Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Daily News: June 30, 2011 - The Final Episode

Glenn Beck's empty Fox studio
Photo courtesy of The Daily Beck

This is the last episode of The Glenn Beck Program on Fox News Channel. As you will see, so much has happened in a little over two years.

I really don't remember when I first started posting The Glenn Beck Program on this blog but it was many months ago. When I first started posting it, I noticed that it would disappear from YouTube and I would have to go back in my archives and delete the posts because the video was gone. (I'm sure there are other archived posts on here that need to be deleted because the video has been pulled).

Finally, I stumbled upon a site that posted the show every day. I noticed they changed the name of the source YouTube account quite often and I realized 'my source' was trying to be incognito about the content he was posting (Fox News was on the prowl and would have it removed!) so I decided to be incognito, as well. Hence, The Daily News was born.

My source, for all of these months, has been Joe Seales of The Daily Beck. I even got the above picture from his site today. Please, take the time to read his Thank You post and put his site in your bookmarks alongside Republic Heritage.


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