Sunday, July 31, 2011

POTUS & Congress are Deciding America's Rate of Decline

Hot Air is reporting the deal is almost set and it appears to be the framework of the plan McConnell proposed weeks ago. I believe his plan is close to being unconstitutional because it gives the President the authority to increase spending without the consent of Congress. The power of the purse is specifically given to Congress in our Constitution and this would not only give POTUS that authority temporarily but it sets a horrible precedent for the future.

Unfortunately, these establishment Republicans and lawless Democrats don't care about the Constitution and whether or not they are enforcing it. Only the House members affiliated with the Tea Party movement are trying to do the right thing and they won't have the votes to stop this because the House Democrats will vote for it and cancel out the Tea Party votes.

The bottom line is we've been hosed again if this really is the deal they're making. I keep hearing Rush and Mark Levin say we need to elect more conservatives to the House and Senate in 2012 in order to affect the change we need. Honestly, America, after seeing the enormous damage this President and his seditious party have thrust upon us, it may very well be too late by November 2012 to change the horrible course we're on.


UPDATE: 8:45pm ET - The President, House Speaker, Senate Majority & Minority leaders have just announced a deal. Details forthcoming.

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