Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama Talked About "Gun Tracing" in 2009

Wow. Obama and Holder are up to their necks in Fast and Furious but the press are not reporting it. The debt debate is the perfect distraction to keep America's eyes off of these hearings. We must pay attention! - Reggie

Yesterday during testimony on Capitol Hill, we heard Former ATF Special Agent in Charge William Newell admit he was in contact with White House National Security staffer Kevin O'Reilly about Operation Fast and Furious as early as September 2010. Newell also admitted that the DHS, IRS, DEA, ATF, ICE and the Obama Justice Department were all heavily involved and were full partners in coming up with the concept and execution of Operation Fast and Furious.

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama still deny authorizing the lethal program, despite President Obama specifically asking Holder to conduct a complete review of current gun enforcement policies during a joint press conference in Mexico City with Mexico President Felipe Calderon in April 2009.

Watch Obama talk about 'gun tracing' and read the full post here.

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