Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is simply unbelievable! I have never seen anything like this and the reporter never challenged the politician! I am including the entire text of the post with this video from a British newspaper. - Reggie

Could an American politician survive an interview as disastrous as Ed Miliband's?

I can’t believe there can be many Britons who haven’t seen this extraordinary interview by that earnest, googly-eyed automaton Ed Miliband, Labour’s leader of the Opposition. But here, for the benefit of American readers, is one of the most extraordinary political interviews of modern times.

In the UK there is something of a cottage industry of mocking American politicians – George W. Bush’s flubs, Barack Obama’s Teleprompter, Sarah Palin’s stumbles, Joe Biden’s lapses and Michele Bachmann’s gaffes cause endless mirth. I wonder, though, how many of my fellow countrymen are pausing to wonder whether any US presidential candidate could survive after a performance like Miliband’s.

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