Friday, July 29, 2011

Barack Obama Twitter Spams The Nation

This has to be the funniest thing I've read in weeks! Sweet. - Reggie

hat tip Michelle Malkin

Barack Obama Twitter Spams The Nation, Loses 10,000 Followers And Counting

You know that friend of yours who’s always the first to get in on the hottest social media trends? The one who had a Tumblr before everyone? The one who first sent you a Google+ invite? Well, remember that one time that your hip friend made a big misstep? Like he joined some online service which lets you tag people in your dream journal or “like” porn videos and he swore that it was gonna be the next big thing even though it clearly wasn’t? Yeah well, today, President Obama’s campaign staff is kind of like that as they’ve initiated a day-long project to tweet out the Twitter names of every Republican Congressmen state by state…in individual tweets.

Great idea to help people contact their representation, right? The 10,000 people who have unfollowed Obama in the past few hours seem to disagree.

It all started this morning when the campaign, previously lauded for its tech savvy these two tweets:

Soon the deluge started as the official Twitter account began to go through each state, listing the names of every Republican representative that has an account themselves. Anyone following the President soon found their Twitter feed filling up with messages that basically had, at best, a one in 50 chance of being relevant to them in anyway.

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UPDATE: Obama has now lost over 40,000 followers on Twitter today.

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