Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Game On!'

Sarah Palin spoke at a Tea Party rally yesterday in Madison Wisconsin (video below). The video is not clear due to the weather but her message is very clear. She can say more in a fifteen minute speech than other candidates say in a forty minute speech. She cuts through the smoke and mirrors to get to the heart of the problem.

I must say, I had never considered a woman for President of the United States until Sarah Palin. My favorable impression of her increases with everything she does. Has she made mistakes? Yes! Is she perfect? No! But more important than that, she loves America! She does not apologize and is not ashamed about her love for America. She will not bow down to other heads of state because of America.

I try to look at the possible 2012 candidates with hope but none of them measure up to Palin, in my eyes. She reminds me of Ronald Reagan and I try not to think of her in that way but it just happens, automatically. She makes me think of the Reagan ad 'It's Morning in America' from the 1984 campaign and this speech sounds like a campaign stump speech. She calls Obama out and tells him, 'Game on!'

I think she's running. - Reggie

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Click here and here to see some pictures from the rally.

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