Saturday, July 16, 2011

Glenn Beck's Trip to Auschwitz

Glenn Beck has been outside the country for a couple of weeks visiting Poland and Israel (he returned to New York yesterday). During his travels, he started a travel blog on his website.

The portion of the blog concerning Auschwitz is well worth reading and viewing. As anti-Semitic views continue to  grow, worldwide, we need to look back at their logical and evil conclusion.  - Reggie

Never forget.

Above the gate are the words: ‘Work shall set you free’

(L to R) Johnny Daniels, Glenn and his wife, Tania

The gas chambers. Glenn Beck: I have always assumed that it killed relatively quickly. But when I saw this wall - I knew I was wrong. To stand in this room where hundreds of thousands died was horrifying. The children were always on the top of the bodies. Heroes to the end. – the adults all assumed the air would be clearer higher and they tried to give these children a chance to live by holding the up close to the ceiling. It didn’t work. The gas killed everyone – but not instantly. It took at twenty long horrific minutes. And the walls show it. Many of the children weren’t with their mom or dad, but with strangers. Oh, the special hell that awaited all those who were silent.

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