Democrats didn’t just pick a state that’s relatively unfriendly to unions. They picked the least unionized state in the entire country.
It was a stinging rebuke to one of the Democratic Party’s most loyal and influential constituencies. And labor leaders are fuming at the slight.
The selection was “a calculated affront,” said Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.
What’s worse, Sloan noted, the convention is set to begin on Mon., Sept. 3, 2012 — Labor Day.
“Going to a right-to-work state and starting a convention on Labor Day for the Democrats?” he said. “Wow. That’s quite the equation.”
The hotel workers’ union specifically asked the Democratic National Committee several months ago not to consider Charlotte because of its lack of union hotel rooms.
Sheesh — they might as well hold the convention at Walmart!

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