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The Daily News: May 31, 2011

Palin: 'We Have Heady Days Ahead'

Palin 'On the Record' May 31, 2011

Exploring the Hollywood Propaganda Machine

Hollywood matters.

It matters because we watch Hollywood product day in and day out. Your children spend six or seven hours at school, and couple of hours with their friends, and a couple of hours with you. They spend a full three hours with the television.

You get home from work, kick off your shoes, and plop down in front of the TV, hoping simply to chill out. Instead, you get unmitigated liberalism pouring out of your TV. But you continue to watch because it’s great. It’s fun, thrilling, dramatic, or hilarious. We think it has no impact on us.

But it does. Television made Barack Obama. Television it supported bigger and bigger government, from Welfare to health care; pushed abortion-on-demand and the radical gay agenda into the mainstream; it stumped against war and for meaningless buzzwords like diversity and dangerous buzzwords like multiculturalism. Television has done more to change the politics of our nation than simple politics has.

Television has manipulated us. And those who create television have done it purposefully, and elegantly. They have weeded out conservatives in the industry wholesale. They have worked hand-in-glove with liberals in government to forward the leftist agenda. They have turned pure entertainment into a vehicle for propaganda.

And for years, they’ve lied about it. Just as they did with the mainstream news media and the universities, television industry honchos told us that no bias exists; that if there is bias, it’s because the American public demands bias; that any attempt to peek behind the television screen is McCarthyism.

Now, I’ve peeked behind that screen. In my new book,  Primetime Propaganda, I went into the heart of Hollywood. I spoke personally with scores of major Hollywood names, who admitted to me on tape that discrimination takes place in Hollywood, that they use their programming to manipulate Americans politically, that they scorn everyday conservatives, and that they twist the television market to achieve their own political goals.

Rush on Media Obsession with Palin Bus Tour

For almost three years, the mainstream media have called Sarah Palin stupid, unelectable, insignificant as well as various other hateful names and yet, they are obsessed with her. Every time she posts on Facebook or Twitter, there's a media report about whatever she says and then they will state how unimportant she is. Then why talk about her, at all? If she is stupid, unelectable and insignificant, why waste your time writing about her, talking about her or chasing her throughout the northeastern United States trying to shove a microphone in her face? They are obsessed with and frightened of Sarah Palin because they have worked so hard to destroy her and have failed miserably.

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh, talked about the media's frustration with Palin because she refuses to tell them her plans and itinerary for her bus tour. Rush is right. She is toying with them and they can't stand it. - Reggie

CBS News: Sarah Palin's bus tour treats reporters like paparazzi

NBC: Palin to Visit Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island on Bus Tour

The 21st Century Battlefield

Congressman Allen West spoke at The Heritage Foundation this morning.

Homeland Security Mobile 'Malcontent Pre-Crime Screening System

Has Congress approved this? Is it Constitutional? - Reggie

Minority Report Realized: Creepy Homeland Security Mobile 'Malcontent Pre-Crime Screening System to Scan Americans At Large Events Passes First Round Of Testing

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The Daily News: May 30, 2011

The Story of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight - Documentary Trailer

Palin to Visit Iowa as Bus Tour Kicks Into Gear

Now, this is getting more and more interesting... - Reggie

Sarah and Todd Palin at 'Rolling Thunder' bike ride yesterday

WASHINGTON -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Iowa next month as part of her nationwide bus tour, two sources with direct knowledge of the plan told RealClearPolitics.

Palin's trip to the nation's first voting state -- where she has not yet set foot this year --will further escalate the already feverish speculation that she is leaning toward a White House run.

Though Palin has insisted that her "One Nation" bus tour -- being kicked off from Washington over the holiday weekend -- is intended merely to "highlight America's foundation," RCP has learned that the road trip was designed as a test run to find out whether she can execute a decidedly unconventional campaign game plan.

Palin -- and especially her husband, Todd -- is said to be leaning toward running. But multiple sources said that their foremost remaining concern was whether it would be logistically feasible for their large family to hit the road together for the next several months in a prospective campaign that would rely heavily on bus travel.

The answer to that question will play a critical role in how the 2012 race develops.

For months, the prospective candidates for the Republican nomination for president have methodically lined up donors, hired operatives, and laid the groundwork in early-voting states to set the gears in motion for their painstakingly planned campaigns.

Eager to avoid burning through resources and peaking too early, the GOP White House hopefuls have, for the most part, eased incrementally into a slowly developing race, while eyeing one another warily.

Enter Sarah Palin in a black leather jacket, cruising through the nation's capital on a Harley-Davidson. "I love that smell of the emissions!" she told the crowd as she kicked off her tour at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on Sunday.

And with that, the question arises: Could Palin leave some of the less charismatic candidates in the dust?

A political Merry Prankster, Palin clearly relishes her unique ability to confound and surprise her prospective opponents, as she test-drives a possible presidential run that she and her team -- with a discernible wink -- have publicly billed as something akin to a mere sightseeing trip.

This is a fascinating picture. Notice the clenched fist and the look in her eye - passion for America!

Palin at the National Archives viewing the original Constitution and Declaration of Independence today

Preview of exclusive one-on-one with Greta and Sarah Palin On the Record — Tuesday, 10p/ 1a ET

On Memorial Day

What we owe to the fallen, and to those now serving.

In American military cemeteries all over the world, seemingly endless rows of whitened grave markers stand largely unvisited and in silence. The gardeners tend the lawns, one section at a time. Even at the famous sites, tourism is inconstant. Sunsets and dawns, winter nights, softly falling snow, and gorgeous summer mornings mainly find the graves and those who lie within them protected in eternal tranquility. Now and then a visitor linked by love, blood, or both will come to make that connection with the dead that only love can sustain.

Sometimes you see them, quiet in some neglected corner beneath the trees or on a field above the sea, but numbers and time make this the exception. If not completely forgotten, the vast ranks of Civil War dead are now primarily the object of genealogy and historians, as the fathers and mothers, women, children, and brothers who loved them are now long gone. As it is for everyone else it is for the dead of all the wars, and neither proclamations nor holidays nor children innocently placing flags can cure it.

Nonetheless, a universal connection links every living American with those who have fallen or will fall in American wars and overrides the lapses in sustaining and honoring their memories. We are and shall be connected to them by debt and obligation. Though if by and large we ignore the debt we owe to those who fell at Saratoga, Antietam, the Marne, the Pointe du Hoc, and a thousand other places and more, our lives and everything we value are the ledger in which it is indelibly recorded. And even if we fail in the obligation, it is clear and it remains.

What do we owe soldiers on the battlefields of the present or—do not doubt it—the future? How does one honor the inexpressibly difficult decision to walk toward annihilation, in some instances guaranteed, for the sake of the imperfect strategies of war, their confused execution, and their uncertain result? What can we offer the soldiers who will not know the outcome of their struggle, or ever again see those left behind?

We owe them a decision to go to war ratified unambiguously by the American people through their constitutional and republican institutions. Except where instantaneous response is necessitated by a clear and present danger, this means a declaration of war issued by a Congress that will fully support its own carefully determined decision and those it sends to carry it out—nothing less, nothing hedged, nothing ducked.

God Bless our Troops - We Remember...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reps. West, Edwards Debate Debt, Medicare

Those of you that have been reading this blog since we started know that I have been writing about Allen West for some time and I must say, I am more impressed with him every time I see him. He is an extraordinary leader and he loves this country. West 2012? - Reggie

Sarah Palin Joins 'Rolling Thunder' Ride

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin looks the part of a biker.

She and her family met with riders of the thousands-strong Rolling Thunder Memorial Day parade from Arlington, Virginia to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

Wearing black from head to toe, Ms Palin rode a 'few feet' on the back of a motorcycle, according to The New York Times.

Ms Palin also chatted with other motorcyclists and joked about how warm she is in her leather jacket. Temperatures in Washington are expected to climb near 90 degrees.

The Palins will soon board her tour bus, as she braces for the hardest task of all... meeting the people of New England for the first time.

It's the part of the country that's least friendly to her and the area that she has avoided since 2008.

Mrs Palin did not set foot in early presidential state New Hampshire at all during her two book tours or her Tea Party outings last year.

As the spotlight on her has dimmed, however, she has chosen to stop by the state where she's probably not expecting rapturous standing ovation.

Political analyist Terry Madonna, a pollster from Pennsylvania who directs the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College, said: 'She has to show she can broaden her appeal.

Sarah and Todd Palin

Congressman Allen West meets Sarah Palin

And there is this:

video from Fox News:

Obama's Unspoken Re-Election Edge

Shelby Steele is right about Obama's blackness giving him an edge in the upcoming election. That's why the Republicans must nominate a woman (Palin or Bachmann) or a black man (Cain or West). If they put forth a white man (Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Santorum, etc.), Obama will be re-elected and America will be a footnote in history. We can not survive another four years of Barack Obama.  - Reggie

Many of the Republican presidential hopefuls should be able to beat President Obama in 2012. This president has a track record now and, thus, many vulnerabilities. If he is not our "worst president," as Donald Trump would have it, his sweeping domestic initiatives—especially his stimulus package and health-care reform—were so jerry-built and high-handed that they generated a virtual revolution in America's normally subdued middle class.

The president's success in having Osama bin Laden killed is an exception to a pattern of excruciatingly humble and hesitant leadership abroad. Mr. Obama has been deeply ambivalent about the application of American power, as if a shameful "neocolonialism" attends every U.S. action in the world. In Libya he seems actually to want American power to diminish altogether.

This formula of shrinking American power abroad while expanding government power at home confuses and disappoints many Americans. Before bin Laden, 69% of Americans believed the country was on the wrong track, according to an Ipsos survey. A recent Zogby poll found that only 38% of respondents believed Mr. Obama deserved a second term, while 55% said they wanted someone new.

And yet Republicans everywhere ask, "Who do we have to beat him?" In head-to-head matchups, Mr. Obama beats all of the Republican hopefuls in most polls.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Alinsky’s Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour Before It Even Begins

Governor Sarah Palin accepts an invitation from Rolling Thunder, a non-profit veteran’s organization that holds an annual motorcycle ride in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day … and what does the MSM do? Well, what they always do when it comes to Governor Palin: using well-honed Alinsky tactics, they attack with the goal in mind of discrediting, embarrassing and undermining her. In this case, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell put on the air Ted Shpak, national legislative director of Rolling Thunder,  who claimed Palin had not been invited to Monday’s event. Furthermore, he all but accused the mother of a Veteran of hijacking a Veteran’s event for mercenary political purposes — a pretty serious charge in a country that reveres the men and women who protect us.

Andrea Mitchell on the right, obviously bitter over the epic fail of an ambush interview

And yes, of course, Andrea Mitchell got the story wrong. Way wrong. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, a nice guy who offers Mitchell a benefit of the doubt that can only mean he has better reportorial instincts than she does, took time out of his Friday night to get to the bottom of it all:

After I read this story last night, I got in contact with Christine Colborne, who handles the media for Rolling Thunder. She explained that Shpak didn’t know that Palin had been indeed invited to ride at the event. The invitation came from a retired board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got Palin to agree to attend.

That’s great work on Morrissey’s part. Hat’s off and all of that. But…

…Lookie here.

Not only is the toothpaste out of the tube but The Big Picture reason the MSM operates in this manner when it comes all things Palin — and only Palin — is already a mission accomplished, and will only be further accomplished as the fight to set the record straight is waged over the next few days.

Read the rest of the article

Obama Eyeing Gun Control 'Under the Radar,' Groups Warn

The Obama administration, after keeping gun control on the back burner for over two years, is prompting concern among gun rights groups that it's slowly starting to squeeze the trigger on tighter regulation.

In the wake of the January shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others, President Obama remained mostly quiet on the firearms front as lawmakers clamored for new restrictions. But the president has since made a public call for tougher background checks. The Justice Department launched a series of meetings with officials and advocates to examine gun control policy. And while gun-control bills in Congress have languished, the administration has started to chip around the edges with its own proposals.

"They're doing a pretty good job ... as Obama has said, 'under the radar.' There's a lot going on under that radar," Gun Owners of America Director Larry Pratt said, referring to a remark Obama reportedly made in a private meeting with gun control advocates. "They've shown us how much they are prepared to do through regulation."

By Peace They Will Deceive The World

Walid Shoebat
by Walid Shoebat

While the lovers and supporters of Israel both on the right and the left celebrate the diplomatic victory of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu over President Barack Obama, the prospects for Israel in regards to its security and standing in the world is very daunting with many threats that are obvious still remain evident, however there are even more serious threats that are not so obvious and are quickly coming to the surface.

In order to understand the not so obvious we must know and understand the mindset and character of the Middle East. Our organization being made up of former Muslims from that very part of the world who understand far better the mindset, strategies, and tactics used by the Islamic world as well as the culture and religion of Arabs both Christian and Muslim.

The Arab world has just witnessed a reinvigoration of the alliance of Israel and the people of the United States despite the hostility of the executive office in the White House. The key factor for peace in the Middle East from the Western perspective, especially the US, is the recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state living side by side in peace with Palestine.” The smart Muslim leaders who understand this, will play right into this ideal and will provide the “Hudna” which will recognize Israel as Jewish state. The evidence for such a policy is in full view if you know where to look and you understand the Islamic mindset.

Five Simple Truths about the Mideast Conflict

Dr. Michael Brown

Is there any subject more controversial than the question of the legitimacy of the modern State of Israel? Is it the eternal home of the Jewish people, promised to them by God Himself? Or is it the illegitimate home of violent Jewish occupiers, an apartheid state guilty of ethnic cleansing? Or is it something in between? In the midst of the often emotional arguments on both sides, it is helpful to review five simple truths about the Mideast conflict.

1. There is no such thing as a historic “Palestinian people” living in the Middle East. To be sure, there have been Arabs living in the land of Palestine for centuries. (The land of Israel was derisively renamed “Palestine” by the Romans in the second century A.D.). And it is true that some of these families have lived in Palestine without interruption for many generations. But at no time before 1967 did these Arabs identify themselves as “Palestinians,” nor did they seek to achieve any kind of statehood there. As expressed by former terrorist Walid Shoebat, “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

Before 1967, there was no such thing as Arab, Palestinian nationalism and no attempt to develop the territory as a homeland for the Arabs who lived there, and in 1936, when the Palestine Orchestra was formed, it was a Jewish orchestra. In fact, the original name of the Jerusalem Post, the flagship Jewish newspaper, was the Palestine Post.

There is no question that there are several million people who identify themselves as Palestinians today, and many of these people have suffered great hardship in recent years. Nonetheless, the concept of a Palestinian people is a modern invention, and it is part of the anti-Israel propaganda machine without any basis in fact. The recent comments of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, claiming a 9,000 year Palestinian pedigree, are purely fictional: “Oh, Netanyahu, you are incidental in history; we are the people of history. We are the owners of history."

2. There were anti-Jewish intifadas in Palestine two decades before the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. We are often told that Jews and Arabs coexisted peacefully in Palestine prior to the formation of the Jewish state in 1948, or at least, prior to the rise of strong Jewish nationalism. In reality, as Jews began to return to their one and only ancestral homeland in the late 19th century, hostilities began to rise among their Arab neighbors, despite the fact that there was more than enough room for both.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama’s Malignant Obsession with Jews and Israel

Who is behind Obama's obsession?

Jew hatred comes in many forms, all of them irrational and unsupported by empirical fact, but all of them powerful and largely effective in deflecting personal and political failures onto a tiny people which by their mere existence highlight the glaring deficiencies that exist in their adversaries. Like a deadly systemic infection, be it viral or bacterial, Jew hatred comes in many strains.


This strain is based mostly on ignorance. In short, a dim-witted parent, family member, friend, teacher or coach—who was “schooled” by another dimwit—tells an innocent child that everything that is wrong with his or her life is because of “the Jew” who lives down the street or employs his or her parent or publishes the local newspaper whatever.

“They may look like you and me,” the critic says, “but underneath that head of hair are horns, and by the way they bake their Passover holiday bread-substitute with the blood of kids like you and your sister, and you should know that they control all the money in the world, and never forget that they killed Jesus.” Then the kid gets older and his actual life experience contradicts what he’s heard as he or she studies or socializes or works with Jews and sometimes falls in love and marries one.

But the Dumb Strain, it seems, never quite dissipates as even “reformed” Jew haters brag with genuine pride that their doctors and lawyers and accountants are Jewish! They want other people to consider them intelligent enough to pick “the best” professionals, while they’re also boasting that the last bargain they got was a result of “Jewing down” the store manager. As I said, dumb.

But dumb anti-Semitism is still anti-Semitism, just like dumb stereotypes about tap-dancing blacks or whiskey-guzzling Irish people or can’t-screw-in-a-light-bulb Poles or Mambo-obsessed Hispanics or kemo-sabe-spouting American Indians are still destructive to a decent and respectful social order.

The only difference is that malevolently stereotyping Jews—and, today, Christians—has once again become acceptable, whereas defaming other groups is strictly taboo among the fetishists of political correctness and multiculturalism, selective as they are in what offends their very delicate sensibilities.

Say something even mildly negative about women, gays, Muslim terrorists, or the above-mentioned ethnic groups and the leftists among us go into an orgy of frenzied outrage. But slander a Jew—or murder a Jew—no problem.

Glaring examples emanate daily from the Middle East, where “Palestinian” jihadists not only slit the throats of Israeli babies, but vow to destroy the Jewish state, while the craven Western media scramble to rationalize their bestial acts or, predictably, blame the victims.

But how to explain the Jew hatred that has come to our shores, in, for instance, the egregious non-action of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City, which this month stopped a plot by two terrorists to bomb the largest synagogue in the Big Apple, but decided not to press charges—to let the jihadists go—because the incident was probably “mischief”?

And that’s only an infinitesimal part of the ongoing and deliberate attempt to marginalize not only Jews in general but the sovereign State of Israel, our most trusted and only democratic ally in the entire Middle East.


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Congressman Allen West on C-SPAN's Washington Journal

May 26 2011

Florida Congressional District 22 - From Fort Lauderdale Airport to The Jupiter Inlet - Congressman Allen West Takes Calls & Answers Questions on C-SPAN's Washington Journal Program.

Freedom is not Free

Michael Ramirez Cartoon
click image for larger view

Director Steve Bannon Talks “Undefeated”

Film maker, Steve Bannon talks with Dana Loesch about his latest film/documentary about Sarah Palin

The Daily News: May 27, 2011

Who's Winning the Budget War?

Here's the Washington headline of the week that nobody in America got to read: Paul Ryan, 40. Barack Obama, 0.

Forty is the number of Senate votes that went in favor of Mr. Ryan's reformist budget, a tally that included nearly every Senate Republican. Zero is the number of votes President Obama got for his own tax-and-spend budget, a blueprint that not one of his own party had the backbone to support. It went down, 97-0.

Washington is in a game of high-stakes chicken over raising the debt limit, though so far only one side is flinching. According to the headlines (and Democrats), Republicans are on defense over Mr. Ryan's plan, are risking America's creditworthiness, and are delaying sensible compromise by refusing tax increases. It is only a matter of time, goes the betting, before the party swerves.

This has little relation to reality, in which it is Democrats who keep calling their own bluffs. It was Mr. Obama who first swerved, submitting a "do-over" of his initial, embarrassing budget. It is Democrats who have since swerved on the debt-limit debate, agreeing to spending-cut negotiations, then continuing to up the size of a package.

By refusing to blink, Republicans keep forcing Democrats to acknowledge a very simple political reality: Voters do want spending reform, and do not want tax hikes. That's why this debate has so far moved in the GOP's direction.

What Ryan's Medicare Plan Really Does

After losing a House seat in Tuesday's special election, Republicans may be tempted to distance themselves from the Medicare reform plan proposed by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. That would be a mistake.

The plan is not a voucher plan, nor would it deny treatment to low-income seniors.

Page 46 of Ryan's budget resolution reads, "Starting in 2022, new Medicare beneficiaries will be enrolled in the same kind of health care program that members of Congress enjoy. Future Medicare recipients will be able to choose from a list of guaranteed coverage options, and they will be given the ability to choose a plan that works best for them."

Members of Congress and federal workers appear happy with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, after which Ryan's Medicare plan is modeled. Many workers join the federal government for the plan, and work for at least five years so they can enroll in it after they retire.

Ryan's approach would let seniors who retire in 2021 and after choose from a variety of government-approved, competing and comprehensive health insurance plans, at different prices with different levels of service.

Medicare would pay a certain portion of the insurance company premium, with the amount to depend on the income, age, and health of the beneficiary. The rest of the premium would be paid by the beneficiary.

Busting Gas Price Myths

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL): "Why We Must Save Medicare"

'One Nation'

The Plain Truth on American Fascism

Rush 'On the Record'

Paul Ryan Talks Debt Plan, Medicare Reform

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The Daily News: May 26, 2011

Feds Have Their 'Boot on the Throat' of Business

The last few years as an executive in a manufacturing company gave me a frighteningly close look at the inner workings of regulators in our government. Maybe I'm just naïve, but what I discovered was shocking.

In the past, I realized our leaders were disingenuous when they spoke about "creating jobs" and "improving the economy." Now, I have a slightly different take. After my experiences this year, and after giving this a lot of thought, I am adamant that our leaders have no business in the first place "creating jobs," or "improving the economy," or even claiming they have the ability to do so.

In fact, I have witnessed the loss of jobs as a direct result of regulations by unnamed and unelected bureaucrats, who are backed up by threats of prosecution from the government. Our government is stifling job creation.

Although I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am certain that if I wrote about my experience with specifics, the company for which I work would suffer retribution by our government. I do not have the right to put them in jeopardy. And if the legal department of my employer knew I was writing this, they would "lose it." For these reasons, I feel it necessary to write anonymously and with some imprecision.

This fear of retribution, in and of itself, is a powerful statement about the sad conditions in which we live and do business in the United States.

So, here is the sanitized version of my story:

Palin to Take a Road Trip - 'Game On'

Well, well. Look at this. - Reggie

Palin readies East Coast tour amid presidential speculation

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R), who has been largely out of the public eye through much of the spring, will reemerge beginning Sunday as she kicks off an East Coast tour that will put her back in the spotlight and no doubt fuel renewed speculation about a possible presidential campaign in 2012.

“Starting this weekend, Sarah Palin will embark on a one-nation tour of historical sites that were key to the formation, survival and growth of the United States of America,” according to a statement from her political action committee. “The tour will originate in Washington, D.C., and proceed north up the East Coast. More information will follow.”

Palin advisers declined to provide details of the itinerary or engage questions about whether Palin’s public appearances were a precursor to a genuine exploration of a presidential campaign. Asked why she was doing the tour, Tim Crawford, the treasurer of Palin’s PAC, said, “Because she wants to see how this nation was built and get fired up about that.”

The announcement of the Palin tour coincides with news, first reported in Real Clear Politics, that a full-length documentary by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon charting her political rise in Alaska will debut in Iowa next month, with plans to also show it in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Also this week came unconfirmed reports, first appearing in the Arizona Republic, that she and husband Todd have purchased a $1.7 million home in Scottsdale, Ariz., which would be a more convenient location from which to base a national campaign than Alaska.

Up to now, most Republican strategists have assumed that Palin would not seek the presidency in 2012. She has made no trips this year to Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, the three most important early states in the nomination calendar. Nor has she been known to be reaching out to potential fundraisers or to grass-roots activists.

She traveled to Israel earlier in this spring and has made regular appearances on Fox News, for whom she is a paid contributor, but at a time when the Republican nomination battle has moved into a new phase, the party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee has been mostly absent from the scene.

Still, she remains the most significant potential candidate still on the sidelines. A new Gallup poll, released Thursday, showed Palin with 15 percent among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. That put her second behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who was at 17 percent.

The rest of the field came in this order: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, 10 percent; former House speaker Newt Gingrich, 9 percent; businessman Herman Cain at 8 percent; former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, who formally launched his campaign this week, at 6 percent; Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who will make a decision in June, at 5 percent; former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr., who is actively exploring a candidacy, at 4 percent; and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, at 2 percent each.

Glenn Beck Planning Web TV Channel, Tagline: ‘The Truth Lives Here’

Outgoing Fox News host Glenn Beck and his company, Mercury Radio Arts, are developing a new service called “GBTV,” which will be a web-based TV channel, according to sources familiar with the matter as well as trademark applications filed by the company.

GBTV will be based at GBTV.com, which Mercury acquired in January.

Mercury also filed a trademark on a tagline for the channel: “The Truth Lives Here,” as well as a logo (pictured after the jump), based on the logo for his “InsiderExtreme” subscription service.

The trademark applications are limited exclusively to programming delivered via the internet, so it is not likely that GBTV will become an actual TV network anytime in the near future. Mercury also filed the GBTV trademark for ancillary products, like DVDs, podcasts, mobile applications and video games.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paul Ryan on 'Fox and Friends'

from this morning

Exclusive: Benjamin Netanyahu on 'Hannity'

This is an excellent interview with Netanyahu on May 24, 2011.

The Daily News: May 25, 2011

'The Undefeated'

A week ago, today, I predicted Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012. Well, it appears she is debuting her campaign film in Iowa next month. I guess I'm becoming more like Rush everyday: "Almost always right, 99.6% of the time." - Reggie

Shortly after Republicans swept last November to a historic victory in which Sarah Palin was credited with playing a central role, the former Alaska governor pulled aside her close aide, Rebecca Mansour, to discuss a hush-hush assignment: Reach out to conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon with a request. Ask him if he would make a series of videos extolling Palin's governorship and laying to rest lingering questions about her controversial decision to resign from office with a year-and-a-half left in her first term. It was this abdication, Palin knew, that had made her damaged goods in the eyes of some Republicans who once were eager to get behind her potential 2012 presidential campaign.

The response was more positive than Palin could have hoped for. He'd make a feature-length movie, Bannon told Mansour, and he insisted upon taking complete control and financing it himself -- to the tune of $1 million.

The fruits of that initial conversation are now complete. The result is a two-hour-long, sweeping epic, a rough cut of which Bannon screened privately for Sarah and Todd Palin last Wednesday in Arizona, where Alaska's most famous couple has been rumored to have purchased a new home. When it premieres in Iowa next month, the film is poised to serve as a galvanizing prelude to Palin's prospective presidential campaign -- an unconventional reintroduction to the nation that she and her political team have spent months eagerly anticipating, even as Beltway Republicans have largely concluded that she won't run.

Bannon, a former naval officer and ex-Goldman Sachs banker, sees his documentary as the first step in Palin's effort to rebuild her image in the eyes of voters who may have soured on her, yet might reconsider if old caricatures begin to fade. The film will also appeal to staunch Palin supporters who have long celebrated her biting rhetoric and conservative populism yet know little about her record in Alaska and have perhaps written her off as presidential material.

"This film is a call to action for a campaign like 1976: Reagan vs. the establishment," Bannon told RealClearPolitics. "Let's have a good old-fashioned brouhaha."

RealClearPolitics was recently given an exclusive screening of a rough cut of the now finished film, which Bannon designed, in part, to help catapult Palin from the presidential afterthought she has become in the eyes of many pundits directly to the front lines of the 2012 GOP conversation.

Palin initially learned about Bannon's work after she saw one of his previous films about the origins of the tea party movement, "Generation Zero," which premiered last year in Nashville and was later aired in prime time on the Fox News Channel. Impressed, Palin promoted "Generation Zero" via Twitter before later reaching out to Bannon about creating something to highlight her record in Alaska, where her performance in office was overshadowed by her resignation eight months after the 2008 presidential election.

Though she did not have any editorial role in the project, Palin facilitated access for Bannon and his film crew to key Alaskan defenders who were involved with the major achievements of her administration, and the filmmaker spent several weeks in the 49th state gathering archival film and conducting research and interviews for the project. He and his team took extraordinary measures to keep their endeavor secret.

When they requested from Alaska's TV news stations footage that was shot during Palin's political rise, they asked for additional tapes containing subject matters that were irrelevant to their project, in order not to raise suspicions. And rather than staying at the well-appointed Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, they instead took up temporary residence in low-key motels.

"We shot on the weekends, and we shot in locations that weren't being used during those weekends," Bannon said. "I did it with a handpicked crew of people I know and trust, and we were able to stay under the radar. The planning for the secrecy of this took many, many weeks."

Bannon originally titled his film "Take a Stand," which was the campaign slogan for Palin's 2006 gubernatorial run when she defeated incumbent Republican Frank Murkowski in the primary before cruising in the general election to become Alaska's youngest -- and first female -- chief executive. But in order to give it a more triumphant punch, the filmmaker changed the title to "The Undefeated."

Bannon acquired the audio rights to Palin's 2009 bestseller, "Going Rogue," and the former vice-presidential nominee's voice guides the film through the various stages of her career in Alaska.

Although Palin is not interviewed directly, the film features on-camera interviews and commentaries from 10 Alaskans who played different roles in her political rise, as well as six Lower 48 denizens who defend her in more visceral terms, including prominent conservative firebrands Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart and Tammy Bruce.

Divided into three acts, the film makes the case that despite the now cliched label, Palin was indeed a maverick who confronted the powerful forces lined up against her to achieve wide-ranging success in a short period of time. The second part of the film's message is just as clear, if more subjective: that Sarah Palin is the only conservative leader who can both build on the legacy of the Reagan Revolution and bring the ideals of the tea party movement to the Oval Office.

Rife with religious metaphor and unmistakable allusions to Palin as a Joan of Arc-like figure, "The Undefeated" echoes Palin's "Going Rogue" in its tidy division of the world between the heroes who are on her side and the villains who seek to thwart her at every turn.

To convey Bannon's view of the pathology behind Palin-hatred, the film begins with a fast-paced sequence of clips showing some of the prominent celebrities who have used sexist, derogatory and generally vicious language to describe her.

Rosie O'Donnell, Matt Damon, Bill Maher, David Letterman, and Howard Stern all have brief cameos before comedian Louis C.K. goes off on a particularly ugly anti-Palin riff.

"I hate her more than anybody," C.K. says at the end of his tirade, the rest of which is unfit to print here.

Bannon intends to release two versions of the film. An unrated edition will contain some obscene anti-Palin language and imagery, while the other is targeted to a general audience and will seek a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

The Making of a Politician

After a brief interlude featuring some old Palin family home video footage, Act 1 begins with Sarah as narrator, recalling the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, when she was a young pregnant wife married to a blue-collar husband working on the North Slope.

"I hadn't yet envisioned running for elected office," Palin says in the audio taken from "Going Rogue," as images of the environmental disaster unfold on the screen. "But looking back, I could see that tragedy planted a seed in me. If I ever had a chance to serve my fellow citizens, I would do so."

Obama Does Not Like Texas

Governor Rick Perry talked to Greta van Susteren about Obama's anti-Texas stance.

The Path to Prosperity (Episode 2): Saving Medicare, Visualized

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Report Exposes Anti-Energy Agenda of Obama Administration

U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Darrell Issa (CA-49), Chairman


MAY 23, 2011


1. Key Obama Administration figures have expressed a belief that Americans should pay more for energy – a pattern of actions shows the Administration is, in fact, pursuing an agenda to raise the price Americans pay for energy.

President Obama, Energy Secretary Chu and others have stated that American consumers should pay more for energy, including electricity and gasoline. From a political perspective, increasing the price of energy (by whatever means) helps them make the case for “green” energy. Even beyond the effort to raise energy prices through “cap and trade” legislation that Congress rejected, a pattern of increased enforcement, regulatory delay and new hurdles can be seen across numerous agencies and approval processes. The result of this government action is less production, higher costs for producers, and more expensive energy.

2. While the Administration touts nascent “green” energy technologies, U.S. domestic energy resources are currently the largest on earth—greater than Saudi Arabia, China and Canada combined.

New developments in drilling and extraction technology have dramatically expanded the amount of total recoverable reserves of oil and natural gas. Much of this, however, may be put off-limits by the government.

3. Still trying to capitalize on domestic energy resources, U.S. firms are nevertheless investing billions of dollars to tap newly recoverable resources in California, Texas, Colorado and North Dakota, among others.

By 2015, fields in these areas could yield more daily oil than the Gulf of Mexico produces today, boosting domestic production by 20-40 percent and increasing our energy independence if government action does not severely restrict development and yields.

4. Recent Administration action has already led to significant cost and regulatory barriers that have limited domestic production of oil.

Even before the Gulf oil spill, the Department of the Interior had undertaken significant steps to restrict access to much of the energy resources located in the outer continental shelf: Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

5. Other agencies have stepped up their efforts to indirectly curtail energy production through environmental regulations.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed placing the dunes sagebrush lizard that lives in New Mexico and Texas on the Endangered Species list—designation that would severely restrict production activity in a resource-rich part of Texas.

6. EPA has collaborated with environmental groups to target independent energy producers for environmental concerns not related to their operations.

In an email message reviewed by the Committee, environmental advocates and EPA’s Texas-based regional director exchanged celebratory accolades for efforts that create barriers to energy production. One exchange concluded: “Yee haw! Hats off to the new Sheriff and his deputies!”

7. President Obama’s proposal to increase taxes on the energy industry will cost American jobs and hamper economic recovery.

Independent operators are responsible for 95 percent of domestic oil and gas wells and they currently invest 150% of their domestic cash flow back into future projects development. Tax increases proposed by President Obama, some of which would be transferred to “green” energy producers, would cost energy producing firms a combined $12 billion in the first year.

8. Some green energy sources the Administration is promoting at the expense of expanded domestic oil, gas, and coal supplies create unintended environmental, security and economic consequences.

Green energy technology like batteries, turbines, hybrid power systems and similar technologies require “rare earth” commodities. China has a “near monopoly” on this market controlling between 95-100 percent of the market. Further, China derives 71 percent of its own energy needs from coal. Ethanol, for example, also requires large amounts of corn to deliver fuel. “[T]he entire U.S. corn crop would supply only 3.7 percent of our auto and truck transport needs while using 300 million acres of U.S. cropland.”

Read the full report here.

The Daily News: May 24, 2011

Netanyahu Speaks to a Joint Meeting of Congress

May 24, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu's Full Address At AIPAC 2011

May 23, 2011

Why Israel Mustn't Withdraw to its Pre 1967 Borders

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paul Ryan - Leadership Needed to Save Medicare; Lift Debt Burden

Governor Mitch Daniels Decides Against Presidential Run

After months of stewing and despite widespread encouragement from many within his party, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels sent out an e-mail to supporters early Sunday saying he had decided against jumping into the 2012 presidential race.

The decision is sure to disappoint the governor's many supporters, among them several prominent Republican governors who thought Mr. Daniels's deep résumé and record as cost-cutter in Indiana would add ballast to the 2012 GOP field.

In the end, he said, the decision came down to family. "I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, but that, the interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all," he said in an e-mail sent after midnight.

Read the full article

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Cain Announces His Run for President

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It’s May 21st: My Interaction with Harold Camping’s Ministry

For those of you that haven't heard, the world is going to end today at 6pm according to a "Christian" ministry. May God forgive these poor, deceived people.

Below is an article from Voice of Revolution online magazine explaining Dr. Michael Brown's attempt to interview the leader of this sect on his talk radio program. - Reggie

Filed under News, Scripture on May 21st, 2011 by Marcus French

On March 9th, I contacted Harold Camping’s ministry, Family Radio, about getting someone from their organization to come onto the Line of Fire with Dr. Michael Brown to discuss the May 21, 2011 apocalypse prophecy they were putting forth. I received a cordial phone call from Tom Evans, Family Radio’s PR Rep, and he said it would be great to have Mr. Camping himself on the program.  Below is our correspondence from that point on.  Note how they end the last email: “To speak specifically for Mr. Camping and Family Radio, it is our belief May 21st, 2011 ‘is no longer opinion, but a matter of fact. Each person must come to entrust their lives to what God has written in His Word the Bible and plead to him for mercy. Otherwise God will come upon them with unmerciful vengeance on May 21, 2011.’” It is May 21st, 12:24 PM ET at the time of this writing.

Also fascinating is their biblical interpretation methods.  Evans states “the typical historical-grammatical method of interpretation used by theologians today is not Biblical. Rather, the only Biblical method of interpretation is ‘comparing spiritual with spiritual’”  How does this ‘comparing spiritual to spiritual’ play out in their May 21st rapture prediction? Below is the cliff-notes version of their prediction I put together based on literature from the Family Radio website:
Proof 1:
- Flood happened in 4990 BC
- God told Noah in 7 days the flood would begin, and 1 Day = 1,000 years according to peter, therefore “mankind has seven days or 7,000 years to escape destruction.”
- 4990 BC + 7,000 = 2011
- Therefore judgment day will happen in 2011
- “The number 5 signifies the atonement or redemption (that is, Christ died to pay for the sins of those who become saved). This is seen, for example, by the ½ (.5) shekel atonement money which pointed to the atonement in Exodus 30:15. It is seen by the 5 shekels being a picture of redemption, as demonstrated in Numbers 3:47-48″
- “The number 10 or 100 or 1,000 signifies completeness. For example, the Bible speaks of 10 coins or 100 sheep or 1,000 years. God speaks of Satan being bound 1,000 years in Revelation 20:2-3″
- “The number 17 frequently signifies “Heaven.” For example, in Jeremiah God describes the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem by the king of Babylon. This was typifying the end of the church age, at which time Satan, typified by the king of Babylon destroying Jerusalem and Judah, would rule in the churches”
- Jesus was crucified on April 1, 33 A.D.
- May 21, 2011 is 722,500.07 days from April 1, 33 A.D.
- 5 x 10 x 17 x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500
- So therefore “The atonement or redemption demonstrated by Christ’s suffering and death on April 1, 33 A.D. (the number 5) is 100% completed on May 21, 2011 (the number 10) when all the true believers are raptured into Heaven (the number 17). ”
- And regarding the two sets of numbers: “Remarkably this number sequence is doubled, to indicate it has been established by God and will shortly come to pass (Genesis 41:32)”
And these, of course, are the ‘infallible proofs’ that the May 21st prediction ‘is no longer opinion, but a matter of fact.’

Below is my correspondence with Family Radio, I think you’ll find it interesting, to say the least! We ended up doing a Line of Fire show without anyone from Family Radio represented, where the email thread, and prophecy, was discussed. Click here to listen to it: 3/22: Why Jesus Is Not Returning On May 21 (And Keys For Avoiding Deception).