Friday, July 22, 2011

Democrats Kill 'Cut, Cap & Balance'

Senate Democrats have successfully killed 'Cut, Cap & Balance' from debate and serious consideration. If you weren't convinced that Democrats are trying to destroy our economy and our nation, your eyes should be fully open to those facts now.

To see how your Senator voted, click here. The vote may be confusing, at first glance. A 'yea' vote was a vote to table the bill and a 'nay' vote was a vote to allow debate of the bill and to allow a final vote for or against passage.

Of course, Republicans are being pressured to come up with another plan so America won't default on it's debt. Really? Why do they have to submit another plan? They passed a budget earlier this year that addresses the debt and the Senate, despite lawful requirements, hasn't passed a budget in over two years. The Republican House has also passed 'Cut, Cap & Balance' which would solve our debt problem.

Where's Obama's plan? It's obvious his plan is to bankrupt the country so he is fulfilling his plan.

Now, there is news that Obama and Boehner have made a secret deal that will 'cut' $3T in spending. If such a deal exists, it's more smoke and mirrors. There are no real cuts. There never are.

Whatever happened to open debate? Do we live in Communist China, the Soviet Union or the United States of America? We have a dictator in the White House and, unfortunately, we have a Speaker that is gutless. Boehner should tell Obama that the House has done it's duty and Obama has to choose between the budget passed earlier this year or the 'Cut, Cap & Balance' bill passed this week.

I must say, Ohio, if Boehner has made this secret deal, he must be primaried next year. He must be removed not only from House leadership but he must be removed from the House of Representatives. I have called a certain Congressman's office asking how the current Speaker can be removed from that lofty position. Unfortunately, he would have to step down or die (God forbid!) in order to be replaced before the 2012 election. Too bad.

The Republican and Democrat politicians have spent their way to over $14T in debt and they fully expect us to pay their bill. It is all so disgustingly sick. I vote that these politicians take a cut in pay and lose their perks, benefits and pensions. Since they voted for the debt, let them shoulder some of the expense with a majority of their salaries and benefits.

The clip below reveals Democrat liars campaigning for a balance budget amendment. These people are evil and should be voted out of office when their time comes.


House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, from this morning:

And there is this...

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