Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Occupiers Are Part of Obama’s Plan

Do you think President 0bama is correct in believing the Occupy Wall Street and other “occupy” protests happening across our country are just like those of the Tea Party?

Photo via bluebird of bitterness

Think again.

Still unconvinced of the differences?

The awesome that is John Nolte has provided a detailed Rap Sheet So Far from the occupy crowds. My oh my how the list grows daily! Nothing like this from any of the Tea Party events though.

More factual differences between the occupiers and the Tea Party by Blogodidact at the jump here. Be sure to check it out.

So many differences in message, in tone and in respect for others, yet President 0bama supports the occupiers as they spew hate, anti-semitism, anti-military, and class and race warfare. He believes in their message and action of destruction, violence, vandalization, rape, theft and breaking the law if necessary.

How can he support such violence and hate?

Read the rest of the article at Big Government.

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