Saturday, October 8, 2011

Palin's Withdrawal Means Obama Wins

I hope and pray the author of this article is wrong. America, we can not allow Romney to get the nomination. He is a progressive and we can't survive another one (Bush is a progressive). We can't survive another four years with the Marxist we now have, either. We must nominate a conservative if we want to reclaim our Republic Heritage. - Reggie

American Thinker
Unfortunately, it looks like the forces of smear, slander, and threat have finally claimed their intended victim. With Palin's announcement that she won't run for president, the election is essentially over.

The calculus is fairly simple: the media and GOP establishment want Romney to be the nominee. Once a progressive is at the head of the Republican ticket, low turnout for Republicans will hand a narrow victory to Obama.

So here is how the election will go. The media hasn't seriously opened up on Herman Cain, but most assuredly they will. Cain has been in business for decades, and the liberal media will troll through every relationship, every business deal, every word he has ever spoken. If that fails, the lies will start. To see evidence of this, we need not look at far as Palin. Rick Perry, another progressive, was attacked for something that someone painted on a rock on land his family leased out. That narrative will be used to attack both Perry and Cain -- Perry for having "allowed" it and Cain for making a big deal over "nothing." Both narratives will be forwarded, potentially in the same program. Once the liberal media goes through Cain's past with a fine-toothed comb, they will doubtless find disgruntled business adversaries, accusations of infidelity, and more.

If Palin had been in the race, the smear tactics would have failed, as the establishment and media threw everything they could possibly throw to get her out of the race. Who knows what her personal reasons, in her heart of hearts, were for not running? Perhaps she feared for the safety of her family. At any rate, there is no other conservative that has as much of a head start on the slander as Palin did.

All of the personal attacks will be done to assure that Romney gets the nomination. The GOP bigwigs will do it because they feel it's Romney's "turn." The media will do it because Romney will be far easier to defeat than a Tea Party candidate. Because Palin has withdrawn, her endorsement will be of limited value, as she has drawn most of her influence from the mortal fear the establishment and liberals had of her becoming president. Without that fear, her power will be practically inconsequential.

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