Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul Unveils $1 Trillon Spending Reduction Scrapping Five Federal Departments - Rush Limbaugh Endorses Plan

I have watched a few speeches by Herman Cain and I must say that I find something rather humorous and ridiculous. Usually somewhere in Herman's speech he proclaims 9-9-9 much like Obama did with his "Yes We Can" slogan. I see people in the crowd cheering and I have to snicker because people are cheering a tax plan. 9-9-9 means tax-tax-tax. Yes, he may claim to lower taxes but we have a much greater problem in our economy that the 9-9-9 plan will NOT fix. I think 0-0-0 would be a much better platform. That would be something to get excited about. Or how about Freedom-Freedom-Freedom. I would cheer for that. Why are people so excited over a tax plan that will not fix anything.

Without fail Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that offers REAL solutions. Paul has proposed many budget cuts including a reduction in the US President's salary.

Even Rush Limbaugh said: “Ron Paul has a good idea… fooling around the margins isn’t going to get it done… genuine big spending cuts are the only thing that is going to bring us back” (listen to audio below). Anyone who is a pro-freedom conservative and wants a candidate that will actually do the job he is elected to do should get behind Ron Paul.

Paul is a pro-constitutional candidate. I am beginning to see that those who call themselves conservatives only seem to like the constitution when it suites them and when it is convenient. The great thing about Ron Paul is his unswerving devotion to the constitution.

- Michael

The following articles outline Paul's new no-nonsense budget plan:

Ron Paul proposes $1T in specific budget cuts

Ron Paul proposes saving $1T by scrapping five federal departments

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