Thursday, November 24, 2011

Confirmed: ObamaCare = Death Panels

Every single leftist/Marxist owes Sarah Palin an apology. A couple of years ago she wrote a Facebook post declaring that if ObamaCare became law, it would create death panels and bureaucrats would decide who would live and who would die. Of course, the press and Democrats (aka leftists/Marxists) threw a fit! They claimed Palin was lying and they trashed her mercilessly.

Below is an audio clip from Tuesday, November 22 of The Mark Levin Show. I encourage you to pass this information along to everyone you know. American citizens are now considered units by the department of Health and Human Services. Are medical experiments far behind?

Where is the media? Where is the honest, investigative reporter that should be digging into the ObamaCare law and exposing it's destruction of our citizenry? Is there not one publication or broadcast station that believes ObamaCare should be studied and reported on? Our entire population will be affected by this monstrosity except, of course, Congress and illegal aliens! Where is the courageous investigative reporter that desires to dig and possibly save this country? Please, expose this malignancy to the core!

This is the most important reason that Mitt Romney should not be the Republican nominee! His Massachusetts RomneyCare is the foundation and blueprint for ObamaCare and if he is the nominee ObamaCare is no longer a 2012 campaign issue. How can the author of this diabolical law fight against it? Wake up, Republicans! Stop listening to these ignorant talking heads that claim Romney is the only one that can beat Obama. He is one of the few that Obama can run over!

Most of the people that promote Romney are RINOs and/or Progressive Republicans and they don't want smaller, Constitutional government. They want big government and they want to take the US down the same road it's on but at a slower pace. Romney is a big government Progressive. We must not choose Romney!

ObamaCare does equal death panels and Sarah Palin was right!


Nov. 25 - UPDATE: In an e-mail, this morning, a family member wrote the following:

"I take a sleeping pill every night so when I fill my prescription at (name withheld) I get a 90 day supply (90 pills).  I just got a letter from (name withheld) telling me that because of new FDA regulations they can only fill a 90 day supply with 60 pills." 

Seriously? I must confess that math was never my best subject but at what point did 60 become 90? The rationing has begun.

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