Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Brewing ObamaCare Contempt Showdown, Mark Levin Rips Into Press

On Wednesday, the inarguably correct Mark Levin, aided by flashbacks to monologues earlier in the week, laid out in detail the rule of law standoff the Obama administration has created in choosing to defy Monday's federal court decision declaring Obamacare null and void and continuing its implementation as if the ruling doesn't exist.

In the process, he also ripped in to the clear establishment press double standard at work.

Choice excerpts follow (internal links added by me; bolds refer to media-related comments; the rest is important for grasping just how serious this is):
... Look at Page 75 (of the ruling). The judge said, "This is a declaratory judgment," finding the entire statute unconstitutional, (saying in effect) "I don't have to issue an injunction. The government can't impose an unconstitutional statute on the nation."

I said that if the administration failed to follow the law, then it was lawless. (I said that) it was violating the constitution, that this was as serious as Watergate.

... There it is on Page 75. He voided the law. It's dust. It's gone, until a higher court does something else.

... What will the media in our country do when a President of the United States intentionally and knowingly refuses to comply with a court order? Whether it's civil rights in the 1960s, whether it's anything else, does this not remind you of Watergate in a sense if the Executive Branch does not comply with this federal judge? Do we not have a constitutional crisis if the Executive Branch refuses to comply with a Judicial Branch order?

... (the Executive Branch's) only relief is to appeal it. You must cease and desist from further attempts to implement it. But I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen, that the media in this country, which would call for the impeachment of a Republican president who openly defied a federal court order, and in fact did, will support this president because they believe in Obamacare and they want the result changed.

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