Saturday, November 12, 2011

David Brooks: If Romney falters ‘entire Washington establishment’ goes into ‘conniption fits'

David Brooks (an arrogant liberal/progressive that claims to be a conservative) showers us with his pearls of wisdom concerning the Republican primary.

He claims Jeb Bush would be the frontrunner if he had run. Wrong, Arrogant Dave. Bush is unelectable because his name is Bush plus his father and brother have been president.

He claims there is really only one candidate - Romney (hereafter known as RomneyCare) - and soon the voters will realize this. Wrong, Arrogant Dave. There are at least six candidates and RomneyCare is one of the least favored by the electorate.

Lastly, he admits if RomneyCare has a bad week the entire Washington establishment will go into conniption fits. Really, Arrogant Dave? What if the voters reject the liberal/progressive RomneyCare at the ballot box and nominate a conservative?

Yes. I pray for conniption fits and the death of progressivism in the Republican party! - Reggie

h/t The Daily Caller

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