Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cass Sunstein defends new regulations with 'lives saved and illnesses avoided' mythology

American Thinker
During the first 100 days of our nation's downward spiral into oblivion (commonly known as the Obama administration) the Democrat controlled congress rammed a massive party loyalty rewards program (commonly known as the stimulus bill or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) down the throats of the hard-working American taxpayers. The $787 billion dollar fiasco didn't stimulate the economy in any measurable sense however a clever new accounting trick (jobs saved or created) was developed to prove the success of Mr. Obama's first major assault on America.

With a less compliant Republican congress to contend with, Mr. Obama and his comrades have sidestepped the democratic process in favor of governance through executive order and regulation. Representative government in Washington D.C. as designed by the Founders and Framers has ceased to exist. Everything and everyone from goat herders to guitars, find themselves under strict governmental regulation (and in timidation) and "We the People" no longer have any say in the government that we are forced to fund.

The Hill reports that Speaker of the House John Boehner has demanded that the White House provide detailed information on upcoming regulations with an implementation cost of $1 billion or more. Past requests for information on Mr. Obama's new regulations have been stonewalled by the administration.

"A refusal by the administration to disclose proposed regulations that would have an economic cost of more than $1 billion cost would send a terrible signal to already unnerved job creators in America," said Kevin Smith, a spokesman for Boehner. "We look forward to receiving that information before Congress returns."

How is it that the Speaker of the House of Representatives has to rely on the Obama administration to provide information concerning new regulations affecting the American people and paid for by the overburdened and underrepresented taxpayers? What about the plethora of new regulations which come in under the $1 billion threshold? Does the expression "No taxation without representation" mean anything to the current leadership?

In responding to Speaker Boehner's request, Obama regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein defended the long list of Obama regulations by claiming multi-billion dollar savings which have been projected based upon "lives saved and illnesses avoided."

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