Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paul Ryan Twitterview Recap: 20 Questions with Rep. Paul Ryan

@BigGovt Q1: Rep. Ryan, thx for the Twitterview! Kindly explain, in 140 chars or less, how your budget deals with entitlements like Medicare #ryanttv
@RepPaulRyan (R-WI) A1: Thx! Our plan: no more empty promises; saves Medicare w no changes 4 those 54+ & real reform 4 next generation #ryanttv

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@BigGovt Q2: Democrats say they have a Medicare plan in form of ObamaCare’s $500bn cuts. Is that a real plan? Will it keep Medicare solvent? #ryanttv
@RepPaulRyan A2. No PPACA raids Medicare to pay for ObamaCare & lets bureaucrats ration care. For truth on Medicare- #ryanttv

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