Saturday, November 12, 2011

Forced SEIU Membership in Michigan

The unions and politicians are working together to completely destroy our country!

On 11/11/11, from Los Angeles, Rush Limbaugh told his audience how SEIU and Michigan Democrats are forcing parents of handicapped children to be dues paying members of SEIU in the state of Michigan. Seriously.

A note about the video/audio sync: I messed with this video capture for quite some time and was never able to get the sync of the audio/video together. The DittoCam was off sync from the start of the broadcast and this segment was a few minutes into the third hour. My apologies. The information is the most important thing so try to ignore the sync issue. - Reggie

from Fox Business Network:

Rush references this union grab for money (article below) at the beginning of the above clip so I thought I would link to this story for you to be informed as to what he refers to.

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