Saturday, August 13, 2011

President Reagan's Farewell Speech from the Oval Office

The United States is hungry for leadership and solutions from our President. However, as long as Obama is in the White House our hunger will only grow and our nation will continue to decline. Below is the video of President Ronald Reagan's farewell address to the nation in January 1989. In this speech, he talked about how his policies had changed America as well as his love of country and America as the beacon of freedom to the world.

Recently, the White House has compared Obama to Reagan in order to fool the nation into believing Obama is driving America down the correct road. The question is, why would a leftist, Marxist Democrat have a desire to compare himself to a conservative, capitalist Republican? The answer is simple: Ronald Reagan truly did bring America back from the brink and Obama wants to convince people that he has accomplished the same thing. Unfortunately, there are enough ignorant people in the electorate that know nothing about Reagan and believe the lies that come out of this White House via his adoring press.

If Obama wants to be like Reagan, he needs to adopt the policies of Reagan along with the undying love for America that Ronald Reagan had and we can rest assured that will never happen. President Reagan believed in American exceptionalism his entire life and through his leadership Americans started to believe in our exceptionalism again.

Where is the statesman, not the politician, that we need to rebuild our country once again?


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