Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leftists Call for Justice Thomas to Recuse Himself

The leftists appear to fear the Supreme Court in the case of ObamaCare so they have begun their attack.

First, in the video below, Megyn Kelly lets the arrogant New York Congressman Weiner make his argument trying to justify his attempt to badger Justice Thomas into recusing himself from the case.

Second is this story: GOP Lawmakers Call for Probe Into Possible 'Threats' Against Thomas, Scalia

We need to pray for the safety and health of these Supreme Court Justices. One month ago, today, I wrote a theory as to why Obama did not wish to fast track the unconstitutional health care takeover to SCOTUS, hoping he could replace a Justice on the court, thus appointing the deciding vote in his favor. However, I never dreamed some nutcase would attempt to harm one of the Justices in order to keep ObamaCare from being struck down.

In the past few weeks, the curtains have being pulled back to reveal how evil these leftists truly are. They are lawless, hateful, unethical people who wish nothing more than to continue to exert unchecked power and control over We the People.


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