Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sessions' Opening Statement Details Inaccuracies In President's Plan

Mark Levin is a true fan of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and as a fan of Mark Levin I decided to check out the Senator's YouTube channel. Sessions is the Ranking Member of the Senate Budge Committee.

The statement below occurred last week. One of the most striking things he says is: "Since taking office President Obama has surged our gross, federal debt nearly five trillion dollars in three years."

Without a doubt, Obama's "plan" is to spend us into bankruptcy in order to reshape America into the Marxist nation he yearns for. Unfortunately, he is succeeding. - Reggie

YouTube description: WASHINGTON, September 20 — At a hearing today in the Budget Committee, Sen. Sessions delivered an opening statement to lay out his concerns with the deficit plan that the president presented yesterday. A Budget Committee staff analysis ( found that total deficit reduction is only $1.4 trillion, less than half what the White House had claimed. What's more, the deficit reduction relies entirely on tax increases, and net federal spending will actually increase rather than decrease.

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